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There are all sorts of accessories available in the game, and each bestows a different combat advantage. You'll want to get a hold of a wide selection so you can pick and choose between battle strategies.

Improving attributes[edit]

Accessory Price Effect Location
Protect vest 3500 Vit+10 Buy in Rocket Town
Win from Rufus
Talisman 4000 Spi+10 Buy in Gongaga
Win from Sample:H0512
Power wrist 7500 Str+10 Buy in Rocket Town
Win from Bottomswell
Earring 7500 Mag+10 Buy in Rocket Town
Choco feather 10000 Dex+10 Buy in Wutai
Win at the Gold Saucer Battle Square
Amulet 10000 Luk+10 Buy in Mideel
Champion belt 0 Str+30, Vit+30 Win at the Gold Saucer Battle Square
Circlet 0 Mag+30, Spi+30 Steal from Ultima Weapon, Snow, Ho-Chu
Tough ring 0 Vit+50, Spi+50 Steal from Reno
Curse ring 0 Str+35, Mag+35, Dex+15, Vit+15, Spi+15, Luk+10,
causes death sentence status
Find in Mideel
Steal from Ultima Weapon in Mideel

Improving status[edit]

Accessory Price Effect Location
Sprint shoes 500 Causes haste status Find at the Gold Saucer
Fury ring 5000 Causes berserk status Buy in Gongaga
Win at Gold saucer Battle Square
Protect ring 9000 Causes barrier and MBarrier statuses Steal from Schizo
Morph Mover
Reflect ring 12000 Causes reflect status Win from Jenova-Death
Steal from Ultima Weapon
Sneak glove 130000 Increases Steal success rate Buy in Wall market
Hypnocrown 0 Increases Manipulation success rate Find in Coral Valley

Protecting from status ailments[edit]

Accessory Price Effect Location
Silver glasses 3000 Prevents blind status Buy in Junon, Gongaga
Find in Junon
Headband 3000 Prevents sleep status Buy in Junon, Gongaga
Star pendant 4000 Prevents poison status Buy in Gongaga
Win from MotorBall
Find at Shinra H.Q., Mt.Corel
White cape 5000 Prevents toad and mini statuses Buy in Gongaga, Mideel
Win from Jenova-Birth
Fairy ring 7000 Prevents poison and blind statuses Buy in Mideel
Find in the Cave of Gi
Jem ring 7500 Prevents petrify and paralyze statuses Buy in Mideel
Win from MateriaKeeper
Peace ring 7500 Prevents berserk, fury, sadness and confusion statuses Buy in Rocket Town
Win from Rapps
Find in Fort Condor
Safety bit 7500 Prevents death, death-sentence, slownumb and petrify statuses Buy in Rocket Town
Find at Great Glacier
Win at Gold Saucer Wonder Square
Ribbon 0 Prevents all status ailments Find in Gaea's Cliff, Temple of the Ancients
Win at Gold Saucer Battle Square
Morph Master Tonberry in the Northern Cave.

Reducing damage[edit]

Accessory Price Effect Location
Fire ring 8000 Nullifies fire damage Buy in Mideel
Find in Costa Del Sol
Ice ring 8000 Nullifies ice damage Buy in Mideel
Win from Chekhov
Bolt ring 8000 Nullifies lightning damage Buy in Mideel
Find at the sleeping man near Junon
Water ring 10000 Absorbs water damage Find in Coral Valley
Steal from Serpent, Acrophies
Poison ring 20000 Absorbs poison damage Find in Whirlwind Maze
Tetra elemental 0 Absorbs fire, ice, lightning and earth damage Find in Northern Cave
Morph Cactuars on Cactus Island.
Cat's bell 0 Recovers health by walking Win at Gold Saucer Chocobo Square