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This is a list of every achievement in Final Fantasy VII, in parenthesis are the previous achievements titles and descriptions from the Steam version of the game.


Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.Trophy
FFVII First Blood.png First Blood (Won 1st Battle) Emerge victorious from your first battle (Win your first battle) 15 Gamerscore points 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
End of Part I Complete the first part of the game
End of Part II Complete the second part of the game
End of Game Complete FINAL FANTASY VII
First limit break achievements
Braver Use Cloud's 1st limit
Big Shot: Use Barrett's first Limit Break.
Beat Rush: Use Tifa's first Limit Break.
Healing Wind: Use Aeris's first Limit Break.
Sled Fang: Use Red XIII's first Limit Break.
Dice: Use Cait Sith's first Limit Break.
Boost Jump: Use Cid's first Limit Break.
Last limit break achievements
Great Gospel: Get Aeris's last Limit Break.
Slots: Get Cait Sith's last Limit Break.
Omnislash: Get Cloud's last Limit Break.
Catastrophe: Get Barret's last Limit Break.
Final Heaven: Get Tifa's last Limit Break.
Cosmo Memory: Get Red XIII's last Limit Break.
Highwind: Get Cid's last Limit Break.
Optional character achievements
Yuffie: Get Yuffie on your team (also necessary to get two more achievements).
Greased Lightning: Use Yuffie's first Limit Break.
All Creation: Get Yuffie's last Limit Break.
Vincent: Get Vincent on your team (also necessary to get two more achievements).
Galian Beast: Use Vincent's first Limit Break.
Chaos: Get Vincent's last Limit Break.
Materia achievements
Master Materia: Reach the maximum level of any Materia (it doesn't work with Seal for some reason).
Bahamut Zero: Get materia Bahamut Zero.
Golden Feather: Get a Gold Chocobo (also necessary to get the Knights of the Round achievement).
Knights of the Round: Get materia Knights of the Round.
Battle Square: Start a battle in Battle Square (also necessary for "Omnislash" and "Materia Overlord" achievements).
Weapon achievements
Ultimate Weapon: Defeat the Ultimate Weapon.
Diamond Weapon: Defeat the Diamond Weapon.
Ruby Weapon: Defeat the Ruby Weapon.
Emerald Weapon: Defeat the Emerald Weapon.
Top-up achievements
Master of Gil: Reach 99,999,999 Gil (Gil Plus materia can be useful).
Top Level: Reach level 99 with any character (Exp Plus materia can be useful).

PlayStation Platinum[edit]

Picture Name DescriptionTrophy
FFVII Gaia Guardian.png Gaia's Guardian Obtain all trophies 4: Platinum trophy Platinum

Steam only[edit]

Picture Name Description
FFVII Materia Overlord.jpg Materia Overlord Master all Materias (specific weapons and armlets will be useful)