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Picture Name Description
Won First Battle: Win your first battle.
End of Part I: Complete the first part of the game.
End of Part II: Complete the second part of the game.
End of Game: Complete Final Fantasy VII.
First limit break achievements
Braver: Use Cloud's first Limit Break.
Big Shot: Use Barrett's first Limit Break.
Beat Rush: Use Tifa's first Limit Break.
Healing Wind: Use Aeris's first Limit Break.
Sled Fang: Use Red XIII's first Limit Break.
Dice: Use Cait Sith's first Limit Break.
Boost Jump: Use Cid's first Limit Break.
Last limit break achievements
Great Gospel: Get Aeris's last Limit Break.
Slots: Get Cait Sith's last Limit Break.
Omnislash: Get Cloud's last Limit Break.
Catastrophe: Get Barret's last Limit Break.
Final Heaven: Get Tifa's last Limit Break.
Cosmo Memory: Get Red XIII's last Limit Break.
Highwind: Get Cid's last Limit Break.
Optional character achievements
Yuffie: Get Yuffie on your team (also necessary to get two more achievements).
Greased Lightning: Use Yuffie's first Limit Break.
All Creation: Get Yuffie's last Limit Break.
Vincent: Get Vincent on your team (also necessary to get two more achievements).
Galian Beast: Use Vincent's first Limit Break.
Chaos: Get Vincent's last Limit Break.
Materia achievements
Master Materia: Reach the maximum level of any Materia (it doesn't work with Seal for some reason).
Bahamut Zero: Get materia Bahamut Zero.
Golden Feather: Get a Gold Chocobo (also necessary to get the Knights of the Round achievement).
Knights of the Round: Get materia Knights of the Round.
Battle Square: Start a battle in Battle Square (also necessary for "Omnislash" and "Materia Overlord" achievements).
Materia Overlord: Master all Materias (specific weapons and armlets will be useful).
Weapon achievements
Ultimate Weapon: Defeat the Ultimate Weapon.
Diamond Weapon: Defeat the Diamond Weapon.
Ruby Weapon: Defeat the Ruby Weapon.
Emerald Weapon: Defeat the Emerald Weapon.
Top-up achievements
Master of Gil: Reach 99,999,999 Gil (Gil Plus materia can be useful).
Top Level: Reach level 99 with any character (Exp Plus materia can be useful).