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This article is about the optional bosses.
For more details on weaponry that can be equipped, see Final Fantasy VII/Weapons.

Ultimate Weapon[edit]

Ultimate Weapon is the boss you first fight in Mideel, and can be fought for real toward the end of CD2, after Diamond Weapon is destroyed. From Ultimate Weapon you can win Clouds ultimate weapon, called "Ultima Weapon", a reference to the "Ultima" spell from previous Final Fantasy games. Ultima Weapon will appear hovering in a crater.

You'll need to ram it with Highwind to get it moving. When Ultimate Weapon is flying around, you need to ram it a few times before it will finally stops over some spot; ramming it then will start a fight; the type of the fight will depend on location. To attack it physically during an air battle you'll need a long range weapon or long range materia. Go for magic attacks, instead.

The possible locations and fight types:

  • Lake near Junon (air battle)
  • Mideel (air battle)
  • Mount Nibel (air battle)
  • Mount Corel (air battle)
  • Gongaga (ground battle)
  • Fort Condor (ground battle)
  • Midgar (ground battle)
  • Northern Crater (ground battle)
  • Cosmo Canyon (ground battle)

Ultimate Weapon will fly around these so you just have to fly around these areas to find it.

You can steal a lot of very useful items during the battles with Ultimate Weapon, such as

  • Circlet (during air battles); huge magic boost
  • Reflect Ring (during ground battles)
  • Champion Belt
  • Curse Ring
  • a few other items

Remember to put the Steal/Mug materia on a character that is capable of long-range attacks. Steal as Well works too.

To ensure you get the most out of the Ultimate weapon, save before each fight, and reset if it runs away before you can steal it. Saving is also highly recommended if you're fighting Ultimate Weapon right before the end of CD2; in that situation, you don't want it to stop right above Midgar.

When it sustains enough damage, Ultimate Weapon will fly away. After you fought it in enough battles and it has sustained enough damage it will fly to the Cosmo Canyon Mountains for a final showdown where you can finally win Ultima Weapon. For this battle you'd probably want to equip the handy Enemy Skill materia as the person who gets the last hit on Ultimate Weapon will be attacked by Ultimate Weapons final attack: Shadow Flare. It's quite a useful enemy skill to have, so having Omnislash and equipping all the Enemy Skill materias to Cloud would be a good idea. Regen is also a helpful magic to have and is a good idea to cast near the start of the battle.

So after you've finally defeated Ultimate Weapon after all that chasing you'll have Ultima Weapon and after it's defeated, Ultimate Weapon explodes and opens a walkway to the Ancient Forest, a place with many handy things in like Supershot ST for Vincent, Spring Gun Clip for Red XIII, Apocalypse for Cloud, Minerva Band armor, Slash-All and Typoon materia and an elixir or two (You can also get here by breeding a green chocobo).

Ruby Weapon[edit]

Ruby Weapon is an optional boss that shows up in the Corel Desert around the Gold Saucer on CD 2 or 3 after defeating Ultimate Weapon. To fight it, you need to steer the airship to the red thing that sticks out of the sand; you can also take a gold Chocobo and run into it, but be well prepared.

General things[edit]

Recommended average party level: 65 (if you're very good) or 80+

To defeat Ruby Weapon, here is a general list of the items you will need:

  • This Boss has 800,000 HP
  • The fight nets a ridiculous amount of AP, which you should take advantage of. Preferably, use a Materia-growing weapon loaded with materia (Javelin for Cid, or the Apocalypse for Cloud). Use double growth weapons if these aren't available. Otherwise, go for the best equipment armor and weapon wise including Mystile, Ziedrich armors.
  • Final Attack+Revive or Final Attack+Phoenix combination.
  • Hades, Knights of Round, and Mime Materia Mastered. W-Summon and Master Summon Materia is useful here.
  • Plenty of items including Elixirs and Megalixers, Phoenix Downs, Turbo Ethers, Dazers, Speed Drinks, Hero Drinks.
  • Omnislash or any other multi-hitting limits help here too though they don't do much damage due to high defense.
  • Enemy Skill Materia with ????, Big Guard, Magic Hammer will help out big time.
  • 3 Ribbon Accessories for your characters.
  • starting off the battle with your character at 7777 HPs will trigger the All Lucky 7s attack.
  • Lots and lots of patience.


Solo character strategy[edit]

Note: Knight's of the Round is very hard to get as you'll need to do the Chocobo breeding sidequest in order to obtain a Gold Chocobo to get Knight's of the Round Materia. You can get the Mime Materia with a Black Chocobo. Otherwise you can beat Ruby Weapon the hard way and get a Desert Rose item and trade it for a Gold Chocobo.

The other two members of your party should be down. Ruby Weapon will otherwise use the Quicksand attack, which will remove two members of your party from the battle. Just kill them off before hand and keep it a one on one battle.

  • Ruby WEAPON is not immune to Stop, so start off with casting Hades, or W-Summon Knights of Round with Hades and repeatedly mime that or use the item Dazers.
  • Be wary of using Knights of Round unless accompanied with a HP-Absorb materia and high HP levels. Ruby usually counters with the Ultima spell.
  • Consider the possible materia combinations, preferably combined:
    • (Knights of Round)+(HP absorb): allows 10% of the damage caused to be re- absorbed by the caster, in the case of Knight of Round, It will probably completely refill the caster's HP.
    • (W-Summon) and (W-Magic): not necessarily in the same pair of slots)
    • ([Command]Counter)+(Mime): that is, the counter materia that counters with an attached command materia. The result is that every time Ruby attacks, the character counters by using Mime. Several of these pairings increases the number of counter attacks.
    • (Fire) and (Elemental): Can reduce, nullify, or even absorb the damage from the Ruby Flame attack, depending on what level your Elemental materia is on.
    • With all of the above, it is possible to have a party or single character who W-Summons Knights of Round (theoretically allowing almost 260,000 damage) and is healed for 10% of the total damage the summons cause, and can counter any of Ruby WEAPON's attacks with this.

For example, it is quite possible to cause, for example, 80,000 damage per Knights of Round spell for a relatively high level party. So, using the combination above, they would cause 160,000 damage per turn, and per counter attack, and the caster would be healed for 16,000 HP every time. Even with Ruby's Ultima spell counter-attack, the healing effect should allow most parties to pass WEAPON with (relative) ease.

Other tips and strategies[edit]

  • Regen, Haste, and Wall (or even faster, Regen and the "Mighty Guard" Enemy Skill) are useful.
  • The Enemy Skill Magic Hammer is useful as it drains Ruby Weapons Magic and it will be unable to cast magic spells including Ultima which will help make the battle easier.
  • Going into battle with 7777 HPs will trigger the All Lucky 7s attack.
  • Make sure your characters are equipped with 3 Ribbons accessories and armor including Mystiles, Minerva Band, Escort Guard and pairing Fire Materia, Ifrit Materia, Phoenix Materia with Elemental Materia in the paired armor slots will reduce or absorb fire attacks. Fire Rings and Tetra Elemental accessories can also nullify Fire attacks, but make sure you pair Hades Materia with Added Effect to the paired armor slots.
  • The Enemy Skill Materia ???? is a useful attack which ignores enemy defense depending on how low your HPs are and it's useful if you don't have Mime or Knights of the Round.
  • With three Mimic materia it is possible to defeat the Ruby Weapon with all 3 of your characters (greatly increasing the materia growth from the battle). To do this, be sure to equip Final Attack-Phoenix on two characters (including the character who starts the fight), and W-Summon Knights of the Round (KR) and Hades, followed by Mimics over and over. At least once during the fight Ruby will likely respond with Ultima, so be sure the character with Phoenix is always ready to go, but be sure to not equip ANY Counter Attack materia.
  • Using the W-Item bug, get yourself 99 Dazers (Dazers can be dropped from Boundfats in Corral Valley). This item paralyzes one enemy, and surprisingly Ruby Weapon isn't immune to paralysis. Simply start the fight with a dazer, and hit him with whatever you want until he moves again, then simply hit him with another dazer, repeat until he dies.
  • Have 99 items using the W-item glitch to get up to 99 Elixirs, Megalixers, Turbo Ethers, Hero Drinks, Speed Drinks, Dazers.
  • Solo Cloud strategy: set cloud up with the following Materia W-Summon, KR->HP Absorb, Quad magic->Hades, Mime, Final attack->Revive (just in case). Before the fight kill off your other team members and don't revive them, enter the battle with ruby, use w-summon and cast Hades followed by KR, (Hades will stop him and his fingers) and then mime the combination, should take about 6 turn is KR does around 9000 damage per hit, if your struggling for damage add MP+ materia.
  • Equip the Apocalypse Sword with any materia you want to grow (mime is a good choice) as it will triple the massive amount of AP you earn for defeating Ruby Weapon.
  • This needs to be verified/explained in more detail, otherwise ignore: KR->Quadra Magic, W-Summon, counter->Mime, and other characters with mime means that KR will be cast 24 times per round, total damage is (120,000*24), roughly 2,880,000 points of damage per round! ("Quadra Magic doesn't work with Knights of the Round... There is a cumbersome way around this, as Quadra Magic may be equipped to Master Summon or Master Magic. If the player equips Magic Counter with Master Summon, and Quadra Magic with another Master Summon, there is a small chance to counterattack with four Knights of the Round attacks." -Final Fantasy Wiki)

Emerald Weapon[edit]

Emerald Weapon is not to be confused with what is sometimes referred to as "Onix" or "Sapphire" WEAPON, that attacks Junon at one point in the game, before being seemingly decapitated by the cannon. Final Attack + Revive recommended for sure.

It's found in the ocean, so you need the sub. And as for where... look around near the Gelnika, see the vast rather fierce looking monster swimming around deep down in an ocean trench. Be wary when leaving the Gelnika, too: Emerald WEAPON has a habit of waiting just above it.


BEST: The best way to defeat this weapon is to have KR at level 4 ideally though it is possible at Lv2. Take as little materia as necessary as the weapons special attack Aire Tam Storm does damage based on the amount of materia in your parties' possession. Have each member equipped with mime, and HP plus. Set 1 member with KR+HP Absorb, W-Summon, Mime, and magic plus. start the fight by casting KR twice, simply keep miming it. It should take about 2 turns from each member of the team to fell the beasty, and is possible and ideally done under the 20min time limit (will have about 4mins spare)as the weapon seems slower to act when your not carrying the underwater materia. This method is a bit of risk but if done right the weapon wont have chance to grow/use its lasers or special attack just the occasional counter, which the hp absorb materia will take care of for you. If you want to make sure get the underwater materia, and have final attack + life combination, however be warned miming after someone has revived will cause them to mime life 2, and you will have to recast KR hence lv4.

7777 fever

You can use 7777 fever to inflict large damage on Emerald Weapon. You can even start the battle with all your members having 7777 fever and at full limit break.

Before using this trick, you should have one character acquired with the Manipulate materia, and another one with Transform materia. Then you can just wander on the world map to engage in a normal battle. Use your character to hit themselves. It is just to ensure all their HPs are below 7777. You can now use the Manipulate command to control your enemy. Then use the magic to transform the manipulated one into mini status. Now control it to hit your party member. The character's HP will be reduced by 1. Do it until the final two digits become 77. Then finish the battle and go back to the menu screen. It's time to use your potion and hi-potion. Do some calculations and use the potions until the his/her HP reaches 7777. You can do this to all your party members.

An alternate method to get 7777 HP is to reduce the character's HP to as low as possible, and then equip the Cat's Bell accessory. Walk around until the character's HP reaches exactly 154 (approximately 2 HP per step). Enter battle, and cast Demi 2 on the character, and either escape or end the battle. Use two potions and 15 hi-potions on the character, and he'll have 7,777 HP.

Normal combat

It is possible to defeat Emerald Weapon without the 7777 fever, Knights of the Round, Mime or Master Materia. If you feel you can take on Emerald Weapon without those mentioned, then the following materia is mandatory: Final Attack, Phoenix Summon, and Underwater materia. The fight will go over 20 minutes, so Underwater materia is a must. Also, have plenty of Megalixers, because Emerald's Emerald Shoot does 6,000–7,000 damage. It is recommended to come into the fight with full limit breaks, as Omnislash makes the battle easier.

Start off by casting Big Guard from your Enemy Skills and Regen+all if you have it. Designate your weakest character to use megalixers, because usually Emerald Weapon counters every two or three attacks with its Emerald Shoot. Also note that its Emerald Shoot causes your character to lose all enhancers, so you'll have to cast Big Guard a lot. Double-Cut materia works well, as does Ultima. When Emerald opens up his four "emeralds", just focus on the body because Emerald Weapon regenerates the emeralds between intervals. Be cautious when emerald is in this state, because the blue emeralds do rapid damage of 4,000–6,000 damage, and the yellow emeralds drain 400 to 600 MP. On rare occasions, Emerald Weapon will do his ultimate attack called "Aire Tam Storm" ("Aire Tam" being "Materia" spelt backwards and split into two words). It will damage the entire party based on how many materia each character has equipped (usually killing them), but don't worry: your party will be revived with the Final Attack+Phoenix combo. Just make sure you recast big guard and use a megalixir after every "Emerald Shoot" or "Emerald Beam".

You should keep hitting it with Omnislash and other limit breaks until it dies. As long as you keep using megalixirs, and hitting Emerald Weapon with limit breaks, you should do fine. Emerald Weapon has about one million HP if you want to keep track.

Gravity method

Emerald Weapon is somewhat resistant to Demi spells, but since he starts with a million hp, using Quadra Magic with Demi and W-magic can deal 79,992 damage to him in one turn, not counting possibly two hits with Added Cut materia. This can be mimicked, and the animation is MUCH faster than KR, so underwater materia isn't needed. Beware that this will only work until the four eyes are summoned, since the demi spells will be targeted randomly if there are more than one target. A quick casting of KR will deal with them, and afterwards the cycle can be restarted. Be sure to have Final Attack + Phoenix and some megalixirs, since you're likely to go past 8 materias, and the Aire-Tam Storm attack will do 1,111 damage for each materia a character has equipped.

Handy tips[edit]

You can run away from both Ruby and Emerald WEAPONs, using the normal running away method or using the 'escape' spell (Banish, no matter how much you want it to, does not work!). After you run, Emerald occurs as normal, but Ruby is completely out of the sand until you enter a location, then it resubmerges.