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During battles many status effects can be induced on your party or enemies.

Below is list of status effects, their appearance, their effects when used, and their remedies.

Status Effects[edit]

Status ailments (debuff)[edit]

Status ailments are also known as "debuff effects".

Name Appearance Effect Remedies
Confusion Target rotates on the spot Commands cannot be entered and the target randomly attacks both enemies and allies (including itself). Any physical attack, Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Darkness Target glows dark grey Hit rate dramatically reduced. Eye Drops[1], Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Death Sentence Timer appears over target head Target will be instantly killed when the timer reaches zero Death Force[2] prevents instant death once the timer reaches zero
Frog Target appears as a frog Target's attack damage significantly reduced, unable to cast magic Maidens Kiss[1], Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Paralysis Target stops moving Target cannot act in battle for a short amount of time Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Petrification Target stops moving and turns to stone Target cannot act in battle. If all allies are petrified, the battle is lost Soft[1], Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Poison Target glows green Target takes small damage periodically during battle Antidote[1], Remedy, Poisona[3], Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Silence Small muted speech bubble appears over targets head Target unable to cast magic Echo Screen[1], Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Small Target appears small Attack power reduced (all physical attacks deal 1 point of damage) Cornucopia[1], Remedy, Esuna, Angel Whisper, White Wind
Slow Target moves slower Target's ATB gauge fills slower Haste[3]
Stop Target stops moving Target's ATB gauge stops, and cannot act for a short period of time None

Status ailments and Materia[edit]

Name Effect Magic materia Summon materia E. Skill materia
Poison Target gets extra damage L1-L2-L3 Poison Hades Bad Breath
Sleep Target cannot act L1 Seal Hades Bad Breath, Frog Song
Mini Target's attack is reduced to 1 L1 Transform Hades Bad Breath
Confusion Target attacks its allies L1 Mystify, L2 Contain Hades Bad Breath
Silence Target cannot use magic spells L2 Seal Hades Bad Breath
Toad As Mini & Silence at the same time L2 Transform Hades Bad Breath, Frog Song
Slow Target acts less often L2 Time Hades -
Stop Target cannot act L3 Time, L1 Contain Hades, Choco/Mog -
Petrify Same as defeated L3 Contain - -

Support/debuff status effects[edit]

These status effects give one advantage and one disadvantage at the same time. They can be inflicted on either enemies or allies, depending on the situation.

Name Appearance Effect Remedies
Berserk Target glows red Attack damage is raised, however character becomes uncontrollable. The affected target will keep doing physical attacks; commands cannot be entered until either the battle ends, or the status is removed, or the character dies. Affected enemies cannot use magic nor special abilities. Remedy[1], Esuna[3], Angel Whisper[2], White Wind[2]
Fury Characters' limit gauge is coloured red Character's general accuracy and evasion are reduced, however limit gauge fills faster Tranquilizer[1]
Sadness Characters limit gauge is colored blue Character receives less damage from enemies, however limit gauge fills slower Hyper[1]

Support effects[edit]

Name Appearance Effect Remedies
Regen Target glows orange Target's HP rapidly replenishes Despell
Barrier Barrier gauge fills Target receives reduced damage from physical attacks Debarrier[3], Despell[3]
MBarrier MBarrier gauge fills Target receives reduced damage from magical attacks Debarrier, Despell
Haste Targets moves faster Target's ATB gauge fills faster Slow[3], Stop[3]


There are nine different elements in the video game. An elemental attack can deal extra damage to the target, and an elemental protection can halve, nullify or absorb (heal instead of get hit) the damage from an elemental attack.

The following table lists all the elemental attacks in the columns Magic materia, Summon materia and Enemy skill, and the elemental protections in the columns Armlets and Accessories. See also the Support materia page about the blue Elemental materia.

Many enemies use elemental attacks and have elemental weaknesses and resistances, but they are listed in another page.

The Holy element is mainly associated to healing spells; if used on undead enemies, they will be damaged instead. Also, undead enemies are healed by death spells.

Element Magic
E. skill Armlets Accessories
Lightning Lightning Ramuh Trine Bolt armlet (absorb) Bolt ring (null)
Ice Ice Shiva - Aurora armlet (absorb) Ice ring (null)
Fire Fire Ifrit
Flame thrower
Fire armlet (absorb) Fire ring (null)
Earth Earth Titan - - -
Many Contain (x4) Kujata (x3), Typhon (x4) Magic breath (x3) Dragon armlet (half x3)
Minerva band (null x4)
Escort guard (null x4)
Ziedrich (half x9)
Tetra elemental (absorb x4)
Element Magic
E. skill Armlets Accessories
Poison Poison (Hades) (Bad breath) - Poison ring (absorb)
Gravity Gravity - Laser - -
Wind Tornado Typhon (when linked with elemental) - - -
Water - Leviathan Aqualung - Water ring (absorb)
Holy Restore
Alexander White Wind, Angel Whisper -
Death Destruct Odin Death Sentence
L5 Death
- Safety bit

Lucky Sevens[edit]

Lucky Sevens (sometimes called "7 Fever") is an unusual status that affects all characters (both party members and bosses) that happen to have precisely 7,777 HP remaining. The character who hits 7,777 HP will go berserk, and hit enemies multiple times for 7,777 damage. After the battle, the character will drop to 1 HP.

Lucky Sevens is one of the well-favoured strategies for beating the Weapons and other really big bosses. It's possible to get to the Lucky Sevens state at the beginning of the battle by strategically damaging and healing the character so that they have 7,777 HP at the beginning of the battle.

One of the things you can also do is a trick where you poison a boss and simultaneously cause it to get Lucky Sevens - this way, the poison damage is 7,777 too, and some elementary math shows that 7,777 HP - 7,777 HP = 0 HP. A difficult trick to pull off, but one of the fastest ways to dispatch a tricky boss like the Materia Keeper, for speedrunning purposes.


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