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You can play different songs on the piano in Tifa's room in Nibelheim.

How to play the piano[edit]


You have one octave to play with. The notes are as follows.

Note Button PC PlayStation Switch
Do [Cancel] 0/Ins Cross button A button
Re [Switch] ./Del Square button Y button
Mi [Menu] + Triangle button X button
Fa [OK] Enter Circle button B button
So *[Cancel] 9+0/Ins L1 button+Cross button L button + A button
La *[Switch] 9+./Del L1 button+Square button L button + Y button
Ti *[Menu] 9++ L1 button+Triangle button L button + X button
Do' *[OK] 9+Enter L1 button+Circle button L button + B button

Asterisked entries mean you need to press either [PgUp] or [PgDn] while pressing the button in question. Therefore, either 9 or 3 on PC or L1 button or L2 button on PlayStation or L button or R button on Switch work.

You can also play three different chords.

Chord Button
C Down
F Left
G Up
C' Right

If you play all the notes in order (as in on the list that comes up, you receive tifa's secret savings, a mighty 1 gil.

Playing piano is ended by pressing [Start] (5 on PC, Start button on PlayStation, Plus button on Switch).

Songs to try[edit]

So far, see Tifa's limit break on information on how to play the Highwind theme.