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This article is a list of FFVIII's items, organized by alphabetic or volume/edition order (Magazines only). The description is the same as the game, except when there are more to say.

Recovery Items[edit]

Items that restores HP or removes some type of status:

Item Description Purchaseable? Drop by
Antidote Cures Poison Yes Paratrooper
Cottage Same effect as Tent1 Yes2 Elite Soldier
Echo Screen Cures Silence Yes N/A
Elixir Fully restores abnormal status and HP No N/A
Eye Drops Cures Darkness Yes N/A
Hi-Potion Restores 1000 HP Yes Esthar Soldier
Elite Soldier
Hi-Potion+ Restores 2000 HP No N/A
Holy Water Cures Zombie and Curse Yes N/A
Mega Phoenix Removes KO status from all members No N/A
Mega-Potion Restores 1000 HP from all members No N/A
Megalixir Fully restores abnormal status and HP from all members No N/A
Phoenix Down Remove KO status Yes Esthar Soldier
Elite Soldier
Potion Restores 200 HP Yes Esthar Soldier
Elite Soldier
Potion+ Restores 400 HP No N/A
Remedy Cure abnormal status Yes Guard
Remedy+ Cure abnormal status and magic effects No N/A
Soft Cures Petrify Yes N/A
Fully restores abnormal status and HP from all members 1 Yes Elite Soldier
Esthar Soldier
X-Potion Fully restores HP Yes N/A

Battle Items[edit]

Items only used on battles, which inflict damage or raise stats.

Item Description Purchaseable? Drop by
Aura Stone Same effect as Aura magic No Propagator
Death Stone Same effect as Death magic No Propagator
Flare Stone Same effect as Flare magic No Propagator
Friendship3 Summons Mooba No N/A
Gyshahl Greens Summons Chicobo Yes4 N/A
Hero Makes character invincible No N/A
Hero-trial Makes character invincible sometimes (50%) No N/A
Holy War Makes all members invincible No
Holy War-trial Makes all members invincible sometimes (50%) No N/A
Meteor Stone Same effect as Meteor magic No N/A
Mog Amulet3 Summons MiniMog (all GF's HP is healed) No N/A
Phoenix Pinion Summons Phoenix No N/A
Poison Powder Powder with Poison effect No Imp
Protect Stone Same effect as Protect magic No Propagator
Shell Stone Same effect as Shell magic No Propagator
Silence Powder Powder with Silence effect No Fungaur
Sleep Powder Powder with Sleep effects No Fungaur
Ultima Stone Same effect as Ultima magic No Propagator
Vampire Fang Fang that makes vampire attack(?) No Glacial Eye
Red Bat
Zombie Powder Powder with Zombie effect No Blood Soul

GF Recovery Items[edit]

Items that restores GF's HP or remove KO status:

Item Description Purchaseable?
Cottage Same effect as Tent but also recovering GF's HP Yes
G-Potion Restores 200 HP Yes
G-Hi-Potion Restores 1000 HP Yes
G-Mega-Potion Restores 100O HP to all GF No
G-Returner Removes KO status from all GF Yes
Pet House Restores Hp from all GF1 Yes


Used with Irvine's Limit Break:

Ammo Description Fire rate
AP Ammo Armor-piercing ammo Slow
Fire Ammo Ammo with Fire element Normal
Dark Ammo Ammo with changing effect status Fast
Demolition Ammo Ammo x3 more powerful than Normal Ammo Slow
Fast Ammo Ammo for rapid fire Fast
Normal Ammo
Normal ammo Normal
Pulse Ammo Ammo that contains powerful energy Slow
Shotgun Ammo Ammo that attacks all opponents Normal


Magazines are used to learn limit breaks and to remodel weapons. There are five types of magazines:

Combat King[edit]

The Combat King magazines are for fighters. Only Zell can learn new limit breaks with them:

Number Limit break earned Where?
001 Dolphin Blow D-Prison 1st floor, right door
002 Meteor Strike Won from defeating Raijin and Fujin
003 Meteor Barret Won from Zell love quest
004 Different Beat Bird eye's view, Esthar, talking with the Esthar soldier there
005 My Final Heaven Near the Ultima draw, Esthar

Pet Pals[edit]

The Pet Pals magazines makes Angelo learn new tricks (Rinoa's limit break). Note that you can't use the limit break in the moment you've learned, since you need walk to Angelo learn it.

Volume Trick learned Where?
1 Angelo Strike Squall's room desk, after defeating Granaldo. Or in Timber Pet Shop (1000 gil)
2 Angelo Strike Rinoa's room after the assassination plan briefing
3 Invincible Moon Timber Pet Shop (1000 gil)
4 Angelo Reverse Timber Pet Shop (1000 gil)
5 Angelo Search Esthar Shop (1000 gil)
6 Angelo Search Esthar Shop (1000 gil)

Occult Fans[edit]

Number Topic Where?
I Exclusive Balamb Garden's library in one of bookshelves.
II Photo Exclusive Dollet, Siren's card owner
III Magic World Exclusive By excusing Master Fisherman for Balamb crash at Fishermans' Horizon.
IV Exclusive Report Esthar

Weapons Monthly[edit]

The Weapons Monthly magazines lists the items that are required to remodel a weapon. It is not compulsory, since when you have obtained its requirements the remodel option will appear on the junk shop.

Month Remodel to Where?
March Revolver
Metal Knuckle
Chain Whip
Defeating Elvoret at Dollet's Communication Tower
April Shear Trigger
Squall's desk after the SeeD's ceremony
May Cutting Trigger
Slaying Tail
Galabadia's sewers
June Flame Saber
Morning Star
Red Scorpion
Defeating BGHZ51F2 at Missile Base
July Twin Lance
Rising Sun
Crescent Wish
Balamb Garden's Training Center after Disc 2.
August Punishment
Save the Queen
Near the Gargoyle in Trabia Garden.

Miscellaneous Items[edit]

Items that does not fit in any category.

Item Description Where?
Amnesia Greens Makes a GF forget an ability Timber and Esthar Pet Shops (1000 gil)
Chocobo's Tag Changes Chocobo's name ?
Fuel Fuel for a rental car Most shops (3000 gil)
HP Up Raises HP permanently by 10 Only refining
Luck Up Raises Luck permanently by 1 Only refining
Mag Up Raises Magic permanently by 1 Mug NORG's Left Pod (2x)
Magical Lamp Summons GF Diablo Talk to Cid after he sends you to help The Forest Owls
Pet Nametag Changes Angelo's name Man near Timber Maniacs building, Desert Prison
Rename Card Changes GF's names Give Zone Girl Next Door and for gave up at D-District Prison with the Moombas
Solomon's Ring Summons GF DoomTrain Tear's Point5
Speed Up Raises permanently by 1 for Only refining
Spr Up Raises Spirit permanently by 1 Mug NORG's Right Pod
Str Up Raises Strength permanently by 1 Desert Prison, mug or defeat Rajin and Fujin (2x for mug, 1x for win)
Vit Up Raises Vitality permanently by 1 Only refining
Proof of Omega Proves the defeat of the Omega Weapon Beat Omega Weapon only


1 Can only be used on World Map or Save Point
2 Only purchasable at Johnny's Shop (Esthar)
3 Only available through the Pocketstation mini-game "Chocobo World"
4 Only purchaseable by Chicoboboy
5 You must have 6 Malboro Tentacles, Remedy+, and Steel Pipes