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Area Rewards

Tobli is aboard the airship helping out with the set up for Yuna's concert. He deploys his Hypello to promote the concert. Once the scenes showing the Hypello jumping ship have ended, head down to the Cabin area. Rikku is standing near the corner. Speak with her to start the mini-game to practice some dance moves. You only get one shot at this mini-game so you may want to save before starting it.

Button icons will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. Each one represents a different instrument or sound. You must press the buttons that appear on Yuna's side of the screen at the same moment as the button on the right-side is red to score the best points.

A tip to scoring high is to tap the buttons as rapidly as possible. Even if they are wrong, your score will go up. Once the game has finished, totals for rhythm, fitness, and sync are tallied and averaged to provide a final score. A prize is awarded depending on this score.

Total Groove Prize
0-49 Pearl Necklace
50-99 Safety Bit
100-149 Sublimator
150+ Shmooth Shailing

CommSphere Scenes[edit]

Shinra's CommSphere Network is open again. There are several areas with more scenes that can be watched for completion points.


Besaid Island
Event Percentage
Zoom in on Beclem to begin a conversation. 0.2
Speak with Lulu and Wakka about their baby. 0.2
The Aurochs speak with Yuna. 0
The Aurochs question Wakka. 0
The Aurochs question Wakka again. 0
Wakka paces around. 0


Kilika Port
Event Percentage
Dona practices an apology. 0.2
Dona practices chastising Barthello 0
Dona ties the CommSphere to a balloon and sends it to the temple. 0.2
Barthello receives the CommSphere and then accidently breaks it. 0.2


Event Percentage
Shelinda promotes Yuna's concert. 0
The Luca Goers practice blitzball in the square. 0
The Luca Goers practice blitzball on the stairs. Logos runs through. 0
Hypello promote Yuna's concert. 0
Transmission repeats. 0

Mushroom Rock Road[edit]

Only available if you gave the stolen sphere to the Youth League.

Mushroom Rock Road
Event Percentage
Lucil talks to Yuna about preventing war. 0.2
Yaibal wishes he could go to the concert. 0.2
Yaibal gathers a squad for a mission. 0
A guard standing to the left complains about others abandoning their posts. 0
A guard whines about wanting to attend the concert. 0
A Hypello is seen dancing. Lucil watches and sighs. 0


Event Percentage
Lian and Ayde speak with Yuna. (Only if you told them to search the Moonflow during Chapter 3). 0
A Hypello refuses to let Elma take her chocobo on the shoopuf. 0.2
A Hypello reports how promotions are going. A shoopuf then stomps on the CommSphere. 0


Event Percentage
Ormi exits the chateau and reports that Leblanc is looking for Nooj. (Only if you hadn't seen this scene before). 0.2
Ormi talks to Yuna about the concert. 0.2
A Hypello tries to promote the concert to a guard. 0
Two Fem-Goons talk about the concert and Leblanc. 0
Two Fem-Goons wonder if Leblanc will crash in on the concert. 0
Two goons compare Yuna and Leblanc. 0
A Fem-Goon waves at the sphere and enters the chateau. 0
A Hypello is ignored by the guards. 0
Ormi poses in front of the camera. 0

Thunder Plains[edit]

Thunder Plains
Event Percentage
People are gathering on the plains. 0

Macalania Woods[edit]

Macalania Woods Entrance
Event Percentage
The three musicians wish Yuna well on her concert. 0
The Ronso enter the woods and wage war on the Guado. (Only if you didn't stop Garik or view this scene before). 0
Pukutak appears and waves at the CommSphere. 0
Donga appears, beats his drum and waves at the CommSphere. 0
Bayra appears, nods, then vanishes. 0
An Amorphous Gel appears, then two Guado. 0
Macalania Woods Travel Agency
Event Percentage
An Al Bhed woman approaches the camera and reports she is leaving due to fiends. An Al Bhed Primer is awarded. (Only if O'aka's debt isn't paid and you haven't viewed this scene before).
O'aka exits the shop and reports to Yuna that business isn't doing well. (Only if you paid his debt and haven't viewed this scene before). 0.2
O'aka exits the shop and asks Yuna about the concert. He heads for the Thunder Plains. (Only if you paid his debt). 0.2
A Hypello runs into fiends at the Travel Agency and runs off. 0
A Flan Blanco appears. 0
A Barbuta attacks the Travel Agency as a Flan Blanco slithers by. 0
A Barbuta attacks the Travel Agency. 0
A Flan Blanco slithers by. 0
No activity. 0

Bikanel Desert[edit]

Bikanel Desert Excavation Camp
Event Percentage
Nhadala speaks with Yuna about their efforts toward stopping the huge fiend in the desert. An explosion destroys the CommSphere. 0
Bikanel Desert Cactuar Nation
Event Percentage
Zoom in on Marnella. Yuna asks Shinra if he can translate like Benzo. Then Benzo appears, after conversation, he will shut the CommSphere. 0
CommSphere is broken. 0

Mt. Gagazet[edit]

Mt. Gagazet Mountain Entrance
Event Percentage
Kimahri speaks with Yuna. (Only if this scene wasn't viewed before). 0.2
Ronso youths enter and speak with a female Ronso. (Only if you failed to stop Garik). 0
A female Ronso talks to Kimahri about Garik, Lian, and Ayde. (Only if you failed to stop Garik). 0
A female Ronso approaches the CommSphere and tells Yuna not to worry. (Only if you failed to stop Garik). 0
Garik approaches the CommSphere and wonders how to unite the Ronso. (Only if you stopped Garik). 0
A Ronso youth tells Kimahri he is going to the concert. (Only if you stopped Garik). 0
The CommSphere becomes covered in snow. Look around and a female Ronso will clear the snow. (Only if you stopped Garik). 0
Kimahri swears an oath to protect the Ronso. (Only if you stopped Garik). 0
A female Ronso tells Yuna that the Ronso now recognize Kimahri's wisdom. (Only if you stopped Garik). 0
Garik relays what he thinks the future of the Ronso youth will hold. 0
A female Ronso gives Kimahri a back massage. 0

Zanarkand Ruins[edit]

Zanarkand Ruins
Event Percentage
Issaru speaks to Yuna about the concert. 0.2
Issaru speaks to Yuna about Maroda and Bevelle. 0
Turn leftmost, zoom in, Issaru wonders about his future. 0.2
A Hypello advertises the concert. 0