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Blitzball becomes available during Chapter 5. Visit Luca to unlock this mini-game. The Gullwings take over for the Besaid Aurochs while they are helping Lulu and Wakka with their new baby. Taking part in this mini-game is completely optional. Skipping it will not affect completion percentage.

Blitzball is a game that pits two teams against each other in a sphere pool. It is similar to soccer except it is played underwater. Each team of 8 has five minutes to score as many points as possible. In Final Fantasy X-2 you take on a coaching position, watching a simulation of the game with the characters you pick.

To play a match, visit the counter in front of Luca Stadium and speak to the woman there.

Playing Blitzball[edit]

You control your team as a manager. After you decide which match type, positions and formations, and camera angle you want to use, the game proceeds virtually on autopilot. You can however interupt play by press Triangle button to bring up an menu after a team scores a goal to change positions, formation, and play style. During a match you can zoom with Square button and use R1 button, L1 button to boost or lower the teams Adrenaline Gauge.


Position Position Abbreviation Description
Forward FW Front line. Players who are responsible for shooting are best suited in this position.
Middle Fielder MF Mid-line. Helps control the match. Can be used for defense or offense.
Defender DF Back-field. Players who are responsible for stealing the ball are best suited in this position.
Goalkeeper GL Blocks shots from your goal.


Player Stat Stat Abbreviation Description
Endurance END How a player endures an opponent's tackle. The higher the stat, the more the player can endure.
Attack ATK Strength of a player's tackle ability. The higher the stat, the easier time the player will have stealing the Blitzball.
Pass PAS How well a player can pass. The higher the stat, the less likely a pass will fail.
Shoot SHT How well a player can make goals. The higher the stat, the more successful a player's shots will be.
Block BLK How well a player blocks shots and steals the ball.
Catch CAT How well a player catches a shot when playing as Goal keeper.
Range RNG How far a player can pass.
Receive REC Determines how often a player will catch passes from their team members.
Speed SPD How fast a player moves in the water.
Reach RCH Determines the players defensive range.
OUT Marks the number of contracted matches a player must sit out due to an injury.
Contract CNT Lists the player's contracted matches. When it reaches 0, a player must be resigned or let go.
GIL Number of Command Points needed to sign a free agent to a 10 game contract.
Morale MOR Determines how often a player will use special shots and combos.
Fatigue FTG The higher the stat, the more it compromises a player's level of play and increases the likelihood of suffering an injury.


  • 4-2-1
This formation focuses on a strong defensive line in front of your teams goal. Default formation.
  • 4-1-2
This formation creates two forwards and strengthens the offense. May leave you weak defensively.
  • 3-3-1
This formation places three players in the midfield and three on defense with only one forward. Great for defense, poor for offense.
  • 3-2-2
This formation should only be used when players have high stats. It may looked balanced, but truly renders both defense and offense as mediocre.
  • 3-1-3
This formation leaves you with one midfielder. It has a strong defensive and offensive line.
  • 2-4-1
This formation forces the midfield to play both defense and offense.
  • 2-3-2
This formation is best for offense. Leaves you with a weak defense however.
  • 2-2-3
This formation improves offense without sacrificing to much defense.

Player Styles[edit]

  • Center Attack
Recommended Formations: 4-2-1 and 3-2-2
This style uses a combination of defense and short passes. Default play style.
  • Right Side
Recommended Formations: 2-4-1 and 3-3-1
This style uses aggressive dribbling to move the ball up the right side of the field. A forward stays positioned near the opponent's goal.
  • Left Side
Recommended Formations: 2-4-1 and 3-3-1
Identical to the Right Side play style, however it focuses on the left side.
  • Post Play
Recommended Formations: 3-1-3 and 2-2-3
This style passes the ball to the center FW to try to create scoring opportunities for the offense.
  • Short Pass
Recommended Formations: 4-1-2 and 3-2-2
While using this style, team members pass the ball quickly around the field in an attempt to take advantage of holes in the opponent's defense.
  • Long Feed
Recommended Formations: 4-2-1 and 3-3-1
This style uses long passes between DF players until a FW has the opportunity to score.

Recommended Free Agents[edit]

  • Shuu and Ropp
  • Mep
  • Shaami
  • Kwinn
  • Lucil and Yuyui

Types of Matches[edit]

Spira League[edit]

Six teams competing against each other. Each team plays each other twice for a total of 10 matches. Each match is five minutes long and the winner is determined by who scores the most points. If the score is tied, it ends in a tie, there is no overtime. Points are given depending on the outcome - determined by wins, losses and ties. Three points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 for a loss. At the end of all 10 matches, the points are tallied and first, second, and third place win prizes


Six teams are put int a bracket style competition. Last one standing wins. Opponents are chosen randomly. Each match is five minutes. The winner again decided by who scores the most. If a tie occurs, the game goes into Sudden Death overtime. Periods of 30 seconds are added until a team scores for a win.


Practice Match. You can pick which team you play against.


Unlike Final Fantasy X experience and levels aren't earned while playing a match, instead players must be trained in order to raise their levels.

When training you are given a set of Command Points - shown in the upper right corner of the screen when on the Training Menu. Divide these points between your players while in training mode. Be careful how many Command Points you give to each player, allocating to many will cause a character to fatigue (FTG) and lead to injuries. Injured players will then be limited during matches and while receiving additional training.

Command Points are earned during matches.

Training Regimens[edit]

Name Raises Lowers Effect
Downtime - FTG Decreases the players fatigue 1-2 points for every Command Point used
Iron Man END BLK
Sandbagging ATK CAT
Passing PAS END
Shooting SHT REC
Blocking BLK RNG
Goalkeeping CAT PAS
Receiving REC SHT
Throwing Arm RNG ATK
Pep Talk MOR - May raise Morale to max (99 points). Probability is based on (# of Command Points used x10)%
Counseling Optimal Points - May max out the player's Optimal Points for END-REC. Probability is based on (# of Command Points used x10)%
Teamwork - - Raises the combination points between two players on your team.

How to Train[edit]

While in the Training Menu

  1. Move the cursor to the desired player's name and press Cross button
  2. Choose the type of training regimen you want the player to undergo, then press Cross button
  3. Determine the amount of Command Points you want to dedicate to training the player (0-9) using Neutral dpad and press Cross button when finished.
  4. Do the above steps for each player you want to train.
  5. Move the cursor to Practice and press Cross button. All the players who have been given Command Points will receive training. After training, increased stats will be shown in pink while decreased will show in blue.


There are a total of 99 players that play Blitzball. 35 of them are Free Agents. The Free Agents are only available to the Gullwings, and then only available depending on your scouting level. Increase this level and the teams level by winning games.

Command Points are used to scout and hire any new players.

Command Points needed to Scout
How Points are Used Scout Level
1 2 3 4 MAX
Acquiring Player Data 10 10 10 10 10
Signing Contract with a Player 10 15 20 30 40
Scout Level Team Level/Wins
1 1 / 0 Wins
2 5 / 8 Wins
3 10 / 18 Wins
4 20 / 38 Wins
MAX 30 / 58 Wins



Scout Level 1
Contract Duration 99
CP Needed to Sign 3
Special Shot N/A
Stat Start Max Opt Pts
END 3 48 7
ATK 2 20 5
PAS 2 30 5
SHT 5 92 9
BLK 2 20 5
CAT 1 10 4
RNG 70 130 8
REC 50 135 9
SPD 30 - -
RCH 50 - -
Scout Level 1
Contract Duration 99
CP Needed to Sign 3
Special Shot N/A
Stat Start Max Opt Pts
END 3 41 7
ATK 3 28 4
PAS 4 84 9
SHT 2 42 8
BLK 3 73 5
CAT 1 65 4
RNG 39 119 8
REC 45 154 9
SPD 30 - -
RCH 50 - -
  • Yuna
  • Paine
  • Biggs
  • Rikku
  • Wedge
  • Buddy
  • Brother
  • Shinra

Luca Goers[edit]

  • Bickson
  • Balgerda
  • Abus
  • Bower
  • Graav
  • Pretus
  • Doram
  • Raudy

Kilika Beasts[edit]

  • Larbeight
  • Deim
  • Isken
  • Enkroy
  • Vuroja
  • Zanda
  • Kulukan
  • Nizarut

Al Bhed Psyches[edit]

  • Eigaar
  • Lakkam
  • Blappa
  • Keppel
  • Berrik
  • Nomma
  • Judda
  • Nimrook

Ronso Fangs[edit]

  • Basik Ronso
  • Irga Ronso
  • Argai Ronso
  • Zondi Ronso
  • Gazna Ronso
  • Darga Ronso
  • Nuvy Ronso
  • Zamzi Ronso

Guado Glories[edit]

  • Giera Guado
  • Pah Guado
  • Zazi Guado
  • Yil Guado
  • Nav Guado
  • Won Guado
  • Auda Guado
  • Noy Guado

Besaid Aurochs[edit]

  • Beclem
  • Jassu
  • Wakka
  • Botta
  • Letty
  • Vilucha
  • Datto
  • Keepa

Zanarkand Abes[edit]

  • Kiryl
  • Naya
  • Star Player
  • Suzam
  • Toma
  • Luperis
  • Shaft
  • Cetan

Free Agents[edit]

Scout Level 1[edit]

  • Ukyou
  • Balkai
  • Shuu
  • Hildi
  • Sulya
  • Ropp
  • Nedus

Scout Level 2[edit]

  • Zalitz
  • Nhadala
  • Jumal
  • Naida
  • Svanda
  • Mep
  • Durren

Scout Level 3[edit]

  • Kiyuri
  • Jaialai
  • Shaami
  • Mifurey
  • Zev Ronso
  • Yuma Guado
  • Neffe

Scout Level 4[edit]

  • Adda
  • Fobbi
  • Cahhan
  • Miyu
  • Kwinn
  • Rin
  • Tatts

Scout Level Max[edit]

  • Isaaru
  • Maroda
  • Auborine
  • Yuyui
  • Dona
  • Lucil
  • Barthello


First Place Second Place Third Place Exhibition
Crystal Bangle Mythril Bangle X-Potion x2 X-Potion x2
Rune Bracer Gold Bracer Mega-Potion x2 Mega Potion x2
Moon Bracer Power Gloves Ether x2 Ether x2
Shining Bracer Diamond Gloves Turbo Ether Mega Phoenix x2
Star Bracer Pixie Dust Mega Phoenix x2 -
Recovery Bracer Mystery Veil Mythril Bangle -
Sprint Shoes Crimson Ring Hyper Wrist -
Charm Bangle Snow Ring Diamond Gloves -
Gold Hairpin Ochre Ring Talisman -
AP Egg Cerulean Ring Mystery Veil -