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Area Rewards
 · Tiara

The only reason to visit Bevelle in Chapter 1 is for a small percent of completion and to collect a Tiara. Have Buddy drop the gang at Macalania Woods and travel to Bevelle on foot from there (East to path behind the New Yevon guards). Head down the long path at Bevelle or talk to the man across from the Save Sphere to take the lift down this path. Keep moving forward until you are greeted by a woman. Follow her until a gentleman greets Yuna and summons Praetor Baralai to speak with her. Follow him into the New Yevon Headquarters. Ride the lift in front of the party to the upper level and speak with Baralai again. He will give you a Tiara. When finished, turn around and head back to the Save Sphere to travel back up to the Airship Celsius. Talk to Buddy to travel to the Calm Lands.