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Area Rewards
 · Ether  · Phoenix Down  · Chocobo Feather x2  · Potion x2  · Phoenix Down
Area Enemies
  • Ahriman - Evil Eye.
  • Amorphous Gel -
  • Chocobo -
  • Coeurl -
  • Death Dauber - Wasp.
  • Divebeak - Bird.
  • Nashorn -
  • Wild Wolf - Lupine.

The Calm Lands is a vast place. Excellent for leveling just by traveling quickly across. To give you a quick overview of the layout of the Calm Lands, to the south there is a sloping ledge that leads to Macalania Woods. To the west you will find the Travel Agency. To the east the entrance to the Chocobo Ranch (previously the Monster Arena if you are familiar with Final Fantasy X) and what used to be the entrance that lead to Remiem Temple now sealed. Finally to the north a vast crevasse and exit in the northeastern edge that leads to Mt. Gagazet and the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Entering from Macalania Woods you will find yourself at the very southern edge of this plain. If you traveled here from the airship, you will more than likely find yourself at the Travel Agency near the western central area. Either way, follow along the western edge all the way to the northern part to find a chest with a Chocobo Feather x2. Continue along this edge until you come to a crack in the ground (you may have to circle around this crack). Here you will find a Phoenix Down. Head back south following the eastern edge of the Calm Lands this time to find a chest with an Ether below the ledge of the southern entrance. Head to the northeast and exit to the next section. Follow the western edge here to find a chest with Potion x2, then head right and down the slope to continue. In this last section of the Calm Lands you will find a Save Sphere, a chest with a Phoenix Down and the entrance to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. The entrance to this cave is guarded for now so you will not be able to enter. It will open up in a later chapter, so don't worry about it for now.

Now you can stick around the Calm Lands to check out the minigames or you can move on to Mt. Gagazet.

Calm Lands Travel Agency
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Iron Bangle 500
Silver Bracer 500
Wristband 1000
Amulet 1000

Calm Lands Attractions[edit]

There are several optional minigames now available to you found right on the Calm Lands. Listed here will be a brief overview of each one. For a detailed look into each game, visit Calm Lands Mini Games.

Argent, Inc. vs Open Air[edit]

If you paid attention to the cutscene upon entering the Calm Lands you will have learned from both Rikku and Paine that there are two companies competing for your business at each of the attractions found here. Each of Yuna's pals supports the opposite so you will start out with 100 credits for each vendor. Credits are used in order to play the games. You can buy more of these for 10 Gil each.

You can also choose to support one of these companies and publicize for them. Talk to the corresponding agent at any of the minigames on the Calm Lands and sign up. This will allow you to pitch to other Spirians by pressing Square button while near them letting them know about these minigames, earning company credits which can be redeemed for prizes and eventually unlocking an extra minigame depending on which company you are campaigning for.

The games you can play from either company include:

  • Lupine Dash - Lupine Racing. Pick a Lupine and bet on it to win.
  • Reptile Run - Navigate your reptile across a field of fiends without bumping into them. Similar to Frogger.
  • Sky Slots - Line up a fiend of the same color or type to win.

Meet the Bride[edit]

At the travel agency you will find a man in desperate need of a bride. The father of this man asks Yuna if she will marry him. Either Selection will be fine. He then asks you to talk to women and see if any of them would be interested in marrying his son. Travel around Spira and ask women in the same fashion as you would campaign for a company (pressing Square button while next to them) to let them know about this "amazing man" at the travel agency.