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Area Rewards
 · Phoenix Down  · Echo Screen  · Potion x2  · Al Bhed Primer IV  · Letter of Introduction
Area Enemies
  • Agama -
  • Bandit -
  • Chocobo -
  • Death Dauber -
  • Gold Elemental -
  • Sallet -

Many people are standing around in front of the temple. Seems they are waiting to be interviewed by the Machine Faction leader, Gippal. When he arrives, the waiting people form a line in front of the merchants shop, blocking you from entering. What is the fuss all about? If you wait a moment you will see that the each person is slowly entering the shop and moving out of your way. Just a matter of minutes before you will be able to enter. To speed up the wait, head to the far left from the shop to find a chest containing a Phoenix Down. Once all the applicants have gone in the shop, enter and speak to the man at the counter. Tell him you want to dig. This is set up for the Minigame Let's go digging! later found at Bikanel Desert. When finished exit the shop and head into the temple.

Inside the temple, speak to Gippal. He will give you an Al Bhed Primer. When he is finished, head to the room to the left of the Cloister of Trials to find a chest that contains an Echo Screen. Now follow Gippal out of the temple. Walk to the south to the next area with a bridge. Here you will find Gippal again. Speak with him and express interest in digging. He will then hand over the Letter of Introduction. After the scene with him ends, head to the southern part of the bridges to find a Potion x2 in a chest. Use a Save Sphere to travel back to the Airship and speak to Buddy to head to the Moonflow.