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Return to Luca during Chapter 1 before visiting the Zanarkand Ruins to complete a side mission explaining where Yuna was during her impersonators performance.

Area Rewards
 · Healing Wind Garment Grid  · Lunar Curatin x2  · Al Bhed Primer  · Helm Coins x5  · Zurvan Coins x5  · Coyote Coins x5  · Flan Coins x5  · Thunder Spawn Garment Grid

Moogle Mission[edit]

After arrival, you will be in control of Yuna wearing a Moogle costume. She will be on a side mission to hand out 10 balloons. She can sell them to every NPC in the plaza area except for a little girl running around and a man in green (there are some hidden people behind the glass window and at the back of the red carpet at the door to the cafe). After completing this task, you will be awarded the Healing Wind Garment Grid.

Learning Sphere Break[edit]

After the Moogle mission is completed, return again to Luca for more items and learn about Sphere Break. Upon arrival, descend the stairs and jump up and across to the pathway ledge for a chest containing Lunar Curtain x2. Head all the way down the stairs and then across the plaza. Follow the path to the left until you reach the stadium. Head up the stairs to the right locker room hallway. Here you will find Rin. Talk to him and he will explain how he created a popular game called Sphere Break. After speaking with him, head out back to the front of the Stadium, this time go to the left locker room hallway. Speak to the little man wearing a beak. Ask him to "Tell me the rules!". He will award you Helm Coin x5, Zurvan Coin x5, Coyote Coin x5, and Flan Coin x5. The tutorial will begin, but then you will have the option to leave the tutorial if you don't want to learn how to play the game right now or at all. (In Chapter 3, you will have the chance to earn a Garment Grid if you play one game and win it. Don't fret if you lose though because in Chapter 5, you will have as many chances as you want to earn it). When you are done in the locker room, exit it and head to the receptionist desk. From here, take the path on the right to go to Dock 5. Walk over to the left hand side of the dock and then go all the way to the back of it. It can be hard to miss, but if you look carefully, you'll see an entry way to behind the stacks of cargo. Walk through it and, you'll see a chest. Open it to obtain the Thunder Spawn Garment Grid. When finished, head back to the airship or on to Mi'ihen Highroad.