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Area Rewards
 · Gun Mage Dressphere  · Circlet  · Helios Guard Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Agama -
  • Bandit - A few simple attacks should take these guys out. They do carry a decent amount of Gil so using Pilfer Gil will come in handy.
  • Chocobo -
  • Flan Azul -
  • Protochimera -
  • Quadricorn -
  • Shell Shocker -
  • Takouba -

Traveling to the Moonflow from the Airship will trigger an extra scene and mission. This mission will help you get better rewards when visiting the Moonflow in Chapter 2. After arriving, find a small person dressed in red and a beak running around the Moonflow banks. This is Tobli. He is afraid his caravan will be robbed by bandits while he is waiting for it. After watching him panic, walk south to a long stretch of road. There are no items found here so continue until you find a Hypello begging for help. Talk to him to begin the Shave the Hypello? mission to help him. You must lead him down the road back to where Tobli is, walking slightly in front of his wagon. When a bandit tries to steal cargo, chase them and press Cross button to initiate battle and take back the cargo. When you finally lead the Hypello to Tobli back at the Moonflow banks, you will be awarded with Gun Mage Dressphere, Circlet, and the Helios Garment Grid

Please note: Because you have to be sure you beat up the bandits and take back the cargo as quickly as possible, there is a chance you may fail this mission the first time you attempt it because it is unlike the previous missions and it may be hard to you depending on how quickly you'll press Cross button on a bandit before they run away. You will know you have failed because at the end, Tobli will still give you the Gun Mage Dressphere, but he will NOT give you the Circlet and the Helios Garment Grid. So be sure to save the game before starting this mission so you can go back to that save file and redo the mission however many times until you are successful and he gives you all three items.

After Tobli shows his appreciation, head to the left to ride a shoopuf across the Moonflow. Walk north up the path to Guadosalam.