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Area Rewards
Area Enemies
  • Ahriman -
  • Bicocette -
  • Bully Cap - Mushroom
  • Flan Palido - Flan
  • Fly Eye - Evil Eye
  • Protochimera -
  • Takouba -
  • White Fang - Lupine

Entering Mt. Gagazet, greet Kimhari. You will learn he has become the Ronso Tribe leader, however the tribe is very discontented. Garik Ronso will then jump in to give his input on the matter. Garik then asks Yuna a question. Your response to him and the others you can talk to in the area after the scene will affect how much they will trust Yuna and whether or not the Tribe will unite under Kimhari's rule.

It is best to gain as much trust as you can from the Ronso. It will effect how they act later in the game and how some events play out in Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.

Ronso Description/Location Concern Yuna's Answers Trust
Woman standing next to Kimhari Must ask High Summoner Yuna: Find Lian and Ayde. Leave it to the Gullwings! +1
Please help Kimahri. 0
I can't promise anything. -1
Garik (During Scene) Garik know Yuna save Spira, but Ronso not saved yet. That's a really nice horn. 0
We'll take care of Lian and Ayde. +1
Try and be nice to Kimahri. -1
Male walking around near the exit to the slopes Many Ronso lost lives in battle to defend High Summoner Yuna. Yes, many Ronso died... 0
I will never forget their sacrifice. +1
What am I supposed to do about it? -1
Female on the right side near the entrance of Mt. Gagazet Guado leave Guadosalam. Guado plan dark schemes! You're just making that up! -1
I'm sure you're right. +1
Hrm. 0
Male standing next to Garik Many friends and kin die two years ago. Ronso grief deeper than mountain snow. You have to try not to be so sad! 0
I can imagine how you must feel... +1
Tough breaks, huh. -1
Male in red armor with green hair near the left side of the entrance to Mt. Gagazet Never forgive Seymour, never forgive Guado! Hatred won't solve anything! -1
I wouldn't forgive them either. +1
Do what you want. 0
Guard near stairs in the mountain cave of Mt. Gagazet, north to the Fayth Scar teleporter Power of the fayth wane, cave water disappears. Change will come to Ronso, too. The cave and the Ronso aren't connected. 0
A change for the better, I hope. +1
I... see. -1

Responding with the right answers will help you in getting a if you receive an the Trainer dressphere later in the game. Also speak with Kimhari at least two times, the "You have to learn to deal with these things!" option is another prerequisite of getting Trainer dressphere later. Then continue up the mountain and on to the Zanarkand Ruins.