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Area Rewards
 · 1000 Gil  · Turbo Ether  · Phoenix Down  · Hi-Potion  · Crimson Sphere 9  · Glass Buckle  · Heart of the Flame Garment Grid  · Favorite Outfit  · Restless Sleep Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Bully Cap -
  • Coyote -
  • Red Elemental -
  • Tonberry - Currently these creatures may be a very hard challenge to defeat. They have 9999 HP and inflict a large amount of damage. It may be smart to escape from these little guys.

Enter Mushroom Rock Road from the Mi'ihen Highroad. The girls will spot Logos and Ormi running deeper onto Mushroom Rock Road. The goal is to follow them to find out what they are up to, but first continue forward until the party is greeted by Yaibal (He will ask if you remember him, either choice works). Agree to help him and then speak to Clasko. After speaking with him, continue down the road and take the left fork up to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen to collect 1000 Gil from a chest. Back track toward Yaibal and head past him to head to the next area of Mushroom Rock Road.

Mysterious Cave[edit]


Follow Ormi and Logos to the bottom of the gorge - it's a crevasse with steps, you can't miss it - collecting a Turbo Ether, Phoenix Down, and Hi-Potion along the way. They will lead you to the entrance of a cave next to a Save Sphere. Follow them in. This will trigger a cutscene in which the goons drop a sphere. Your party picks it up and you receive a Crimson Sphere 9. After the scene, examine the door (entrance to the Den of Woe) at the back of the cave to learn you will need to collect more of these types of spheres to continue further. Head back for the exit of the cave. Talk to the man standing there. You will find out it is Maroda (who you will remember as Issaru's Guardian if you played Final Fantasy X. Exit the gorge and make your way back on to the winding path of Mushroom Rock Road. Follow it north to the next area. Ride the small lift to the higher area and then speak with Elma. She will complete Yaibal's mission, awarding you a Glass Buckle and Heart of Flame Garment Grid. After the scene with her is complete, walk to the southern part of this area to collect a Favorite Outfit from a chest. Now head up the big elevator.

Youth League[edit]

Walk to the entrance of the large building in this area. Here you will find Lucil. Speak to her twice. When the scenes with her are complete, head to the right to find Maechen. Speak to him as well and listen to his whole story about the beginnings of New Yevon and the Youth League. Do not interrupt him! When he asks you if you want to hear more, DON'T select "Please go on"(otherwise the story will jump to the next section). You must listen to his whole story to get full completion points for this area! Talk to the other NPC's if you wish, and then head out of the Youth League Headquarters to the Save Sphere. Walk right from this sphere to find a hidden ledge. Jump down to the bottom of the ledge to find the Restless Sleep Garment Grid.

After collecting all items and talking to all necessary characters here, head all the way back to the beginning of Mushroom Rock Road where you first met with Yaibal and Clasko. Find Clasko again and talk to him. He still doesn't know what to do with his life. When he asks if he can ride with you on the Airship Celsius, tell him "The more the merrier!". Now find the Save Sphere and head up to the airship. Talk to Shinra to watch the scene from the sphere you collected titled "Crimson Report 1". Then head to the Cabin to speak with Clasko on the upper level by a window. When finished, head back to the Bridge and talk to Buddy. Have him take you to Djose Temple.