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Area Rewards
 · Mega Phoenix  · Phoenix Down  · Remedy x2  · Remedy  · Ether  · Elixir  · Phoenix Down  · Hi-Potion  · Heart Reborn Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Behemoth -
  • Flak Python -
  • Gecko -
  • Mr. Goon -
  • Ms. Goon -
  • Nashorn -
  • White Elemental -

Before completing this area make sure to complete all other areas and tasks. Finishing the Zanarkand Ruins will put in motion the final part of Chapter 1 in Kilika. Traveling to other areas then will not be an option.

After Yuna's memories talk to people in the crowd. You will find that they are blocking your forward. The only place you can go is up the slope to talk to Issaru. Speak with him and then the crowd will disperse. Now you may head to the dome.

At the dome you will overhear Pacce instructing the Kinderguardians. What could they be up to? Purchase items here at the Merchant in yellow if you wish and then follow the Kindgerguardians to the next area.

Zanarkand Dome Merchant
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Iron Bangle 500
Silver Bracer 500
Mythril Gloves 1000
Defense Veil 1000
Avoid the monkeys as you travel through the ruins. Interacting with them will result in stolen Gil!

Follow the kids until they stop. Talk to Pacce, their leader. Then continue on until you overhear a Syndicate Goon... all this talk about a treasure and password will become clearer in the following chapters. Fight the Goons and then head through to the next intersection to find a chest with a Mega Phoenix. Continue down the slope defeating goons as you go. Don't miss the chest near the end of this area because it holds a Phoenix Down.

In the next area all the chests unfortunately will have already been opened by the tourists. Move past these open chests through the long hallway, up the stairs and through the door. This will take you to what used to be the Cloister of Trials. Head through the smaller room, past the dancing woman to a large room with a big lift in the center. Take this center lift down to the level below. There will be a Save Sphere here you can use. Proceed on to the next chamber and speak to the bald man. This is Cid, Rikku's father. When he asks if you have a bone to pick with him, respond: "You bet I do!". This will affect a later conversation with Cid on Thunder Plains. But the selection will NOT affect the total completion rate, you will either get the 0.2% completion at Story Level 2 or Story Level 3 on Thunder Plains by speaking with Cid there, just different conversations. After speaking with Cid, talk to the other man in this room. Doing so will cause all the monkeys that were blocking the way forward to scatter. Head through the now cleared doorway to a circular room. The chests here will be available for you to open, but be careful! Bumping into the monkeys here will cause the same action as speaking to them.. loss of Gil. The items you will obtain here are Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Elixir, Remedy x2, Remedy, and an Ether. When finished collecting the chests, walk forward and up the stairs.

Follow Rikku and Paine in the next area onto a platform until Issaru plays a prank on the girls. He will ask you a question and offer 5 choices. Respond with "Is that you, Issaru?". What a weird man! He will then hand over the Heart Reborn Garment Grid. After the conversation with him ends and he leaves, head down the steps at the far end. Climb and jump through the winding corridor to the room at the dead-end. You will be confronted by the Guardian Beast.

Guardian Beast[edit]

Guardian Beast
HP: 2886 MP: 1000
EXP: 170 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 200 Pilfer Gil: 1500
Steal: Normal- Defense Veil; Rare - Defense Veil
Drop: Normal - Amulet; Rare - Amulet

The Guardian Beast is weak against all forms of elemental magic except gravity. Exploit this weakness by attacking with a Black Mage. A Songstress may also use Darkness Dance to reduce damage caused on the party, as Guardian Beast's blows are pretty heavy. It may also be wise to use a White Mage after he performs Damocles Photon on the party. Using Cura to raise HP back up and Esuna to remove status ailments. Use a Thief to Piler Gil and Steal and then switch her to the desired dressphere. Attack and heal as needed. He shouldn't take long to defeat.

After the battle with the Guardian Beast, you will gain half a sphere (how disappointing!) and regroup on board the Celsius. Brother will then report an "awesome sphere" has been located in Kilika. Kilika is the only place you currently can travel so talk to Buddy and head on down.