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Area Rewards
 · Wall Ring  · Ether x2  · Potion x3  · Hi-Potion x2  · 1500 Gil  · Enigma Plate Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Barbuta -
  • Chocobo -
  • Coeurl -
  • Coyote -
  • Flan Azul -
  • Iron Giant -
  • Lesser Drake -
  • Purpurea -
  • Sahagin -
  • Sallet -

After arriving at Besaid, head to the Save Sphere that is located just outside the Village. Talk to the blitzball players found there. They aren't very happy. They have a new coach - Beclem, a member of the Youth League, who doesn't have a very kind attitude. His unpleasant disposition presents an opportunity for Yuna to put him into his place. He is running the Gunner's Gauntlet and doesn't think Yuna can complete it.

Either before or after running the Gauntlet, you may collect several chests from Besaid. On the beach in the hidden alcove (found by using Circle button near the exit path to jump to the ledge) you can find a chest with 1500 Gil and another with Hi-Potion x2. Inside the cave, there is a chest with Ether x2 on the right branch and Potion x3 on the left. Leave the cave, along the waterfall path you can find a Wall Ring(Walk off the left side just before the bridge and go under it).

Gunner's Gauntlet[edit]

More information about this mini-game can be found on the Gauntlet page. Below you can learn about the basics.

When you first begin, it is best to tell Beclem "I need a tutorial first." for basic instructions on how to play. The goal of the Gauntlet on Besaid is to earn as many points as possible shooting fiends while traversing through the areas between the village and the beach without running out of bullets, getting hit, or dying. A timer will countdown from 7 minutes until you talk to Beclem on the beach to end the Gauntlet.

When the mini-game begins, you start just outside the village with little ammo. There are two stationary Coyotes. Target them with Circle button and then shoot with Cross button. (Use Square button to cycle through targets. Switch ammunition type with R1 button and L1 button). Open the chests they drop for more ammo and quickly move on toward the ruins. More coyotes will come at her from the hill. Shoot them, collect, and move on from this area, careful not to get attacked because this area has poor camera angles and the ruins block your view of upcoming fiends.

In the falls area, shoot the fiends emerging from the opposite end of the path. Continue fighting here until you reach at least 500 points. Try to take out as many fiends as you can without getting hit so that the chain multiplier will rise. They higher this is, more points will be awarded as you defeat enemies. After filling the bar for the multiplier, head to the next area and take out the large mech using a Death bullet. After dispatching the giant, continue to the beach and talk to Beclem. If you were successful and earned at least 500 points, Beclem concedes and you receive the Enigma Plate Garment Grid.