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Area Rewards
 · Ether x2  · Chocobo Wing x2  · Phoenix Down x2  · Phoenix Down x2  · Alchemist Dressphere  · Highroad Winds Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Ahriman -
  • Amorphous Gel -
  • Armet -
  • Blue Elemental -
  • Chocobo -
  • Coeurl -
  • Death Dauber -
  • Divebeak -
  • Flan Blanco -
  • Nashorn -
  • Peregrine -
  • Queen Coeurl - Coeurl. Blaster attack can instantly kill a character.
  • Skink -
  • Wild Wolf -

Entering the Calm Lands from the airship navigation panel, if you have Clasko on board a scene will be triggered in which he runs off to the old Monster Arena. Choose to follow him. Upon arriving at the old arena, the group will discover the place has been overrun by many fiends. (If you played FFX and did some or all tasks for the Monster Arena mission, then you know that all these fiends are here because it has been housing them since that game). Clasko will ask the girls for help.

Enter the arena and use the Save Sphere near the entrance if needed. There are 5 different fiends here and you will need to fight one of each. Be aware though that with each real one, there will also be a set of illusionary fiends near it. With each set, if you touch three illusions, the real fiend will relocate and you must search for it again. A tip when judging real from illusions: notice the direction the fiends are facing and head that direction until you find one that is facing the opposite direction. The fiend looking the "wrong" way is usually the real fiend. (At some point, you may see arrows above the fiends pointing in whichever direction they are all in. This will especially come in handy for Blue Elementals since it's hard to tell which direction they are facing. But if no arrows show up, just pay attention to the direction of the fiends themselves). Also, when you go into battle with the real fiends, you will find that some of them usually have another fiend (it may or may not be the same species) with them so be prepared.

After you defeat all 5 fiends, head back to the entrance near the Save Sphere. Clasko will be cowarding on the ground. Head into the small alcove across from him to initiate a battle with 3 Blue Elementals you must defeat to clear the arena. Switch a party member to Black Mage and cast lightning-based spells to quickly take them out. Once you have achieved victory, you will be awarded with the Alchemist Dressphere and Highroad Winds Garment Grid. The arena is now set up to be Clasko's Chocobo Ranch. Talk to him to obtain some Gysahl Greens and Pahsana Greens to begin catching chocobos to help him out. Head out back onto the main part of the Calm Lands and search around for battles with chocobos. You will need to catch at least one for completion points during this chapter. When you find a set of enemies with a chocobo, select items and use a Gysahl Green to keep the bird from running during battle. Kill off the remaining fiends and don't attack the chocobo because it will run off. End the battle with just the bird left and feed it Gysahl Greens to send it to the Ranch.

There are several items in chests you can pick up on the west side of the Calm Lands. At the bottom of the slope that leads to Macalania Woods you will find a Ether x2. Follow the western edge and about half way there is a chest with Chocobo Wing x2. To the left of the Save Sphere in the Travel Agency, you will find a Phoenix Down x2. After collecting these chests, at this point stop in at the Travel Agency and look for two young ronso. Speak to them to find out they are Lian and Ayde... the two youths many of the Ronso on Mt. Gagazet are worried about. They tell Yuna not to worry and run off. Now head to the northeast exit to the next section of the Calm Lands. Move forward a little in the next area and to the right for a chest with Phoenix Down x2. Turn down the slope to the area near the cave to find a Save Sphere and the last chest with another Phoenix Down. Head back up the slope and onward to Mt. Gagazet.