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Guadosalam is worth visiting in Chapter 2 for some completion points and for clues on where to find the Leblanc Syndicate for uniforms. If you already read the Airship Celsius page for this chapter, then you SHOULD know that you DON'T need to gather up clues and buy the data to find the uniforms; you just need to go to Djose Temple, Bikanel Desert and Mt. Gagazet to get the uniforms. But if you would like an easier way of paying off O'aka's debt (although you can still pay off his debt by the end of Chapter 3 just by only selling stuff you don't need to the Gullstore on the Airship and other shops in Spira and only buying stuff from O'aka), then please continue reading the paragraph below as well as the chart below that.

Upon entering the area, head toward the chateau doors to trigger a scene. After watching the scene, save your game and then head to the inn near the entrance of Guadosalam. Talk to the man behind the counter. He will sell you some "valuable data" for 10,000 Gil if you choose the "Got any data?" option while talking to him. You can then sell that data to someone currently in Guadosalam for a profit. It must be the person that the inn keeper references. The exact person is randomly chosen. It is important you save before talking to him. First because you may need to reset the game in order to get the best buyer and secondly because if you talk to the wrong person, the price the actual buyer is willing to pay will drop by 10,000 Gill per each wrong person spoken to. The following chart explains where to find the buyers and the price they pay.

Data Peddler Traders
Trader Location Hint 1 Hint 2 Pays
Hypello inside the home on the right side He is someone loafing indoors. It looks like this guy has some time to kill. Maybe he's house-sitting? 25000 Gil
Woman on the left side of Guadosalam next to the entrance to the locked home This person is a woman. She would appear to enjoy speaking with other women. 25000 Gil
Man sitting on the ledge near the inn entrance The guy you're after is just sitting around. Step outside and you should find him easily. 25000 Gil
Person standing next to the door of the home on the right side of the upper level It's someone right next to a door. I believe I saw them by the door to Tobli Productions. 30000 Gil
Man right outside the inn. Closest to the Moonflow exit. This man bears himself with confidence. He should be just outside. 30000 Gil
Man next woman next to the locked door on the left side of Guadosalam It was someone rather young, yes. Perhaps this person is watching to see when a certain door will open. 30000 Gil
Woman inside the item shop This individual can be found indoors. This person is one bad customer. 30000 Gil
Man sitting near the right side of the locked door It's someone sitting down. I wonder what he's doing there? He's near the door that will not open. 40000 Gil
Woman on the right side near the chateau I believe it's someone interested in joining the Leblanc Syndicate. She's not a man, which would make her a woman. 40000 Gil
Guy sitting right next to the inn door It's a guy sitting down. He's a rather little fellow. 50000 Gil
Guy straight across from the locked door, closer to the pathway that leads up to the Farplane It's someone near the door that will not open. He seemed concerned about relations between the Guado and the Ronso. 50000 Gil
Hypello moving around town I haven't the slightest clue what this guy is doing. He works for someone who never slows down. 50000 Gil
Man on the pathway entrance to the exit to the Thunder Plains It's someone by the entrance to town. He should still be by the road that leads to the Thunder Plains. 60000 Gil
Woman standing in the upper part of town near the house on the right side It is a woman. She often talks with the Hypello. 70000 Gil
Item Shop Keeper This guy's in a place you wouldn't expect. It seems he's gathering data for commercial reasons. 80000 Gil
The Inn Keeper It's the last person you'd expect, no question. It's the closest person you can find. 100000 Gil

Whether or not you sold the data, make sure to talk to the guards in front of the chateau for completion points. After that, continue on to the Thunder Plains.