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Area Rewards
 · Icy Gleam  · Silver Bracer  · Hi-Potion x2  · Haste Bangle  · Bitter Farewell Garment Grid  · Minerva's Plate.
Area Enemies
  • Amorphous Gel -
  • Barbuta -
  • Chocobo -
  • Deep Haizhe -
  • Flan Azul -
  • Gold Elemental -
  • Haizhe -
  • Red Elemental -
  • Sallet -
  • White Elemental -
  • Xiphactinus -

Entering Macalania Woods from the Thunder Plains, you will spot a Hypello frantically waving his arms on the path up ahead. Walk up to him and speak to him to learn he needs help to find the musicians that disappeared in Chapter 1.

Backtrack a little and head up the shimmering path. At the split along the second area of this path, head down the left path to a dead end for a chest containing a Silver Bracer. Go back to the split and continue on to the north until you reach the lower path with a 4-way intersection. Take the top right path to the spring. About the same area where Tromell was, you will find the musician in blue, Bayra. He explains to you that the circles of blue butterflies scattered through the forest will lead you to the other band members. Speak to Bayra again and before leaving this area look for 2 sets of butterflies here (upper left near Bayra and lower left near the entrance). There are 5 sets of blue butterflies you can locate during this mission. 2 for the band members, Donga and Pukutak, whilst finding the (optional) other 3 'mini' musicians will allow you to obtain the Howling Wind Garment Grid in Chapter 3.

Exit Bayra's area after speaking with him and revealing the first 2 optional musicians. Take the lower left path, go up the branch and around a short way to find the 3rd 'mini' musician. You need to jump off the path here and into the butterflies. Now go up and right to get back to the the 4-way intersection. Head back up the shimmering path to the split to find the next set of butterflies. Step inside the circle to reveal Donga.

Continue along the shimmering path to the entrance from the Thunder Plains, head right and pass the Guado on the path to Bevelle. Keep going straight until you get to a crossroads. Choose the bottom path, and you will find the last circle of butterflies revealing Pukutak.

Full Throttle Dressphere
If you did not speak to Tromell in Chapter 1, he will appear after the musicians depart. Speak to him 4 times to receive Paine's special dressphere.

Once Donga and Pukutak are found, the party is returned to the Sphere Spring automatically. Move forward and speak to Bayra again to receive a Haste Bangle. The musicians gather together and then depart to help Tobli. Now head back to the Thunder Plains entrance where the Hypello was and speak to him to complete the mission and be rewarded with the Bitter Farewell Garment Grid.

Now head down the main tree path at least to the second section to find a chest with an Icy Gleam near the top curve of the figure 8 path.

If you completed the Follow That O'aka! mission during Chapter 1 and chose to turn O'aka over to the Al Bhed, the Travel Agency near the lake will be open. If you are having second thoughts about O'aka and would like to help him out in order to have access to the best accessory shop in the game, you still have a chance to help him by visiting Bikanel Desert during this chapter. Whether or not you allowed O'aka on the Gullwing's Airship, open a chest next to the travel agency that contains Hi-Potion x2.

Macalania Travel Agency (Al Bhed Version)
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Icy Gleam 3000
White Ring 3000

After completing the area, continue on to Bevelle.