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Area Rewards
 · Muscle Belt  · 1000 Gil  · Phoenix Down x3  · Antidote x3  · Potion x3  · Silver Bracer  · Holy Water x3  · Eye Drops x3  · Phoenix Down x3  · Grenade x2  · Ether  · Potion x2  · Soft x3  · Echo Screen x3  · Selene Guard Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Bully Cap -
  • Divebeak -
  • Fly Eye -
  • Flan Palido -
  • Iron Giant -
  • Peregrine -
  • Purpurea -
  • Quadricorn -
  • Shantak -
  • Wild Wolf -

Before entering the Travel Agency to start the story line in this area, complete all side tasks you may be working on such as Calm Lands Publicity Campaign or collecting treasures. Certain areas will become inaccessible afterwards.

Traveling from the Luca entrance to the Mushroom Rock Road exit on the Mi'ihen Highroad will net you chests with these items: first section - Muscle Belt, 1000 Gil, and Phoenix Down x3. Second section - Antidote x3. Third section - Potion x3, Silver Bracer, and Holy Water x3. Behind the Travel Agency - Eye Drops x3. Sixth section - Phoenix Down x3. Area before Mushroom Rock - Grenade x2. Traveling down the Oldroad you will find an Ether in the first section. A Potion x2 near the Save Sphere. A Soft x3 and Echo Screen x3 at the dead end.

When you have finished all side tasks, enter the Travel Agency. As you enter a young woman will walk out. Buy whatever items you need at the desk and then follow the girl out. She walks up to the cliff edge across from the agency; go talk to her. You will discover she is Calli, a young girl Yuna first met during her pilgrimage to defeat Sin when traveling the Mi'ihen Highroad. Calli came to the Highroad to ride a chocobo but has sadly discovered they are no longer there. She has seen a wild chocobo roaming around and would like your help.

If you are trying not to help Calli in the Mi'ihen Mystery mini-game, choose not to help or fail the mission. If you are trying to help Rin or Rikku, make sure to accept and complete this mission.

Capture a Chocobo[edit]

Accepting Calli's request will start the Cuckoo for Chocobos mission. You must now follow Rikku down the Highroad as she serves as the lookout for the chocobo. Follow her to the south section of the Highroad. She will soon spot the chocobo, tail her very closely or a timer will appear. If it does appear, quickly run back toward Rikku to resume the chase. If it runs out, Rikku will lose site of the bird and the mission will fail. While you are running down the Highroad, try to pick up its dropped feathers - these will unlock a prize at the end of the mission depending on how many you collect.

Following Rikku on the southern section of the Highroad, she will suddenly stop and say the chocobo has stopped in a side area. She happens to be wrong but there is a chance for a chest in the side areas that may contain a reward. These are determined by the number of feathers you have picked up at that point. You can agree to look for the chests each time, or continue on. Rikku will point this out three times. It is best to wait until the third time she asks, collecting as many feathers as possible until then. Doing so will guarantee a chest with the reward you want as well as a additional item for cleaning the Highroad.

Possible Prizes in the Chests for Gathering Feathers
Number of Feathers Chest Item
0 Empty
1-3 Chocobo Feather x2
4-14 Chocobo Feather x3
15-17 Chocobo Wing x2
18-21 Chocobo Wing x3
Possible Prizes in the Third Chest
Total Feathers Reward Item
0 None
1-8 Gold Hourglass
9-15 Chocobo Feather
16-21 Chocobo Feather x2

At the end of the south section of the Highroad, since you haven't caught the chocobo yet, the girls decide to use a new strategy. Rikku and Paine will stand at either end of a short section of the road to prevent the bird from move in either direction. Yuna's job is to corner and block the chocobo. When the chocobo gets trapped between the girls, you must guess which direction it will try to take off in. An onscreen prompt will tell you to press Left dpad if you think it will move left, press nothing to stand your ground, or press Right dpad if you think it will move to the right. When you guess correctly, Yuna catches the chocobo and a chime sounds. You will have to get this correct two to three times to actually capture the bird. If you miss him a few times, that is alright as you will have many chances while traveling down this area to get this correct. It will also get easier as you go. The chocobo will eventually face the direction it intends to go. However, you should allow the chocobo to escape on this road; letting it escape will move you on to a third phase which gives some completion percentage (if you don't do this you won't get 100% in a single playthrough) and makes Rikku available as a suspect in the Mi'ihen Mystery minigame during Chapter 5. If it does take you most of the road to correctly guess three times, the chocobo will escape to yet another section of the Highroad and you must complete one more task to wrangle the creature.

The third task is now just a matter of following Rikku to high areas so she can spot the chocobo. Move down the Highroad then turn into the first side area on the right side. The chocobo will be revealed and you must follow it down the path to the next area. It will flee yet again as you reach that area, but Rikku will spot it further down. Continue on to divert it to the next side area on the right. It will escape yet again! However this time Yuna will decide it is time to try something else. Instead of following the chocobo, run back to the beginning where you will find a hover. Speak to the pilot twice and she will offer to help. She will then block the Highroad and the chase will be over. The chocobo is finally caught!

Good news however will be short lived. Word comes that Calli is in trouble. Use the Save Sphere at the Travel Agency if you wish and then follow Rikku and Paine to the bridge.

Chocobo Eater[edit]

The group will spot Calli on the Oldroad in danger. As they do, a timer will begin. You have that much time to reach the bottom of the gorge to save the girl. Run north across the next bridge and down the path to the area with the entrance to Mushroom Rock Road. Then head to the right and south, down the sloping path until you are encountered by the Chocobo Eater.

Chocobo Eater
HP: 2350 MP: 230
EXP: 350 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 500 Pilfer Gil: 2000
Steal: Normal - X-Potion; Rare - X-Potion x2
Drop: Normal - Wall Ring; Rare - Wall Ring

The Chocobo Eater is weak against fire. Exploit this by using Fire or Fira with a Black Mage. You can use a Songstress's Samba of Silence to silence the beasts' spells as well. Have a Thief Steal and Pilfer Gil and then just attack the monster as quickly as possible. It should go down with ease.

After defeating the Chocobo Eater and helping Calli, you will receive the Selene Guard Garment Grid. The group will then return to the Celsius. There are more events however to complete on the Highroad. Travel back down and head to the exit near the north section where you will find Calli standing with the captured chocobo. Clasko, if you had previously agreed to let him on the ship will be there as well. Talk to them both and allow them to travel on the Celsius. Most the Highroad is now blocked off (but the Oldroad is accessible if you enter Mi'ihen from the Mushroom Rock Road entrance, just up until the area where you fought the Chocobo Eater. So if you missed any chests, you can go open those really quick) so get on the Airship and head to Mushroom Rock Road. You'll see The Calm Lands has now become a Hotspot.