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Area Rewards
 · Elixir  · Hi-Potion  · White Cape  · Phoenix Down  · Syndicate Uniform  · Stonehewn Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Ahriman -
  • Bicocette -
  • Bully Cap - Mushroom
  • Dr. Goon -
  • Fem-Goon -
  • Flan Amarillo -
  • Flan Palido - Flan
  • Fly Eye - Evil Eye
  • Protochimera -
  • Shantack -
  • Takouba -
  • Viper Sniper -
  • White Fang - Lupine

The Ronso have more concerns that need answers from Yuna. Responses again affecting the story later in Chapter 3 and Chapter 5. Use the below chart to determine your answers. Also speak to Kimhari several times. The first time to undertake the mission for a Syndicate Uniform, the next to answer a concern and help you obtain a dressphere in the next chapter. Tell him "You have to figure this out on your own".

Ronso Description/Location Concern Yuna's Answers Trust
Woman standing next to Kimhari Worry is great burden on Elder's sholders He does seem very tired. +1
You should help Kimahri! 0
Of course - he's the elder -1
Garik Ronso youth grow strong, destroy hated Guado. Garik swear to mountain! Garik avenge murdered Ronso! Have you talked with Kimahri about this? -1
What if the Guado retaliate? +1
That won't make anyone happy. 0
Male walking around near the exit to the slopes Al Bhed, too, suffer at hand of Guado. Guado is source of much chaos! It's not as simple as that. -1
Maybe the Guado really are to blame. +1
The Al Bhed have put revenge behind them. 0
Female on the right side near the entrance of Mt. Gagazet Guado must die for Ronso future! You have to cool off and think. -1
And what of the Guado? +1
What future will that bring? 0
Male walking near entrance to Mt. Gagazet Garik will march, fight Ronso enemies. Fight Guado! Can you think of nothing but fighting? -1
Please, try to think about it some more. +1
Will that make you satisfied? 0
Male in red armor with green hair near the left side of the entrance to Mt. Gagazet Elder is weakling, Garik move too slow! Guado will escape us! The have to think everything through. -1
Then... there won't be anyone left to fight. +1
There's nothing we can do about it. 0
Guard near stairs in the mountain cave of Mt. Gagazet Many people come to sacred mountain uninvited. Sphere hunters are problems! They're searching for the mountain's secrets. 0
They should take better care of the mountain. +1
That's the way things are now. -1

To save some time you can use the teleport pad near the entrance or take the long route through the first 3 areas of the mountain to level and earn AP - there are no items in these areas. Once you are at the Mountain Path area, ascend the slope and follow the trail until the mission begins. Follow the Fem-Goon by climbing up the cliffs to the top ledge. Before entering the cave off to the right side, there is a chest on a platform to the right with an Elixir. You may notice as you run toward it that the platform moves out of reach and jumping to it becomes impossible. To prevent this, back up until it returns to its beginning position and lightly press the analog stick so Yuna slowly walks instead of runs. If she is walking, the platform stays, making the chest possible to obtain. Navigate through the cave, jumping over platforms when needed. Keep an eye on the mini-map if you get lost. Take the northern side path to a small cave for a Hi-Potion in a chest on a ledge, then head back down and to the west to exit the cave. Head to the right until you spot the Fem-Goon again.

At this point you have a choice of how the following sequences play out. You can directly follow the Fem-Goon and confront her directly or ascend the cliffs to the highest ledge for a hidden scene and to surprise the Fem-Goon. Either option doesn't affect completion points but taking the high path up the cliffs nets you some extra items. The next paragraph walks you through as if you took the cliffs.

Jump up the rocks until you reach the top. Head all the way to the left until you reach another set of floating rocks. These are just like the platform where the Elixir was obtained. Running toward them will make them move out of reach, but walking they will stay. Carefully walk up to the platforms and jump until you are at the last one with a chest. Open it for a White Cape. Head to the east and until you reach a small alcove. Head into the alcove to open a chest with a Phoenix Down. Walk out of the alcove and back to the right. This will take you to another set of ledges. Jump up them to the large hole and walk through it. The girls spot the Fem-Goons again, but oh no! The cliff crumbles and the girls fall into the spring. Not so bad though. You have now obtained a Syndicate Uniform. The girls decide to bathe in the spring. When they have finished, exit the area.

The Fem-Goons ran off and brought back the help of Ormi. Time for a battle.

HP: 1350 MP: 22
EXP: 180 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 200 Pilfer Gil: 520
Steal: Normal - X-Potion; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Beaded Brooch; Rare - Beaded Brooch

Ormi fights the same just like every single previous battle with him. Slowly building up for a strong attack. As always you can use a Songstress to prevent him from attacking or equip a sphere that allows you to attack quicker than he does. Don't forget to use a Thief if you want to try for Gil, X-Potion, or Elixir.

After the battle with him ends, the Mission ends and you can move on to the next area.