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Area Rewards
 · Mana Spring x2  · Moon Bracer  · Hi-Potion x2  · X-Potion  · 2500 Gil  · Ether x3  · Raging Giant Garment Grid  · Favorite Outfit  · NulFrost Ring
Area Enemies
  • Barbuta -
  • Cephalotus -
  • Chocobo -
  • Flame Dragon -
  • Gemini -
  • Haunt -
  • Malboro -
  • Pairika -
  • Queen Coeurl -
  • Spine Dragon -
  • Watcher-A - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-R - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-S - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Zurvan -

Travel to the village and enter Lulu and Wakka's hut to find Lulu there. Speak with her to learn about some issues that have happened between Wakka and Beclem. Exit the tent and follow Wakka to the temple. Inside the temple, walk up the center steps to the Cloister of Trials. Navigate through the small maze until you reach an intersection, turn right toward a wall and keep walking. The wall turns out to be an illusion. Open the chest found behind the wall for a Mana Spring x2 and then turn back and cross the corridor to find Wakka wounded. Speak with him and then ride the lift down to the lower level. Head toward the aeon to confront it.

HP: 8430 MP: 9999
EXP: 1500 AP: 15
Gil Dropped: 1200 Pilfer Gil: 1500
Steal: Normal - Healing Spring x4; Rare - Healing Spring x6
Drop: Normal - Moon Bracer; Rare - Moon Bracer

The battle against Valefor is very similar to the fight against Bahamut during Chapter 2. Cast Slow on Valefor to lessen his frequency of attacks and then have a Black Mage cast high level spells to damage him. Use a White Mage or Alchemist to heal. If Valefor uses Sonic Wings have the Black Mage use MP Drain to replenish her MP.

It is possible to find a Moon Bracer down the waterfall, 2500 Gil and an X-Potion at the beach, Hi-Potion x2 and Ether x3 inside the cave. Also there are two more chests in Cloister of Trials which containing a Favorite Outfit and a NulFrost Ring respectively after breaking the walls in Gunner's Gauntlet of Cloister of Trials.

Besaid Island Shop Chapter 3
Item Cost
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Watery Gleam 3000
Blue Ring 3000
NulTide Ring 8000

Search Sphere & Second Ciphers[edit]

If you visited the Calm Lands and rescued the tourists or you purchased the mysterious item from the Besaid Shopkeeper, you should now have the Besaid Key. This key opens the chest in the right side room of the temple. Inside that chest is the Search Sphere. This sphere unlocks the ability to search for the second set of ciphers that open the wall inside the cave.

Once you have opened the chest and obtained the Search Sphere, time to start looking! While traveling around Besaid you will now have a meter at the bottom right of the screen. When you press Circle button, a red bar will move up and down depending on your location. The closer you are to the location of a buried camera that will show the cipher, the higher the red bar will be. When you have found a spot where the red bar is full, press Cross button to dig up the small camera in that spot. Press Cross button again to gain control of the camera and look around and search for the cipher - a blue orb with a number. The numbers are randomly generated. Use R1 button to zoom in and out if you have a hard time reading the orb.

The first buried camera sphere can be found in the village, under the side of the house that has been knocked over. Aim the camera toward the temple and zoom in on the top of the building. The number located here is the first of four needed to open the secret corridor.

The second buried camera is near the Save Sphere just outside Besaid Village. Search around where the Besaid Aurochs are standing. Aim the camera near the middle top of the ridge and zoom in.

The third buried camera is found in the waterfall area. It is located on the right side of the path before the bridges. Aim the camera on a ledge found below the second waterfall.

The fourth buried camera is found past the cave entrance in the pond area (the dead end that overlooks a small body of water). Aim the camera across the water to the left and zoom up toward the top of a lone tree on the hill.

Now that you have found all the ciphers, enter the cave and to the wall panel on the right. Input the code and the wall will rise. Proceed down this now revealed path to find a chest with some Ethers (amount depends on the current Chapter). Continue to the end of this twisty path to open another chest for the Raging Giant Garment Grid.