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Before Traveling to Kilika[edit]

Area Rewards
 · Blood of the Beast Garment Grid

If you gave the stolen sphere from Kilika to New Yevon in Chapter 2, then Bevelle will become a Hotspot during Chapter 3. If you sided with the Youth League, you will not be allowed to enter the Temple. Visit either way to view a scene in which members of New Yevon argue with each other outside the temple doors. If you gave the sphere to New Yevon, return and enter the temple.

Head down the lift to the Bevelle Core and through the maze to the area in which Bahamut was fought in the previous chapter. Here you should find Pacce. Speak with him. He asks if you agree with him about warning the Youth League. Pick the "Go for it!" option, and Pacce will hand over the Blood of the Beast Garment Grid.

After Traveling to Kilika[edit]

Area Rewards
 · Electrocutioner  · Hypno Crown  · Remedy x4  · Oath Veil  · 5000 Gill  · Hi-Potion x5  · Potion x9  · Phoenix Down x5  · Chocobo Feather x2  · 800 Gil  · Faerie Earrings  · Beaded Brooch  · Ether x5  · Remedy x5  · Phoenix Down x6  · Remedy  · Crimson Sphere 1
Area Enemies
  • Barong -
  • Detonator -
  • Flan Blanco -
  • Georapella -
  • Malboro -
  • Precepts Guard -
  • Skink -
  • YAC-62 -
  • YAU-71 -
  • YSLS-99 -

After visiting Kilika, areas of Bevelle open up to the Gullwings no matter which side you gave the stolen sphere to. No important story events happen, however important items can be found by traveling through Bevelle's lower levels.

Enter the temple and take the middle lift to the balcony (you may have to switch the lift direction in the western side room). Talk to the two priests there to obtain an Electrocutioner and a Hypno Crown. Head back down and take the lift to the lower levels. Travel through the maze, collecting Oath Veil, Remedy x4, 5000 Gil, Hi-Potion x5, Potion x9, and Phoenix Down x5 from chests along the way. At Bevelle's Core you will find a Save Sphere and a chest with Chocobo Feather x2. Continue on to the next room and down the hole in the center floor. This takes you to the platforms surrounding the security watch towers you had to deactivate during Chapter 2. Press forward off the first platform to slide down the chain to the lower platform. Here behind the north, northeastern, and southwestern towers you will find chains that Yuna can climb. Each one leads to a platform with a chest. Open these for 800 Gil, Faerie Earrings, and a Beaded Brooch. Return to the lower platform with the watch towers and down the corridor. Collect the chest with Ether x5 and Remedy x5 and head to the left at the intersection. This takes you to the next room with the large Gaol machine. Jump up on the Gaol and start the machine until you can reach the very top platform. At the very left end of the platform you will find a chest with Bloodlust. Jump back down the machine, starting and stopping it if needed, until you are back on the lowest level where you first jumped on. Here you will find a chest with Phoenix Down x6. Head to the southwest and exit the room. You should now be in a short hallway that leads to three lifts. Take one of the side lifts to a higher area. In about the middle of this area there is a chest with a Remedy. Collect it and climb up onto the southern raised platorm to release the lift at the back of the room. Do the same for the northern platform, extending a walkway, and take the lift up. Save at the Save Sphere found here if needed and jump across the platforms to the walkway at the end. Continue on to the next and final room. A scene plays and then the girls are attacked by a Malboro. This fiend likes to inflict status ailments, so be prepared. Once you have killed this tentacled beast, pick up the Crimson Record 1 on the ground of the circular platform. Head back up to the airship and ask Shinra to watch the new sphere and any other spheres you may have not viewed yet.