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Area Rewards
 · Ether x3  · Sprint Shoes  · Mega-Phoenix  · Hi-Potion x2  · Mega-Phoenix x2  · White Ring  · Blue Ring  · Lightning Gleam  · Wall Ring  · Besaid Key  · Tetra Master Garment Grid  · Star Bracer
Area Enemies
  • Adamantoise -
  • Amorphous Gel -
  • Armet -
  • Balivarha -
  • Blue Elemental - Water based.
  • Chocobo -
  • Daeva -
  • Flan Blanco - Ice based.
  • Flan Rojo - Fire based.
  • Grim Gaze - Evil Eye.
  • Haunt -
  • Leucophylla -
  • Pairika -
  • Peregrine -
  • Protean Gel -
  • Queen Coeurl - Blaster can cause instant death.
  • Rhyos -
  • Skink -
  • Tomb -
  • Vespa -
  • Watcher-A - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-R - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-S - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Wild Wolf -
  • Zurvan -

On the main plain of the Calm Lands, you can find a chest with Sprint Shoes on the western edge near the Travel Agency. There is also a Mega-Phoenix next to a crack not far from the Chocobo Ranch entrance. Last in this area, there is an Ether x3 just east of the Macalania exit. Collect those chests and head to the northeastern exit. Right before the exit to Mt. Gagazet collect the chest with Hi-Potion x2 and then take the slope down to the gorge. Travel to the east down the dead end path to open a chest with Mega-Phoenix x 2. Then save at the Save Sphere if needed and head toward the cave. During this chapter it is no longer blocked. However, fiends are running rampant in the cave and several tourists are trapped. Talk to the men outside the cave to begin the mission to help save those tourists.

Calm Lands Travel Agency Chapter 3
Item Cost
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Titanium Bangle 3000
Gold Bracer 4000
Power Wrist 6000
Tarot Card 6000

Tourist Trap[edit]

There are 15 tourists trapped in the cave. Each one has a pet peeve and if you don't cater to and they will refuse to join you. Find each one and then lead them to the front of the cave. You can either take each person out of the cave one at a time, a few at a time, or all at once. It doesn't matter how, just as long as you do.

  1. Head into the tunnel to the first large chamber. There is a person in brown sitting on the cave floor. Speak with him to have him join your group.
  2. Continue north and talk to the woman in blue standing in the small alcove. Then head down the tunnel to the left.
  3. Take a left and follow the curving tunnel to the intersection. Turn left again. Search the chamber for a person hiding in the corner. Speak with them to join you.
  4. Head back to the first intersection. Take the east path to a small alcove and rescue the person there.
  5. Go back toward the entrance of the cave. On the curving pathway before the entrance, take the passage to the right side to find a tourist running in circles. Talk to him to have him join the group.
  6. Follow the tunnel north to the second large cave. A man in white will be attempting to catch his breath. Speak with him to join the group and then head north.
  7. At the first intersection to the north, turn left. At the next intersection, go north. You should find two people crouched near a chest. Rescue both of them. Open the chest for a Blue Ring.
  8. Continue to the northern most chamber and rescue the two children hiding there. Lead the group back toward the entrance.
  9. In a small cave to the east of the first intersection from the entrance, there is an adult with children near a chest. Speak with the group to rescue them and open the chest for a White Ring. Escort this huge group out of the cave. 2 more remain. As the tourists thank you while exiting 6 of them hand you Energy Cores required to power the teleport pads. One may also give you the Besaid Key if you haven't already bought it. Exit the cave and speak to the man in green khaki. He will give you the last Energy Core required to use the first two teleport pads. Head back in the cave and use the spheres on the teleport pad to take you to the back of the cave.
  10. Take the teleport pad again to the right hidden cave. Here you can find a tourist who wants to be taken out of the cave alone as well as a chest with Lightning Gleam. Take the man to the entrance and he will hand you another Energy Core. Return to the back cave. Take the teleport pad to the hidden cave on the left. Again there is a tourist here and a chest. This chest contains a Wall Ring. Lead the tourist to the entrance.

You should have rescued all 15 people at this point. But you still need to defeat Yojimbo in order to complete the mission. So use the teleport pad to travel to the Chamber of Fayth and confront Yojimbo.


HP: 22000 MP: 9999
EXP: 2000 AP: 15
Gil Dropped: 1500 Pilfer Gil: 2000
Steal: Normal - Power Wrist; Rare - Power Wrist
Drop: Normal - Recovery Bracer; Rare - Recovery Bracer

This can be an easy boss battle if you are well prepared, or it can be a hard boss battle if you are not prepared. If you played Final Fantasy X and fought him as well as earned him as an aeon, then you will see here that he is somewhat easier to fight than he was in that game.

First off, using a Chocobo Wing on the party, a Chocobo Feather on each party member and/or equipping everyone with a Haste-related accessory right away will help make quick attacks. (If you do use a Chocobo Wing or Chocobo Feathers, the speed it gives you will fade at one point so make sure you have more available). His dog Daigora and his attack Wakizashi can do significant damage so have a White Mage and maybe even some Regen accessories equipped or abilities ready for those. Also, make sure each party member equipped with a Star Pendent or other accessory that guards against poison because Yojimbo's Kozuka attack will poison you. (Having to constantly use an Antidote or a Remedey will give you less time to actually attack him before he attacks you). It will also take away some of your MP, but don't use an Ether or an Elixir to get your MP level back up every time they go down significantly because his most powerful attack, Zanmato, will drain your HP and MP down to 1. And you can expect him to use Zanmato at least 3-6 times (depending on the dresspheres, accessories, and overall strategy you use) during the fight. Besides having a White Mage, have either a Dark Knight or a Songstress because both can use Darkness and Dark Knight's Attack can do decent damage. A Gunner, Samurai, a Warrior, or a Black Mage are good options, like Samurai and Warrior's Attack can do decent damage. However if you want to use their special abilities and skills, then you will have to keep their MP levels up by using Ether and Elixir. Basically, you should ALWAYS have a White Mage, but please feel free to switch between any of the other dresspheres mentioned.

After you defeat him and if you have gotten all 15 people out of the cave, you will be taken back outside and you will receive a Recovery Bracer and the Tetra Master Garment Grid. As always, you will be returned to the Airship, but before you go anywhere else, go back to the Calm Lands and go into the cavern to get a Star Bracer in the chest in the Chamber of the Fayth. You can now exit the cave for the last time and continue on with the rest of the game.