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Area Rewards
 · Logos's Sphere  · Ormi's Sphere  · Gaol Sphere  · Tetra Band  · Crimson Sphere 4
Area Enemies
  • Archaeothyris -
  • Bascinet -
  • Blue Elemental -
  • Queen Coeurl -

Enter Leblanc's chateau and speak to Logos and Ormi who are in the living room on the first floor. They are concerned about Leblanc and not sure what to do. Head upstairs to the bedroom to speak with Leblanc. She is depressed about Nooj. Return back downstairs to speak with Logos and Ormi again. Agree to meet them in Logos' room. Move down to the secret passageway and toward the Save Sphere. At this point you can open the chests in the room where you confronted the Syndicate during Chapter 2. Head to the left and to the circular room for a Tetra Band. Climb the crate and walk to the end of the small path to open another chest for Crimson Sphere 4. Return back to the Save Sphere and head down the right side of the passageway to the room on the far east. Logos will appear and show you several spheres he has collected. He hands over Logos's Sphere and Ormi's Sphere. Once the scenes with him have finished, move to the nightstand and the right side of the bed and pick up the Gaol Sphere. Maechen will then appear in the room. Speak with him to learn more about Spira's history... don't skip a single part if you want full completion.

Head back up to the Airship Celsius and view all the spheres you have just collected.

Guadosalam Shop Chapter 3
Item Cost
Potion 50
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Gris-Gris Bag 4000
Favorite Outfit 4000
Regen Bangle 3000
Wall Ring 10000
Dream Shock 15000
Venom Shock 15000