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Area Rewards
 · Lunar Curtain x3  · Reptile Coin x5  · Bird Coin x5  · Wasp Coin x5  · Ahriman Coin x5  · Lady Luck Dressphere

Entering Luca, you will be entered into the Sphere Break tournament and a scene will play. After the scene is over, you can choose to not participate in the tournament right now. If you decide not to play right now, go up the steps and walk right by Shelinda and continue going until you reach the ledge. Jump across it and open the chest for Lunar Curtain x3 then head to Mi'hen Highroad. If you do decide to play right now, continue reading the information below.

To qualify for the final round, you must defeat 3 players. Save before facing each opponent just in case you do lose. You can challenge yourself by facing the harder core spheres, but if you are looking to quickly get through the tournament, the easiest opponents to play against are the guy in green and brown walking around the square, an old person sitting on the bridge between the square and stadium, and a woman in blue standing just inside the Blitzball dome. Look at the table below for help, but an an overview of how to play Sphere Break can be found on the Sphere Break mini game page. Coins with "Item" trait of Pet Core Sphere may yield White Signet Garment Grid, and that of Shinra Core Sphere may yield Treasure Hunt Garment Grid.

Name Number of Turns Time Limit Quota Difficulty Availability Location
Intimidator Core Sphere 15 60 sec 20 ** Always
Slacking Guard Core Sphere 15 45 sec 30 *** Always Guard in crowd between arena and square
Grandpa Core Sphere 15 45 sec 30 *** Always Sitting on path
Dream Shop Core Sphere 10 60 sec 25 ** Always
Fresh Catch Core Sphere 15 60 sec 20 ** Always Man in green and brown walking in square
Shades Core Sphere 15 60 sec 20 ** Always Facing the Hypello in the square
Punk Core Sphere 15 60 sec 40 *** Always Boy jumping in the square
Gigolo Core Sphere 15 60 sec 30 *** Always Man with yellow pants against wall in square
Shoopuf Core Sphere 10 60 sec 20 *** Always Hypello by door in square
Pet Core Sphere 15 45 sec 40 *** 2 Wins Lady with dog in square
Shinra Core Sphere 15 45 sec 50 ***** Final Match
Try using coins with the "items" or "rare" traits against Shinra's Core Sphere. Doing so gives you a chance to win the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid. This grid allows you to Mug without equipping the Thief dressphere.

In the final round, you must face and defeat Shinra in order to win the Lady Luck Dressphere. Shinra's core sphere is a tough one to beat. It has a high quota of 50 coins, with only 45 seconds per round, and only 15 rounds. The key to defeating the champ is to achieve a high Echo Bonus. Complete a core using 2-3 coins, then continue to make core breaks using the same number of coins as before. Doing so will multiple each round increasingly.

For example using a core break of 3 coins, achieving an Echo Bonus for 5 consecutive turns, your total is multiplied to count as 6, 9, 12, and then 15 coins. After those five rounds with that bonus will have reached the quota and won the game.

Sometimes however, the core has a strong tendency to constantly throw a 1, ending the Echo Bonus. If that happens to many times by round 10, start breaking the core with as many coins as possible or reset the game and take another try.

If you do get frustrated and Shinra ends up beating you, keep in mind that you will have an opportunity to play his core sphere again in Chapter 5 as many times as you like to win the dressphere.