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Area Rewards
 · Dispel Tonic x2  · Phoenix Down x3  · Hi-Potion x3  · S-Bomb x2  · Stamina Spring  · Remedy x2  · Lunar Curtain x2  · Mana Spring x2  · 2000 Gil  · Light Curtain x2  · Mythril Bangle  · Phoenix Down x3  · Hi-Potion x3  · Remedy x4  · Remedy x3  · Ether x3
Area Enemies
  • Anole -
  • Flailing Ochu -
  • Guardian Beast -
  • Gucumatz - Weak to Ice. Immune to Gravity. Turns the girls to stone and immediately destroys them if you let it.
  • Ironside - Has strong armor resistant to physical attacks. It opens its chest after a few rounds to prepare a beam cannon assault. It's defense is reduced while its chest is open so take advantage of that by using strong attacks.
  • Mycotoxin -
  • Watcher-A - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-R - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-S - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.

If you completed the Operation: Monkey! mission during Chapter 2, there isn't much to do in Zanarkand during Chapter 3. If you haven't completed it yet, refer to the Chapter 2 Zanarkand Ruins walkthrough.

After completing the mission, talk to Issaru inside the dome to find him devastated that his tourist operation is failing. He finally realizes that the Ruins are a sacred place and shouldn't be used to make money.

Zanarkand Dome Merchant Chapter 3
Item Cost
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Titanium Bangle 3000
Gold Bracer 4000
Diamond Gloves 6000
Mystery Veil 6000

There are many chests scattered throughout this area beginning inside the dome. At the intersection after the curved path at the top right dead end a chest there contains a Dispel Tonic x2. Continuing on to the northeast before the next section is a Phoenix Down x3. Advancing down the steps before the Cloister of Trials area, you will find chests with Hi-Potion x3, S-Bomb x2, Stamina Spring, and Remedy x2. In the Cloister of Trials area, open chests for Lunar Curtain x2, Mana Spring x2, Light Curtain x2, and 2000 Gil. Take the center lift down and past the Chamber of the Fayth to the next room. This is the last room with chests. Open them for Mythril Bangle, Phoenix Down x3, Hi-Potion x3, Remedy x4, Remedy x3, and Ether x3.