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Area Rewards
 · Phoenix Down x7  · Turbo Ether x3  · Remedy x6  · Hi-Potion x8  · Al Bhed Primer
Don't forget to sleep in the Cabin at some point during this chapter! Sleeping at least once in every chapter unlocks extra scenes during Chapter 5 that will go towards 100% completion of the game.

After the initial scenes, travel down to the engine room and collect the four chests there for Phoenix Down x7, Turbo Ether x3, Remedy x6, and Hi-Potion x8. Then ride up to the Deck and have a conversation with Paine. Now travel to the Cabin and speak with Barkeep to purchase/sell items and rest. Head back up to the Bridge when you have finished. Shinra will ask Yuna to check out the CommSpheres. Head over to his control station and speak with him again to find out more. He now has a new option in his list "CommSphere Network".

Most of Chapter 4 will be spending time on this network as the Gullwings have decided to take a step back to rest and think about what should be done next. Control the CommSpheres by directing the viewing angle with Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick. Press R1 button to zoom and Square button to exit. Some scenes may take some time to start up or require you to look around a bit or zoom in on a certain spot to trigger.

Use the CommSphere network to speak with Wakka in Besaid, then Dona in Kilika, and Maroda at Bevelle. If you gave the stolen "Awesome Sphere" from Kilika to New Yevon, using Mushroom Rock Roads CommSphere will result in someone throwing it into the ocean. If you sided with the Youth League, however, you can check in with Yaibal.

When you have viewed all four locations and spoken with the people there, exit the CommSphere network. Buddy should now be standing across from Shinra's station. Speak with him. The Gullwings will then decide to throw a concert and require Tobli's help. Speak with Paine after talking to Buddy and then check the CommSphere network for more transmissions. When you have finished communicating with all the areas, head down to the Moonflow to search for Tobli.

CommSphere Scenes[edit]

After talking to Buddy, all areas become available to view on the CommSphere Network. There are several scenes per location that can be viewed by reconnecting with the location again. Some scenes are worth some completion points while others are just for enjoyment. Do not skip any scenes that give you completion points (each one that does will be noted below) or you may short yourself if you are trying for 100%. Some scenes take a minute to begin or require you to zoom in on a certain spot.


Besaid Island
Event Percentage
Two children are playing hide and seek. 0
A dog sniffs the CommSphere and then hides a bottle(Black Lore) between two huts. 0
Wakka exits his home acting very anxious. 0.2
The Aurochs are practicing Blizball 0
An Auroch hits another player with the blitzball by accident and runs off. 0
Beclem chastises the Aurochs. 0.2
Move the camera away from the Aurochs and a blitzball will hit the CommSphere 0


Kilika Port
Event Percentage
Dona talks about Lian and Ayde having stopped by (Only if you told them to search Kilika). Pan bottom right, zoom in and wait. Her footsteps proceed her appearance. 0
Dona talks about politics and children. 0
Dona is asleep. Zoom in on her to hear say "Barthello...apologize!" 0
Dona's home is empty. 0
The CommSphere now shows the port area. 0
Kilika Temple
Event Percentage
Barthello emerges from the temple. Accidentally destroys the CommSphere. 0.2
Transmissions from the sphere are distorted. 0


Event Percentage
Shelina interviews a female citizen. 0
Shelina interviews a male citizen. 0
Shelina interviews a man at the docks who mentions Blitzball. 0.2
CommSphere won't connect. 0

Mi'ihen Highroad[edit]

When you view the Mi'ihen Highroad through the CommSphere network, Rin will come out of the Travel Agency and asks Yuna to help him investigate the recent happenings on the Highroad. He has set up more spheres for you to use. Switch through each location by pressing R2 button. For more information about this mini game, visit the Mi'ihen Mystery page.

Mushroom Rock Road[edit]

Only available if you gave the stolen sphere to the Youth League during Chapter 2. If you didn't, a Youth League member will throw the CommSphere into the ocean.

Mushroom Rock Road
Event Percentage
Zoom in on the guard to annoy him. 0
The guard wants prove that the Youth League is justified. 0
The guard becomes sarcastic. 0
The guard says the Youth League is prepared to fight. 0
The guard brags and mentions Lucil is losing control. 0
The guard sits down. 0


Djose Temple
Event Percentage
An Al Bhed technician approaches the camera and speaks about how they are holding it together even with Gippal missing. An Al Bhed Primer is awarded. 0.2
A technician enters and tells of a rumor about a power fiend spotted in the Bikanel Desert. 0
Lian and Ayde pass the camera, and Yuna tells herself they don't get any luck (Only if you told them to search Djose Temple). 0
A technician enters reporting that the hole Yuna fell through was dug from beneath, as if something dragged the fayth down. 0
Two technicians are speaking about the lack of parts. 0
A female technician speaks to herself trying to remember a password(the name of talking cactus, which means "MARNELA"). An Al Bhed Primer is awarded. 0
The CommSphere is stolen and used in a machine. Connecting to Djose is no longer possible. 0


Event Percentage
Yuna asks where Tobli is. 0
The Hypello practice for the upcoming show. 0
Three Hypello walk up and have a conversation. 0
The Hypello are working around the wagon. 0


Event Percentage
Ormi exits the chateau and reports Leblanc is looking for Nooj. 0.2
A Hypello tries to sell tickets to the chateau guard. 0
The two guards have a conversation about Leblanc. 0
The two guards talk about how they joined the Leblanc Syndicate. 0
A Hypello talks to the chateau guard. 0
Ormi poses in front of the CommSphere. 0

Thunder Plains[edit]

Thunder Plains
Event Percentage
Move the camera to the right. Shinra catches a chocobo with a new invention, the ChocoPorter. 0.2
Catch another chocobo, then the ChocoPorter breaks down. 0
Transmissions are distorted and dark. 0

Macalania Woods[edit]

Macalania Woods Entrance
Event Percentage
Three musicians appear. They talk about the fayth and the dying woods. 0.2
The Ronso youth enter the woods and rage war on the Guado. (Only if you failed to top Garik during Chapter 3). 0
A Guado is seen watching the battle. (Only if you failed to stop Garik). 0
Two Guado are having a conversation. (Only if you stopped Garik). 0
Macalania Woods Travel Agency
Event Percentage
An Al Bhed woman approaches the camera and says she is leaving due to the fiends. An Al Bhed Primer is awarded. (Only if you failed to help pay O'aka's debt). 0
O'aka exits the shop and tells Yuna business isn't doing well. (Only if you paid his debt). 0.2
O'aka complains he has no customers. (Only if you paid his debt). 0
O'aka complains about missing his brother. (Only if you paid his debt). 0
O'aka practices different sales pitches. (Only if you paid his debt). 0
Wantz appears and worries about having left for so long. (Only if you paid his debt). 0
A Barbuta attacks the Agency as a Flan Blanco slithers by. 0
A Barbuta attacks the Agency. 0
No activity. 0

Bikanel Desert[edit]

Bikanel Desert Excavation Camp
Event Percentage
Zoom in on Nhadala to begin speaking to her about a beast in the desert. 0.2
Several diggers are working. 0
Bikanel Desert Cactuar Nation
Event Percentage
Yuna tries to speak with the cacti, but gives up. 0
No activity. 0


Only available if you gave the stolen sphere to New Yevon during Chapter 2. If you didn't, soldiers will shoot at the CommSphere and disable it when you first try to use it.

Event Percentage
A captain chastises the guards for letting Maroda get away. 0
The Kinderguardians defeat some New Yevon soldiers and escape. 0
The Kinderguardians admire the CommSphere. 0.2
No activity. 0

Calm Lands[edit]

Calm Lands Travel Agency
Event Percentage
(Twice) Customers are seen coming and going. 0
The unmarried man cries. His father tries to comfort him. 0
The father of the unmarried man runs behind the agency. He pulls out a chest and places 50000 Gil in it. The chest then becomes available during Chapter 5. 0
A fiend attacks and eats the CommSphere. 0
Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch
Event Percentage
Clasko complains about how hopeless he is. (Only if you did not have a chocobo before Chapter 4). 0
Clasko pets a chocobo. (Only if you had at least one chocobo before Chapter 4). 0
Clasko updates Yuna on the chocobos. (Only if you had at least one chocobo before Chapter 4). 0.2
Clasko tells a chocobo not to run away again. (Only if you had at least one chocobo before Chapter 4). 0
Clasko silently pets a chobobo. (Only if you had at least one chocobo before Chapter 4). 0
Clasko sits down. (Only if you had at least one chocobo before Chapter 4). 0

Mt. Gagazet[edit]

Mt. Gagazet Gate
Event Percentage
Kimahri speaks to Yuna. The conversation varies depending on if Garik was stopped or not during Chapter 3. 0.2
A female Ronso gives Kimahri a back massage. 0
Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs
Event Percentage
A Ronso youth lets off some steam. 0
A cactuar appears in the lower right corner of the spring. 0
Tobli emerges from the water. 0.2
Zoom in on the water surface to view many Hypello. 0
Shoopufs bathe in the water. 0
A man is swimming alone. 0
Buddy receives a back massage from Barkeep. 0.2
O'aka tries out some new sales pitches. 0.2
Wantz spies on some girls in the spring. 0
Issaru, Maroda, and Pacce reunite. 0.2
Lucil and Elma talk about Clasko. 0.2
Maechen talks to a squatter monkey. 0.2
Clasko bathes with a chocobo. (Only if you captured one before the end of Chapter 3). 0
Cid, Nhadala, and Rin discuss the Al Bhed. 0.2
Dona bathes alone. She vocally expresses her loneliness. 0.2
No activity. 0