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Area Rewards
 · Phoenix Down x8  · Turbo Ether x4  · Remedy x7  · X-Potion x4  · Mascot Dressphere

At the beginning of Chapter 5, the Gullwings discuss their plan. They intend to use one of the massive holes they discovered in the temples to travel to the Farplane and fight Vegnagun. Now, at any time you can speak with Brother and tell him which Temple you would like to use. The location you pick determines your path and the treasures you collect. To successfully make it through the Farplane with ease, it is suggested you have your characters leveled up to at least 60. You can jump right to the story's end, or complete each location for 100% completion.

Speak with Buddy and every location will light up as a Hotspot. Visit each area to obtain "Episode Complete!" and you will be rewarded with the Mascot Dressphere when you return to the ship. Before traveling to any Hotspot, view the Crimson Record 5. Then head to the Cabin and rest for one final time. If you rested in each chapter, once you awake, you will overhear Brother speaking to Barkeep. Poor guy canot seem to catch a break. Once this scene is over, head down to the Engine Room and talk to Buddy. He will give Yuna some details on how the Gullwings began. Once the history lesson is over, collect the chests for Phoenix Down x8, Turbo Ether x4, Remedy x7, and X-Potion x4. (If you weren't able to get the scene with Brother and Barkeep, you can still speak with Buddy in the Engine Room). Head back to the Bridge and on to the location of your choice. In this guide, Zanarkand Ruins is the first spot.