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Area Rewards
 · Remedy x5  · Crystal Gloves  · 10000 Gil  · Hi-Potion x6  · Phoenix Down x8  · Potion x10  · Chocobo Feather x3  · 1200 Gil  · Oath Veil  · White Lore  · Ether x6  · Remedy x6  · Phoenix Down x8  · Dispel Tonic  · Crimson Sphere 6  · Crimson Sphere 8
Area Enemies
  • Barong -
  • Detonator -
  • Flan Blanco -
  • Georapella -
  • Precepts Guard -
  • Skink -
  • YAC-62 -
  • YAU-71 -
  • YSLS-99 -

Head down the Bevelle Highroad to the temple entrance. If you gave the stolen Amazing Sphere from Kilika to New Yevon during Chapter 2, you will receive an Episode Complete!. If you gave it to the Youth League you will witness the final scene with Maroda, receive the Scourgebane garment grid, and get Episode Complete!.

Enter the temple.

Bevelle Core[edit]

Traveling again through Bevelle's Core can net you some good items. It is completely optional however if you take the time to collect the chests here. Take the center lift after entering the temple down to the first maze. Upon arriving at the maze, jump off the lift and head north to the first east to west path. turn to the right and turn south at the first intersection. Follow this straight path to a dead end to collect a chest that contains Remedy x5. Turn back to the intersection and back to the east. Follow the last corner to a chest with the accessory Crystal Gloves. Turn back around, this time taking the first path to the west. At the end there is a intersection that leads north to south. Take the southern path to the end and collect 10000 Gil, then head up the northern path. Once you reach its end, head all the way to the left for Hi-Potion x6, turn around and now walk to the right. At a little set of side alcoves there are chests with Potion x10, and Phoenix Down x8. Continue on to the next area.

At the next area walk up the steps and turn to the right. This leads to a circular room with a Save Sphere. Collect a chest to the north of the Save Sphere for Chocobo Feather x3, save if you need to and then continue to the east to the next room. Drop down the hole in the floor. You should now be in the large room with the security watch towers. Walk to the end of the platform and down the chain to reach the towers. Behind the towers directly to the north east, north, and south west, you can find chains the girls can climb. Climb each of them to collect 1200 Gil, Oath Veil, and White Lore, then head back to the watchtowers and jump down all the platforms in the center of the room. Head through the large door to a side platform that has a chest with a Ribbon accessory (if you did not already get it in Chapter 2). Head back to the platforms and jump up to the third one and continue on to the next area.

Follow the path to the first set of ledges. Jump up them to collect a chest with Ether x6. Jump back down and continue on. Before the T intersection open a chest for a Remedy x6 and then take the left path. This should lead you to the room with the huge Gaol machine. Open the chest found near the end of the platform for Phoenix Down x8 and then jump on to the machine. Watch the platforms until you can reach the highest ledge and have Rikku stop the machine. Jump on the high platform and follow it around to the left to find a chest with Bloodlust. Jump back on the machine and have Rikku begin its movement again until you can jump off the machine to where you started. Once on the main floor, head to the west and downe a side path to the next area with a set of lifts. Take the left lift to a higher platform. Open the chest for a Dispel Tonic along the way and then jump on to the next lift to the next area.

You should now be at a Save Sphere and a set of pathways separated by some gaps. At this point, unless you forgot to collect the Dark Knight Dressphere or Crimson Sphere 1 you can use the Save Sphere to return to the airship. If you haven't collected these items, refer to Secrets of New Yevon found in the Chapter 2 section for instructions on how to raise the walkway platforms to the chest that contains the Dark Knight Dressphere. To collect the Crimson Sphere 1 (if you didn't pick it up during Chapter 3), head north down the path to the far right and follow the hallway to a circular platform where the sphere will be found on the floor.

Via Infinito[edit]

Via Infinito's entrance is found in the eastern chamber just inside the temple. Pacce and the Kinderguardians will be standing near a glyph on the floor. Save before stepping on the glyph because it will teleport the girls to a trial that has 101 secret levels called "cloisters". Arriving at Cloister 0, a strange man greets the group and then drops Crimson Sphere 6. Pick it up and go ahead and watch it in case you forget to after you get to the Airship, whenever that may be. Take note of the pad to the left of where you picked this sphere up. Later on it will allow you to skip through cloisters you have completed (in the International/HD Remaster version there is a pad like this at every level, and an autosave between levels; it seems that in the original version there is only a pad once ever every 20 levels, with no opportunities to save in between). Move straight ahead to a hole in the floor. Drop down to begin Cloister 1.

The layout of the Cloisters change randomly. So a map or detailed explanation cannot really be given. Each level contains a glyph near the beginning that takes you back to the temple. Throughout the level there is a maze of fiends and traps. There may also be a wandering Tonberry that you can speak to in order to obtain random items. Somewhere near the end there is a hole in the ground that takes you to the next cloister. Once you reach Cloister 20, you will find a Aranea boss. In order to continue, you must defeat this boss. Upon defeat Aranea drops Crimson Sphere 8. The layout for level 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 are the same. Each of those levels will also have a boss monster to fight. After each of these levels however, you can return to the main entrance and save your game. Using the pad on level 0 to return to the correct level. It is suggested to have your character to level 99 with over 9000 HP to continue past Cloister 20.

Cloister # Boss Battle
20 Aranea
40 Black Elemental
60 Concherer
80 Chac
100 Paragon
100 Trema
HP: 18280 MP: 178
EXP: 4000 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 800 Pilfer Gil: 2200
Steal: Normal - Turbo Ether; Rare - Kinesis Badge
Drop: Normal - Stamina Tonic; Rare - Mythril Bangle

Level 40

Black Elemental
HP: 9999 MP: 2380
EXP: 770 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 380 Pilfer Gil: 1000
Steal: Normal - Ether; Rare - Rune Bracer
Drop: Normal - Mana Tonic; Rare - Tetra Gloves

Level 60

HP: 343280 MP: 170
EXP: 6000 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 1200 Pilfer Gil: 3000
Steal: Normal - Ether; Rare - Ether x2
Drop: Normal - Blessed Gem; Rare - Crystal Gloves

Level 80

HP: 437850 MP: 820
EXP: 2200 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 750 Pilfer Gil: 3300
Steal: Normal - Ether; Rare - Ether x2
Drop: Normal - Shining Gem; Rare - Pixie Dust

Level 100

HP: 200000 MP: 9999
EXP: 9000 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 3000 Pilfer Gil: 4000
Steal: Normal - Supreme Gem; Rare - Supreme Gem x2
Drop: Normal - Supreme Gem; Rare - Dark Matter
HP: 999999 MP: 999
EXP: 10000 AP: 50
Gil Dropped: 10000 Pilfer Gil: 300
Steal: Normal - Ether; Rare - Turbo Ether x2
Drop: Normal - Dark Matter; Rare - Dark Matter x2