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Area Rewards
 · 50000 Gil  · Cerulean Ring  · Mega Phoenix x2  · Turbo Ether  · X-Potion  · Mega Phoenix x2  · NulFrost Ring  · NulTide Ring  · Defense Bracer  · Electrocutioner  · Aurora Rain
Area Enemies
  • Adamantoise -
  • Aka Manah -
  • Amorphous Gel -
  • Armet -
  • Balivarha -
  • Blue Elemental -
  • Chocobo -
  • Daeva -
  • Flan Blanco -
  • Flan Rojo -
  • Grim Gaze -
  • Haunt -
  • Leucophylla -
  • Lich -
  • Pairika -
  • Peregrine -
  • Protean Gel -
  • Queen Coeurl -
  • Rhyos -
  • Skink -
  • Taromaiti -
  • Tomb -
  • Varan -
  • Vespa -
  • Watcher-A - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only. Will only appear before defeating the Machina Panzer boss found on the Thunder Plains.
  • Watcher-R - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only. Will only appear before defeating the Machina Panzer boss found on the Thunder Plains.
  • Watcher-S - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only. Will only appear before defeating the Machina Panzer boss found on the Thunder Plains.
  • Zurvan -

If you started the Publicity Campaign, entering the Calm Lands will trigger a scene in which the winner is decided. Episode Complete! will also be awarded. Speak to the man in green found standing among a group left of the shop clerk at the Travel Agency. If you helped at least one company reach level 5, he will give you the Calm Lands Free Pass. This will allow you to ride the hovers on the Calm Land free of charge. A new game will also be available to you if you reached level 5. If you at least attempted the publicity campaign, but did not reach level 5, you will get a Calm Lands Discount Pass. This lowers the amount charged to ride the hovers. After you have collected your prize, speak to the man to the right of the shop clerk for a prize if you attempted the Matrimony Campaign. Refer to the page Calm Lands Mini Games for more detailed information.


Starting from the Calm Lands Travel Agency, if you viewed the man placing a chest behind the Travel Agency on the Calm Lands CommSphere during Chapter 4, head behind the agency to open the chest for 50,000 Gil. (If you talk to this man after you open the chest, he will ask you if you saw the chest. If you answer truthfully, then he will give you a Sword Lore, which is an accessory that, when equipped, enables any party member to learn the abilities of a Warrior. You will end up losing the money if you answer truthfully, but as far as getting 100% completion in the game, it doesn't matter what your response is). From that chest head to the north west and then follow along the edge of the plains to the east to slope leading to a lower ledge. (If you are familiar with Final Fantasy X, this is the ledge that was blocked by the man in crimson robes and led to a Celestial Weapon). A chest with a Cerulean Ring is found here. Turn back up the slope and continue following the northern edge of the Calm Lands. At a set of cracks in the ground near Sky Slots, there is a chest with Mega-Phoenix x2. The last chest found on the main part of the Calms Lands is found near the Macalania Woods entrance to the south east. Instead of heading up the slope to the entrance, follow the ledge on the lower part to the corner. Here there is a higher ledge with some rubble leading up to it. Jump up the rubble to find a Turbo Ether. Head to the north, past the Chocobo Ranch to the area before Mt. Gagazet.

Directly after entering the next area, on the right side of the path, open a chest here for a X-Potion. Continue forward heading down the slope to the right. Follow it to a lower area with a Save Sphere. Here, head to the south to a cliff edge and to the right. Follow along the path to a dead end. There is a chest located at the dead end with Mega-Phoenix x2. Once collected turn around and head into the cave located to the far west.

Once inside the cave, turn to the right. Follow the curved path to the next larger room. A chest is located in this room. Open it for a NulFrost Ring. Exit the room to the north. Head to the left once you reach a split in the path. Follow the path until you reach the next intersection and again take the left most path. At the end of this path is a chest with a NulTide Ring inside. Open it and then walk to the right, follow the path until you reach a room with a teleport pad in the middle. Take this teleport pad to three side rooms. The room to the left has a chest for a Defense Bracer, the room to the right has a chest with an Electrocutioner and the room to the north contains a chest with the key item Aurora Rain.

Chocobo Ranch[edit]

At the Chocobo Ranch, yet another secret dungeon can be found during Chapter 5. Dispatch three level 1 chocobos to search for treasures. Return after some time has passed to learn if they have returned. If they return successfully, dispatch three level 2 chocobos to search for treasures. If any ran away, first send out another level 1 chocobo for each one that ran. Continue this until you successfully send out three level 2, three level 3, three level 4, and three level 5 chocobos. It's unclear exactly what is required here. Just doing the above steps is not enough. It seems like you have to do them in order (level 1s before the level 2s, etc.) and/or you have to dispatch them specifically to Calm Lands, and/or after completing those steps you also need to have four level 5 choco-runners in your roster at the same time. Good places to find Bold chocobos, who are good at being dispatched to Calm Lands, who are able to advance to level 5 are Kilika Island, Thunder Plains, and Bikanel Desert.

After the level 5 chocobos return safely, Clasko will report that an amazing new dungeon has opened up. Head to the upper level of the Ranch to enter the dungeon. Inside this dungeon many accessories can be found including the key item Machina Reactor needed in order for Rikku's special dressphere to break the 9999 HP limit.

To earn Episode Complete, you need to finish the ensuing dungeon. The dungeon has five locked doors; you need to unlock each of them (starting with the one in the middle, where the Anything Eater is waiting) and then unlock the final door to find the Amazing Chocobo. Only after doing that will you get Episode Complete.