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Area Rewards
 · Baralai's Sphere  · Key to Success, Crystal Ball, or Kaiser Knuckles  · Tempered Will Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Archaeothyris -
  • Bascinet -
  • Blue Elemental -
  • Queen Coeurl -

If you successfully defeated Garik Ronso during Chapter 3 and found all the musicians during Chapter 2, Tromell will greet you with the news that the Guado will have just returned to Guadosalam. Once you have control of Yuna, join the group gathered in the central area of Guadosalam and speak to Tromell again. Episode Complete will be awarded (If you failed the previously mentioned tasks, the Guado won't be found in Guadosalam and Episode Complete for the area or accessing the locked door will not be possible). The girls are automatically returned to the Airship Celsius.

If you were in New Game Plus, after Episode Complete of Guadosalam, you can now purchase "KUON: The Troupe Performs" Music Sphere in Luca Sphere Theater.

Use the navigation panel to return to Guadosalam. Walk to the left and up to the higher section of Guadosalam to the door that has been locked throughout the entire game. Tromell will be standing next to this door. Speak with him. He unlocks the door for you. Head inside. The Guado youth found here will automatically begin talking with you. If you told Lian and Ayde to search Guadosalam, the youth will speak about meeting them here. He also hands you the Tempered Will Garment Grid. Open the chest near him for Baralai's Sphere (Speak to Shinra the next time you are on the Airship to view this sphere). Open the other chest in the room for a Tetra Bracelet.

Exit this house and walk to the right side of Guadosalam to Tobli's house. Enter to discover the chest that has been sitting open the entire game is now closed. You can now open it for an item. The item is determined by which missions you have completed in the previous chapters. If you completed all the missions at the Moonflow, but did not stop Garik Ronso you will receive the accessory Key to Success. If you completed every mission at the Moonflow and stopped Garik, you will receive Kaiser Knuckles. If you stopped Garik but failed a Moonflow mission, the chest will open for a Crystal Ball.

Guadosalam Shop (Chapter 5)
Item Cost
Potion 50
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Pearl Necklace 4000
Favorite Outfit 4000
Angel Earrings 5000
Gold Anklet 5000
Mute Shock 15000
Dream Shock 15000
Blind Shock 15000
Venom Shock 15000