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Area Rewards
 · Phoenix Down x5  · Black Belt  · 3000 Gil  · Remedy x2  · Hi-Potion x3  · Titanium Bangle  · Holy Water x6  · Remedy x2  · Phoenix Down x5  · Victor Primoris  · M-Bomb x2  · Soft x5  · Hi-Potion x3  · Echo Screen x5  · Font of Power Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Aka Manah -
  • Barbuta -
  • Cephalotus -
  • Creeper -
  • Epitaph -
  • Flan Rojo -
  • Hexapod -
  • Hug Bug -
  • Lich -
  • Mycotoxin -
  • Peregrine -
  • Queen Coeurl -
  • Watcher-A - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only. Will only appear before defeating the Machina Panzer boss found on the Thunder Plains.
  • Watcher-R - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only. Will only appear before defeating the Machina Panzer boss found on the Thunder Plains.
  • Watcher-S - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only. Will only appear before defeating the Machina Panzer boss found on the Thunder Plains.
  • Zu -

No matter your mode of arrival to Mi'ihen Highroad, airship or walking from Luca, an Al Bhed will greet you. Rin is expecting you. Take up the Al Bhed's offer to travel directly to the Travel Agency. Once you reach the Travel Agency, Rin will reveal the culprit to the events that happened in Chapter 3. If you helped him investigate with the CommSpheres during Chapter 4, you should have a good idea who caused the incidents. Hopefully if you lead Rin down the right track, you should be able to ride chocobos and receive an item. Refer to the Mi'ihen Mystery mini-game page for details. Episode Complete! should be rewarded after Rin finishes his speech. The Gullwings are returned automatically to the airship.


Return to the Highroad after Episode Complete to collect items.

  • Heading from Luca, along the first section of road you should find chests with Phoenix Down x5, Black Belt(behind the ruin) and 3000 Gil.
  • The second section contains a chest with Remedy x2.
  • The third section contains chests with Hi-Potion x3, Titanium Bangle, and Holy Water x6.
  • To the north next to the ledge near the Travel Agency open a chest for Remedy x2.
  • This next area, you must be riding a chocobo. Head across the bridge to the second section after the Travel Agency. Near the first curve of the path, a small feather should be visible on the ground in between two plants. Stop your chocobo next to the plants and wait a few seconds. The option to jump will then appear. Select that you are ready and the chocobo will navigate up to a ledge and open a chest for Phoenix Down x5 and jump back down. Return to the spot between the plants and jump again. This time the chocobo will jump down to a chest with the key item Victor Primoris.
  • Continue on to the area that exits to Mushroom Rock Road. Near the entrance a M-Bomb x2 can be found in a chest. Head to the right bottom path to enter the Oldroad.
  • The first section of the Oldroad is empty, follow it to the last section. A chest with Soft x5 is located right after entering the area. Head to the south to find a chest hidden before a set of ledges for Hi-Potion x3. Continue to the dead end for Echo Screen x5.

Near the Save Sphere, there is a secret area where more items and monsters can be found. To open this area, visit the Chocobo Ranch and have Clasko send out a Level 5 Chocobo to the Mi'ihen Highroad to search for items. Report back with him after some time has passed to check if the chocobo has returned. If it was successful, Clasko will report that a strange portal was found near the hover crash site. Upon returning to the Oldroad Save Sphere, a green cloud will now be visible. Enter it to access the secret dungeon. Refer to the Chocobo Ranch mini-game page for more details.

Secret Dungeon[edit]

The secret dungeon is a maze of walls and fiends. In order to make it to the end to fight the King Vermin! Boss, you must use bombs to take down walls. These can be stolen from fiends in the area or found in chests. You should have some available to you if you have been collecting items from various chapters.

Entering the cave, there should be a chest containing a S-Bomb. Open it and walk to the seemingly dead end to the north. A tutorial about how to use the bombs will then pop up. As you navigate through the cave, watch Yuna's skirt. Gusts of wind will make it flap to give you an idea where a weak wall can be found. Most walls can be blown with 5 S-Bombs. However, if you run out of those, M-Bombs and L-Bombs can be used. Successfully taking these walls down with the least amount of effort may net you extra items. In the following part of the walkthrough, it will be noted when a stronger bomb will be needed. At all other walls use 5 S-Bombs. Also you may want to take out the fiends in False Chests. An item will be rewarded for doing so.

At the beginning of the dungeon, there is the chest with the S-Bomb as noted above. After that chest, there are two walls to take down before you reach an intersection. At the intersection, head north and take down two more walls. This leads to a chest with a Mega Potion. Collect it and return to the intersection. The right path leads to a dead end so ignore it and head to the left path. Blow the wall here and head to the turn. Watch Yuna's skirt. Right next to the turn is another weak wall you can destroy. Behind it is a chest with a Black Tome. Turn out of the dead end and head north from the corner. Blow the wall found here and head north until you come to a T intersection. Turn to the right and walk slowly until you see Yuna's skirt moving. The top walls to each side of southern path (which leads to weak wall hiding False Chest with a Epitaph fiend and then dead end - fight the fiend at your own risk) can be removed. These two walls lead to a small alcove blocked by another weak wall with a White Tome behind it.

After collecting the White Tomb, return to the T intersection. Head again to the right, this time all the way to the end of the path. The wall here can be blown to reveal more path. Follow it to the right and end for a stronger wall. This wall will take 5 M-Bombs to destroy. Take it down for a chest with a Elixir. Return back to the T intersection. This time go to the left and then north. Before the next wall an Empty Chest is found. Destroy the wall right after it to reveal a corner. The wall to the left can be destroyed. Take it down and follow the path it reveals until you reach the next corner. The path to the north here has many side paths. Watch Yuna's skirt to get an idea of their locations. On the right side near the corner, a stronger wall can be found that uses 5 M-Bombs to destroy. Behind it is a weak wall hiding a Elixir. Across from this path on the left side, there is a False Chest with a Epitaph fiend. Slightly down again on the left side is a strong wall that takes 5 M-Bombs that leads to nothing. Next to it is a weak wall with a Mega Phoenix behind it. Slightly down again on the left side, a wall that takes 5 M-Bombs hides another Elixir.

To the right side across from the Elixir is another strong wall that needs 5 M-Bombs that allows you to continue on in the dungeon. Blow it to find a really strong wall. This one will use 9 L-Bombs to take down. Right after blowing it, turn to the south to blow a weak wall for a chest with a Sword Tome. Turn around and to the right. There are now four paths leading to the east. The top path hides a weak wall and a Turbo Ether. The middle two paths are dead ends, and the bottom path lead to the end of the dungeon. After blowing the bottom path, walk to the east until you reach a intersection. At the intersection, turn to the north and jump up the first ledge. Yuna's skirt should be moving. Directly to the right is a weak wall hiding a Arcane Tome. Collect it and turn back to the north up some more ledges. Destroy a weak wall found at the top of ledges with 5 S-Bombs. Keep going to the last wall. This one will take 9 L-Bombs. Destroy it to begin battle with King Vermin!

King Vermin
HP: 39857 MP: 872
EXP: 5000 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 3500 Pilfer Gil: 2000
Steal: Normal - Turbo Ether; Rare - Turbo Ether x2
Drop: Normal - Power Gloves; Rare - Power Gloves

King Vermin is a fire-based fiend. He attacks with fire as well as absorbs it. Equipping items that absorb fire damage or negate it is a smart idea - doing so will allow you to skip using a White Mage due to the fiend doing your healing for you. Despite looking like it has a tough exterior, King Vermin! is not that strong. Regular attacks should be enough to take King Vermin! down. However, if he causes you too much trouble, exploit his weakness to Darkness.

After completing the dungeon and taking King Vermin out, the group is automatically returned outside the cave and the walls reset. The Font of Power Garment Grid will be rewarded upon defeating the boss.