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The Chocobo Ranch becomes available during Chapter 2. It is found on the eastern side of the Calm Lands. Setting up the Ranch takes some participation in a few missions. Once it is set up, Clasko is in charge handling the Chocobos while you capture, feed, and dispatch them for rewards.

Setting up the Ranch[edit]

The easiest way to set up the Ranch is with the following events:

  1. Talk to Clasko before participating in the Foggy Fiend Frenzy! mission at Mushroom Rock Road during Chapter 1.
  2. Talk to Clasko again after completing the Foggy Fiend Frenzy! mission and invite him aboard the Celsius.
  3. Participate in the Cuckoo for Chocobos! mission on the Mi'ihen Highroad during Chapter 2.
  4. Talk to Clasko again on the Mi'ihen Highroad after completing the Cuckoo for Chocobos! mission and allow him back on the Airship Celsius.
  5. Fly to the Calm Lands with Clasko on board and help him clear the fiends from the old Monster Arena.

If you fail to talk to Clasko in Chapter 1 and 2, then the Chocobo Ranch will not open. So be sure to save as often as you can to prevent from missing out on doing this side quest.

Catching a Chocobo[edit]

Once you have cleared the old Monster Arena, you can now catch a chocobo. Chocobos appear during random battles. You must use Gysahl Greens to keep them in battle until they are the last fiend standing. Talk to Clasko at the Chocobo Ranch for Gyshal Greens. Do not attack them or they will flee.

Captured chocobos are automatically sent to the Ranch. You can have up to 15 chocobos at a time.

Areas Where Chocobos Never Appear During Battles
  • Bevelle
  • Lake Macalania
  • Mi'ihen Highroad
  • Mt. Gagazet
  • Mushroom Rock Road
  • Zanarkand Ruins

Leveling a Chocobo[edit]

After you capture a chocobo, time to start raising it. You want to try to get as many as possible to level 5. To increase a chocobo's level, you must feed it a certain number of Greens. Pahsana and Gysahl Greens are available right away, while Mimett Greens become available during Chapter 3, and Sylkis Greens during Chapter 5. Talk to Clasko at the Ranch to set the ratio of Greens he feeds your chocobos by selecting the Nutritive Green option.

Level Type of Greens Needed Number of Greens
2 Pahsana Greens 10
3 Mimett Greens 10
4 Mimett Greens 30
5 Sylkis Greens 40

The higher a chocobo's level, the better the items they will bring back when dispatched.

If you start to get low on Greens, Clasko will obtain new Greens for you to use while you are out battling. The more battles you win, the more he obtains. Come back and speak with him after fighting some.

Green/Battle Ratios
Chapter Gysahl Greens Pahsana, Sylkis, and Mimett Greens
2 5 Greens/12 Battles 10 Greens/6 Battles
3 5 Greens/10 Battles 10 Greens/6 Battles
4-5 5 Greens/6 Battles 10 Greens/5 Battles

Treasure Hunting[edit]

Why raise chocobos? To treasure hunt of course. At any point, you can send up to 5 chocobos to search for treasures and hidden areas. Sending them out however has some risks. If a chocobo's Heart stat is low or it has a nature that isn't suited for the area it is dispatched to, there is a good chance it will run away. Decrease this chance by sending them to the right areas and having as many chocobos as possible at the Ranch.

A chocobo's Nature can be one of three types: Bold, Normal, or Timid. You may have to release and capture more chocobos in order to find the nature you are looking for. Different areas are better for catching certain types of chocobos.

Area Timid Normal Bold
Bikanel Desert, Kilika Island, Thunder Plains 10% 10% 80%
Calm Lands, Djose Temple 10% 80% 10%
Besaid Island, Macalania Woods, Moonflow 80% 10% 10%

When dispatching chocobos, Nature plays an important part in whether or not they will be successful during that hunt. The better its Nature fits an area, the less likely the chocobo will run away, lose Heart, and have a better chance of finding items.

Chocobo Nature and Area Suitability
Location Nature
Timid Normal Bold
Besaid Island Average Great Poor
Kilika Island Great Poor Average
Mi'ihen Highroad Average Average Average
Mushroom Rock Road Average Average Average
Djose Poor Average Great
Moonflow Average Great Poor
Thunder Plains Great Poor Average
Macalania Average Great Poor
Bikanel Desert Great Poor Average
Calm Lands Poor Average Great
Mt. Gagazet Average Average Average
Zanarkand Ruins Average Average Average
Suitability Effects
Suitability Heart Consumption Treasure Average Chance of Flee
Great 15 More than Average Low
Average 30 Average Average
Poor 60 Less than Average High

Treasure List[edit]

Location Chocobo Level Items
Grade D Grade C Grade B Grade A
Besaid Island Level 1 Potion Potion x2 Potion x3 Potion x4
Level 2 Hi-Potion Phoenix Down Ether Turbo Ether
Level 3 Hi-Potion x2 Phoenix Down x2 Ether x2 Turbo Ether x2
Level 4 Hi-Potion x3 Phoenix Down x3 Ether x3 X-Potion
Level 5 Hi-Potion x4 Phoenix Down x4 Ether x4 Elixir
Kilika Island Level 1 Budget Grenade Budget Grenade Grenade Grenade x2
Level 2 Grenade x3 M-Bomb M-Bomb x2 Petrify Grenade
Level 3 Grenade x4 L-Bomb x2 L-Bomb x2 Petrify Grenade x2
Level 4 S-Bomb L-Bomb x3 Sleep Grenade x2 Titanium Bangle
Level 5 M-Bomb Silence Grenade x4 Star Pendant Venom Shock
Mi'ihen Highroad Level 1 Soft Soft x2 Soft x4 Soft
Level 2 Remedy Eye Drops Silence Grenade Silver Bracer
Level 3 Remedy x2 Eye Drops x2 Silence Grenade x2 Gold Bracer
Level 4 Remedy x3 Eye Drops x3 Silence Grenade x3 Rune Bracer
Level 5 Remedy x4 Eye Drops x4 White Cape Mute Shock
Mushroom Rock Road Level 1 Fish Scale Fish Scale x2 Fish Scale x3 Fish Scale x4
Level 2 Dragon Scale Water Gem Blue Ring Cerulean Ring
Level 3 Dragon Scale x2 Water Gem x2 Watery Gleam Electrocutioner
Level 4 Dragon Scale x3 Water Gem x3 NulTide Ring Short Circuit
Level 5 Dragon Scale x4 Water Gem x4 Silver Glasses Blind Shock
Djose Level 1 Star Curtain Star Curtain x2 Star Curtain x3 Star Curtain x4
Level 2 Lunar Curtain Light Curtain Mana Tablet Stamina Tablet
Level 3 Lunar Curtain x2 Light Curtain x2 Mana Tablet x2 Stamina Tablet x2
Level 4 Lunar Curtain x3 Light Curtain x3 Mana Tonic Stamina Tonic
Level 5 Lunar Curtain x4 Light Curtain x4 Twist Headband Dream Shock
Moonflow Level 1 Antidote Antidote x2 Antidote x3 Antidote x4
Level 2 Remedy Holy Water Healing Spring Ether
Level 3 Remedy x2 Holy Water x2 Healing Spring x2 Turbo Ether
Level 4 Remedy x3 Holy Water x3 Healing Spring x3 Regen Bangle
Level 5 Remedy x4 Holy Water x4 Healing Spring x4 Recovery Bracer
Thunder Plains Level 1 Electro Marble Electro Marble x2 Electro Marble x3 Electro Marble x4
Level 2 Lightning Marble Lightning Gem Yellow Ring Ochre Ring
Level 3 Lightning Marble x2 Lightning Gem x2 Lightning Gleam Short Circuit
Level 4 Lightning Marble x3 Lightning Gem x3 NulShock Ring Electrocutioner
Level 5 Lightning Marble x4 Lightning Gem x4 Black Choker Chaos Shock
Macalania Level 1 Potion Potion x2 Potion x3 Potion x4
Level 2 Hi-Potion Phoenix Down Phoenix Down x3 Mega Phoenix
Level 3 Hi-Potion x2 Phoenix Down x2 Phoenix Down x4 Mega-Potion
Level 4 Hi-Potion x3 Phoenix Down x3 Mega Phoenix Mega-Potion x2
Level 5 Hi-Potion x4 Phoenix Down x4 Potpourri x2 Fury Shock
Bikanel Desert Level 1 Bomb Fragment Bomb Fragment x2 Bomb Fragment x3 Bomb Fragment x4
Level 2 Bomb Core Fire Gem Red Ring Crimson Ring
Level 3 Bomb Core x2 Fire Gem x2 Fiery Gleam Sublimator
Level 4 Bomb Core x3 Fire Gem x3 NulBlaze Ring Freezerburn
Level 5 Bomb Core x4 Fire Gem x4 Gold Anklet Stone Shock
Calm Lands Level 1 Potion Potion x2 Potion x3 Potion x4
Level 2 Dispel Tonic Chocobo Feather Silver Hourglass Gold Hourglass
Level 3 Dispel Tonic x2 Chocobo Feather x2 Silver Hourglass x2 Gold Hourglass x2
Level 4 Dispel Tonic x3 Chocobo Feather x3 Silver Glass x3 Chocobo Wing
Level 5 Dispel Tonic x4 Chocobo Feather x4 Dragonfly Orb System Shock
Mt. Gagazet Level 1 Antarctic Wind Antarctic Wind x2 Antarctic Wind x3 Antarctic Wind x4
Level 2 Arctic Wind Ice Gem White Ring Snow Ring
Level 3 Arctic Wind x2 Ice Gem x2 Icy Gleam Sublimator
Level 4 Arctic Wind x3 Ice Gem x3 NulFrost Ring Freezerburn
Level 5 Arctic Wind x4 Ice Gem x4 Angel Earrings Mortal Shock
Zanarkand Ruins Level 1 Echo Screen Echo Screen x2 Echo Screen x3 Echo Screen x4
Level 2 Remedy Dispel Tonic Silver Hourglass Ether
Level 3 Remedy x2 Dispel Tonic x2 Gold Hourglass Turbo Ether
Level 4 Remedy x3 Dispel Tonic x3 Gold Hourglass x2 Kinesis Badge
Level 5 Remedy x4 Dispel Tonic x4 Pretty Orb Lag Shock

Special Treasure Events[edit]

There are several events that occur when you send a chocobo to a certain location under specific conditions.

  • Dispatch a chocobo to Bikanel Desert during Chapter 5 and it will unlock the ability to ride it in the Central Expanse while digging. (Reminder: The Central Expanse is where you can find the Desert Key which will allow you to open up the locked chest containing the Horn of Plenty Garment Grid that's near the Save Sphere on Bikanel Desert. So if you want that grid, make sure you gain access to digging in that expanse)
  • If you dispatch a Chocobo with a Heart stat less than 100 and it returns without finding an items, there is a chance for a consolation prize including the Garment Grids Mounted Assault or Strength of One.
  • Dispatch a Level 5 chocobo to Mi'ihen Highroad during Chapter 5. There is a chance it will return and Clasko will report a secret dungeon located on the Oldroad.
  • Dispatch three of each level of chocobo without one running away (send an extra of that level if it does) in the Calm Lands and Clasko will report a secret dungeon called Ruins Depth found right at the Chocobo Ranch.

Amazing Chocobo[edit]

The Amazing Chocobo doesn't have a level, Nature, or Heart. It won't run away once you've got it but it does have Fatigue ranging from 0-100. The Fatigue rating affects how will it performs with tasks such as "Chocobo Support" or "Exploring Spira". To obtain the Amazing Chocobo, you must do several steps:

  1. Dispatch 3 Level 1 chocobos without any running away. Send out a replacement if one does run.
  2. Dispatch 3 Level 2 chocobos without any running away. Send out a replacement if one does run.
  3. Dispatch 3 Level 3 chocobos without any running away. Send out a replacement if one does run.
  4. Dispatch 3 Level 4 chocobos without any running away. Send out a replacement if one does run.
  5. Dispatch 3 Level 5 chocobos without any running away. Send out a replacement if one does run.
  6. Raise all Choco-Runners to Level 5.
  7. Complete the secret level of the Chocobo Ruins that is unlocked after you have done the previous steps.