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The Dark Knight dressphere allows the user to deal heavy damage both with physical attacks and magic to enemies. She can sacrifice herself if battle is critical for massive damage or drain foes to make herself stronger (if Charon is used to sacrifice the characters life for damage, no EXP will be awarded to that character for that battle). This dressphere is capable of learning may auto-abilities that make the wearer immune to many status effects.


Attribute Increase Attribute Increase
HP 4 MP 4
Strength 5 Magic 3
Defense 5 Magic Def. 4
Agility 1 Accuracy 2
Evasion 1 Luck 2


  • Attack
  • Darkness
  • Arcana
  • Charon
  • Item


Name AP MP Description Requirements
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy None
Darkness 0 0 Sacrifice HP to damage all enemies None
Drain 20 8 Absorb HP from one enemy None
Demi 20 10 Reduce the HP of all enemies by 1/4 None
Confuse 30 12 Confuse one enemy Demi
Break 40 20 Petrify one enemy Confuse
Bio 30 16 Poison one enemy None
Doom 20 18 Doom an enemy to KO when counter reaches 0 Bio
Death 50 24 Instantly defeat one enemy (sometimes fails) Doom
Black Sky 100 80 Randomly damages enemies Death
Charon 20 0 Sacrifice life to heavily damage one enemy None
Poisonproof 30 0 Guards against Poison None
Stoneproof 30 0 Guards against Petrification Poisonproof
Confuseproof 30 0 Guards against Confusion Stoneproof
Curseproof 30 0 Guards against Curse None
Deathproof 40 0 Guards against Death Curseproof