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Digging is a mini game found on Bikanel Desert. It is best to wait to do the main bulk of your digging during Chapter 5.

You will need the Letter of Introduction in order to start this mini game. This can be obtained during Chapter 1. Details on how to find it and on your first dig can be found at Djose Temple and Bikanel Desert.

To begin a dig, talk to the pilot near the hover craft and choose an area.

When you reach that area, a timer will begin to countdown. You have one minute to dig in the area. Use the mini map to help you find the one of the yellow Xs and direct Yuna over to it. She will automatically dig when you reach one. Continue this until you find the needed parts. You can keep digging after this at the white Xs if you have enough time. Head over and touch the hover when you have finished. If you do run out of time the party suffers from water deprivation and the dig is considered a failure. Give yourself about 12 seconds to reach the hover so that this doesn't happen.

Available Areas[edit]

Location Chapters Available Requirements
Western Expanse 1,2,3,5 Obtain the Letter of Introduction
Southern Expanse 2,3,5 Complete the Oasis Mission
Eastern Expanse 3,5 Begin the Cactuar Nation Mission
Northern Expanse 3,5 Begin the Cacutar Nation Mission
Central Expanse 5 Send a Chocobo from the Ranch to Bikanel
Oasis 2,3,5 Visit Bikanel Desert during Chapter 2
Cactuar Nation 3,5 Escort Benzo during Chapter 3

Requesting Pay[edit]

After you complete 5-10 digs, you can increase the amount of Gil you receive per dig by visiting Djose Temple and taking a quiz at the control panel found in the right-most room. If you are eligible for a raise, you will be given a quiz. Answer the quiz in the most positive way possible (basically infer that digging is your life and such), and you should complete it successfully.

Unidentified Object: Angra Mainyu[edit]

At any time during a dig, Picket may warn you of an unidentified object approaching. A large red arrow will then appear on the mini map headed in your direction. This is the fiend, Angra Mainyu. If he reaches you, you will be thrown into battle with him.

Angra Mainyu is a three part monster. During Chapter 1, only his midsection is active. During this time his only attack will be Unnatural Selection. This will eject the party from the battle. After Chapter 2, his left and right sections will be active if you encounter him. These sections cannot be targeted.

To defeat Angra Mainyu, use an accessory or item that allows you to use Haste on the party and then chain attack him before he can get a turn in. The best way to do this is to equip every member as a Thief. (The Gunner's Trigger Happy Lv. 3. can also be used in this manner so you can equip whichever girl that has learned Lv. 3 and the other two girls as Thief too). Watch your turns and the monster's turns as well. Attack with one character before he prepares and then repeat with the others.

If Angra Mainyu does manage to eject the party, the next time you encounter him, his HP will be where you left it. UNLESS you get it below a certain amount, then it will restart at a specific amount depending on the Chapter in which you are fighting him.