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Dresspheres, often shortened to "spheres", are the key of the job system in Final Fantasy X-2. Each character must have one active sphere at all times. A set of spheres can be equipped through a Garment Grid so that the active sphere can be changed at any time (though in battle, changing a character's active sphere takes up their turn).

Dresspheres are not equipped directly, but placed in Garment Grids which are equipped directly. The character will then have access to all of the dresspheres in the equipped Garment Grid.

New dresspheres are acquired throughout the game's storyline and sidequests. Below is a quick reference guide on how to get all of them and each sphere’s general use or theme.

Dressphere Use* How to obtain
Alchemist Mix items for powerful offensive or defensive spells Awarded after helping Clasko clear out the old Calm Lands Monster Arena to begin training Chocobos in Chapter 2.
Bare No abilities only weak attacks Only available during the Last Mission. Automatically equipped when a character looses all her Dresspheres.
Berserker Quick strong attacks/Beserk Awarded by an Al Bhed for clearing the Macalania Woods Travel Agency of fiends during Chapter 3.
Black Mage Offensive spells Awarded upon return to the Airship Celsius after defeating Boris at Mt. Gagazet Floating Ruins in Chapter 1.
Dark Knight Heavy physical and magical attacks Found in a chest located at Bevelle Underground during Chapter 2.
Festivalist Special offensive attacks Received after talking to Brother for the first time in Chapter 1.
Floral Fallal Yuna's Special Dressphere Picked up on the Djose Highroad during Chapter 2 during the mission to collect Leblanc Syndicate uniforms.
Full Throttle Paine's Special Dressphere Awarded after talking to Tromell at Macalania Woods four times during Chapter 1.
Gun Mage Learn and use fiend abilities Rewarded for helping Tobli when first visiting and completing the Guard the Hypello Mission at the Moonflow during Chapter 1 or by selling at least 6 tickets in Chapter 2.
Gunner Accurate long distance physical attacks Yuna's default dressphere.
Lady Luck Chance attacks based off a set of dice Beat Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament during Chapter 3.
Machina Maw Rikku's Special Dressphere Obtained while investigating the Oasis in Chapter 2 during the mission to collect Leblanc Syndicate uniforms.
Mascot Devastating Normal and Special attacks Awarded in Chapter 5 for acquiring Episode Complete in every area except Bevelle.
Psychic Mental Energy/Physics Awarded by winning the Standard Cup from the Creature Creator Fiend Arena after going through the tutorial with Shinra.
Samurai Heavy physical attacks Found on the ground in the Cloister of Trials area at the Kilika Temple before fighting Ifrit during Chapter 3.
Songstress Defensive spells Awarded in Chapter 1 for defeating ???? at Luca during Chapter 1.
Thief Steal/Quick attacks Rikku's default Dressphere.
Trainer Balanced attacks and spells Awarded in Chapter 3 when visiting Mt. Gagazet after correctly answering Kimahri's questions in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
Warrior Strong Attacks Paine's default Dressphere.
White Mage Healing/defensive spells Awarded after defeating the Flame Dragon found in the Besaid Island Cave during Chapter 1.

* For more in depth details on each specific dressphere refer to their specific guides which are linked in the table.

How to use this guide[edit]


Gunner [1]

  • Acquired by - Yuna's default Dressphere. Usable as soon as she joins the party. [2]
  • Use - [3]
Attributes [4]
HP 2 MP 1
Strength 2 Magic 1
Defense 2 Magic Def. 2
Agility 3 Accuracy 5
Evasion 2 Luck 4


  • Attack
  • Trigger Happy
  • Gunplay
  • Item
Name [6] AP [7] MP [8] Description [9] Requirements [10]
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy. None
Trigger Happy[a 1] 0 0 Press R1 button repeatedly during allotted time for multiple hits None
Potshot 20 8 Damage one enemy None
Cheap Shot 30 8 Damage one enemy regardless of its Defense Potshot
Enchanted Ammo 30 8 Inflict magical damage on one enemy None
Target MP 30 8 Inflict damage on one enemy's MP Enchanted Ammo
Quarter Pounder 40 8 Reduce one enemy's HP by one-forth Target MP
On the Level 40 12 Damage one enemy according to the user's EXP level Target MP
Burst Shot 60 12 Critically damage one enemy None
Tableturner 60 8 Deal greater damage to enemies with high defense Potshot
Scattershot 80 8 Damage all enemies Burst Shot
Scatterburst 120 36 Critically damage all enemies Scatter Shot
Darkproof 30 0 Guards against Darkness None
Sleepproof 30 0 Guards against Sleep Darkproof
Trigger Happy Lv.2 80 0 Extends the allotted time for Trigger Happy None
Trigger Happy Lv.3 150 0 Extends the allotted time for Trigger Happy Trigger Happy Lv.2
  1. Trigger Happy must be recharged before each use.


What this means[edit]

  1. The name of the dressphere.
  2. How the dressphere can be obtained.
  3. Short description on the benefits and weaknesses of the dressphere.
  4. Attributes. Out of 5 for each attribute. In this case, the wearer's max HP, Magic, Magic Defense, max MP, and Evasion are average, but Accuracy and Luck are fairly high.
  5. What commands are listed in battle.
  6. The name of the ability.
  7. AP required to learn the skill.
  8. MP cost to use.
  9. What the ability does.
  10. What other abilities must have been learned in order to learn this ability. Sometimes items are needed.
  11. Special "terms of use" that apply to some abilities.