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The Gunner's Gauntlet is first opened up to you in Chapter 2. Visit Besaid and talk to Beclem (a grumpy Youth League member) to begin. The basic concept of the game is to run through an area while timed, shooting the appearing fiends. As they are defeated, you earn points and the chance at more ammo. Run through the whole trial without running out of ammo or dying for a prize and bragging rights.


Button Command Issued
Circle button Target
Cross button Shoot
Square button Cycle Targets
L1 button Switch Ammunition Type
R1 button Switch Ammunition Type
Neutral lstick Move camera angle (Cloister of Trials Gunner's Gauntlet Only)

Chain multiplier[edit]

Chains help maximize your points. When you defeat a fiend, the Chain Gauge found at the bottom of your screen fills up. As it fills up, the points you receive for defeating fiends multiplies. If you take any damage, the bar resets. The Chain Gauge has three levels. Level One provides a x1 multiplier, Level Two provides a x2 multiplier, and Level Three provides a x3 multiplier.

Ammunition & Items[edit]

There are four types of ammo. You start out with full basic ammo. Open chests from defeated fiends to pick up refills. Fiends may also drop special items that help you run the gauntlet for a better score.

Name Effect
Ammo Basic ammo. Causes 1 HP of damage to targeted fiend.
Dual Shot Allows you to shoot 2 fiends at once. Causes 1 HP of damage.
Death Instantly kills targeted fiend. Best used on difficult fiends with high HP.
Volley Rare ammo that takes out most of the targeted fiends.
Other Items
Name Effect
Upgrade Item 3 different types. Each one upgrades certain ammo by taking two shot of one type and turning it into the ammo type of the next rank.
HP Recovery Item Increases Yuna's HP by 15-19 points.
Quick Shot Item Enables you to shoot at a faster rate until the Quick Shot Gauge runs out.


Level Score Prize
Level 1 501
Level 2 750 Enigma Plate Garment Grid
Level 3 900 Power Wrist
Level 4 1000 Silver Bracer
Level 5 1150 Titanium Bangle
Level 6 1300 Mortal Coil Garment Grid
Level 7 1400 Beaded Brooch
Level 8 2000 Diamond Gloves
Level 9 2800 Faerie Earrings
Level MAX - Adamantite

Besaid Island[edit]


Fiend HP Points Earned Appear during Level Dropped Items
Coyote 5 3 Level 1+ Ammo x10-14
Wild Wolf 7 5 Level 1+ Death x1-2
Shantak 10 10 Level 1+ Dual Shot x10-14
YSLS-99 17 15 Level 1+ Death x1-2
Creeper 1 1 Level 3+ -
Tomb - Small 10 5 Level 3-5 Volley x1
Nashorn 8 12 Level 4+ HP Recovery x15-19
Bicocette 11 8 Level 6+ Volley x1
Tomb - Medium 16 8 Level 6-7 Volley x2
Hrimthur 6 25 Level 7+ Quick Shot Item
Divebeak 12 4 Level 7+ -
Tomb - Large 20 15 Level 8-9 Volley x3
Tomb - Extra Large 30 20 Level MAX Volley x4

Cloister of Trials[edit]

The Gunner's Gauntlet run in the Cloister of Trials is more challenging than that run on the main Island. Because it is in a more enclosed space, and a auto scroll feature has been added, the time you have to defeat each fiend is very limited. You will have a first person perspective instead which requires you to move the camera. To start this mini-game, speak to the priest standing at the Cloister of Trials door inside the Besaid Temple. It becomes available during Chapter 3 and 5 after you defeat the aeon inside the temple.

As you defeat several fiends, the screen automatically moves forward to the next area.. there is no backtracking. You must use the Neutral lstick to move the camera and spot upcoming fiends. They can float from above or crawl from below so you must be quick. The time limit to complete this gauntlet is 12 minutes.

The area in the Cloister of Trials is divided into three parts. The first area extends from the starting point to the first intersection. You must be on the look out at the intersection because fiends will come at you from every direction.

The second area consists of the intersection itself. There are two dead ends to the side as well as a path in the front. A Tomb will appear for you to take out. It won't attack, but many fiends will come at you as you try to take it out.

The third area is the final hallway up to the end. Here you will face many Tonberries at once.

There are two chests can be obtained by destroying walls in this mini-game, one is on the left side of the corridor when the Creepers attacking, the other is just where the Tonberries spawn. Try switch target to aim the walls, you won't be able to open the chests during the mini-game. Once you destroyed the walls and finished the mini-game, just go down into the Cloister of Trials, and you will find the chests at the places just the same as in the mini-game. The chests will also reset in Story Level 5, but will not require to break the walls again.


Fiend HP Points Earned Dropped Items
Coyote 5 3 Ammo x17-21
Haunt 13 10 Dual Shot x10-14
Death Dauber 3-5 4 -
Creeper 1 2 Ammo x1-4
Ahriman 7 15 Quick Shot Item
Tomb 80 20 Death x1-2
Flan Azul 4 2 HP Recovery x2-3
Tonberry 15 20 Ammo x30-39
Mega Tonberry 20 30 -