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Area Rewards
 · Heady Perfume or Gold Hairpin  · Crimson Sphere 10  · Healing Light Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Battle Snake -
  • Dr. Goon -
  • Fem-Goon -

Collecting Uniforms[edit]

Before this part of Chapter 2 can be started or completed, you must track down 3 Leblanc Syndicate uniforms. These are found by completing missions at Djose Temple, Bikanel Desert, and Mt. Gagazet. As you obtain each one the Gullwings will wear their costume when aboard the Airship Celsius. After you have collected all three, you will be awarded the Bum Rush Garment Grid.

Once you have all three, head to Leblanc's chateau in Guadosalam. Before entering you will be asked if you are ready. Make sure that you are and have completed all side missions and mini games from Chapter 2. After you enter the chateau, you will be unable to return to the Celsius to travel and after you have completed the mission inside, Brother automatically takes the group to Bevelle.

Tricking the Leblanc Syndicate[edit]

After you agree that you are ready, the girls change into the uniforms and slip into the chateau. They end up in the foyer. The room up the stairs is blocked, so head through the double doors on the first level. Walk to the back of the room with tables to find Logos and Ormi. Speak with them to receive orders to massage the boss. Head back out to the foyer and to the room up the stairs that is now open to you. Leblanc immediately demands a message, beginning a mini-game.

A small grid with a heart shows up over Leblanc back. You must move that heart to any point of the grid and press Cross button to massage her. Depending on the spot you pick, Leblanc makes a vocal noise and the heart lights up to a different color depending on if the spot feels great or horrible to her.

  • Red Heart - You have found the perfect spot. The grid and perfect spot reset.
  • Yellow Heart - Indicates the perfect spot is one square away in any direction.
  • Green Heart - Indicates the perfect spot is one square away diagonally.
  • Blue Heart - Indicates you are nowhere near the perfect spot.

You have 15 attempts to find the perfect spot and earn at least 32 points (points are awarded based on the color of heart you find). Do this correctly the first time and you have a chance at a Gold Hairpin in a chest in a secret area of the chateau. If you fail to earn 32 points within 15 rounds, you must start the mini-game over. The chest prize also changes to Heady Perfume. Try to satisfy Leblanc in the first round to obtain the Gold Hairpin. It is the better item, cutting the cost of MP for spells in half while the Heady Perfume just raises a few stats.

After Leblanc's massage is over, head back downstairs and talk once again to Logos and Ormi. They ask you to check on the secret switch. You can find this switch at the back of the room. Press the switch and a secret door opens. Walk through it and down the curving passage until the girls are discovered by Ormi.

Ormi, Fem-Goon, Dr. Goon[edit]

HP: 1640 MP: 40
EXP: 220 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 200 Pilfer Gil: 560
Steal: Normal - X-Potion; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Black Choker; Rare - Black Choker
HP: 167 MP: 172
EXP: 10 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 70 Pilfer Gil: 200
Steal: Normal - Potion; Rare - Potion
Drop: Normal - Potion; Rare - Hi-Potion
Dr. Goon
HP: 232 MP: 41
EXP: 10 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 50 Pilfer Gil: 160
Steal: Normal - Budget Grenade; Rare - Grenade
Drop: Normal - Potion; Rare - Grenade

Take out the Fem-Goon and Dr. Goon first to lessen the amount of attacks on the party. Ormi attack style has changed a little compared to previous battles. He has acquired the attack Huggles. This move inflicts several hits to one character and may KO. He is weak to Poison or Darkness so use a Songstress if Huggles becomes an annoyance.

Snooping Around[edit]

After Ormi is defeated, continue down the secret hallway to the Save Sphere on the left. Save if you wish and open the purple set of doors at the corner. This is Ormi's room. Here you can find the chest containing the item determined by how well (or poor) you did by massaging Leblanc. Either the Gold Hairpin or Heady Perfume. Walk out of Ormi's room and down the corridor to the next set of purple doors. This is Logos' room. Head inside and walk to the bookshelf. Examine it with Cross button to pick up the Crimson Sphere 10. The girls are discovered again!

Ormi, Logos[edit]

HP: 1840 MP: 42
EXP: 240 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 230 Pilfer Gil: 580
Steal: Normal - X-Potion; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Defense Veil; Rare - Defense Veil
HP: 1432 MP: 64
EXP: 240 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 230 Pilfer Gil: 580
Steal: Normal - Mega-Potion; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Favorite Outfit; Rare - Favorite Outfit

Logos as always attack more frequently than Ormi, so focus on him. His attacks are the same as the battle at Bikanel Desert except he has acquired yet another new skill, Russian Roulette. This attack inflicts status ailments on the girls. Use a Thief to steal from him then switch to a Black Mage or attacking dressphere depending on your style to dispatch Logos. Once he is down, time to take Ormi down. Ormi fights the same as fighting him before in this area. Using Huggles to try to KO one of the girls. Fight him the same as Logos, using a Songstress to inflict a status ailment on him if he becomes to annoying. After they have been defeated, exit Logos' room.

Deactivating the Security System[edit]

Walk down the corridor to its right and climb to the top of the raised ledge. Rather than leap from ledge to ledge, drop down into the first pit. Here you will find the first of three switches that overrides a security system. Activate the switch, climb up the next ledge and drop down into the next pit. The second switch is found here. Activate it as well and climb out of the pit, proceed forward to the end of the corridor.

Upon reaching the back wall, the panels move away and sharp spikes are revealed. They start heading toward you! Turn around as fast as you can and head back the way you came, jumping over the pits as you reach them. When you reach the end of the corridor, stop and wait for the wall to catch up. Doing this will trigger an extra short scene in which the group outruns the spikes and jump to a small alcove above. In this alcove you will find the third security switch. Activate it to disable the booby traps.

You can now safely walk down the corridor to the end without having to worry about the wall of spikes. Head to the end and press the switch found there. A set of walls to the left slide away to reveal a new area. Enter this area and through the circular doorway. Moving forward initiates yet another battle with the Leblanc Syndicate.

Ormi, Logos, Leblanc[edit]

HP: 1344 MP: 45
EXP: 260 AP: 2
Gil Dropped: 240 Pilfer Gil: 600
Steal: Normal - X-Potion; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Twist Headband; Rare - Twist Headband
HP: 989 MP: 70
EXP: 260 AP: 2
Gil Dropped: 240 Pilfer Gil: 640
Steal: Normal - Mega-Potion; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Charm Bangle; Rare - Charm Bangle
HP: 1380 MP: 460
EXP: 380 AP: 2
Gil Dropped: 300 Pilfer Gil: 1500
Steal: Normal - Elixir; Rare - Elixir
Drop: Normal - Reassembled Sphere; Rare - Reassembled Sphere

While all three enemies are active, there is a chance they will perform the devastating three-person combo No Love Lost attack. Logos, since he has the lowest HP, should be taken out first to prevent this attack. If they do perform the attack, quickly switch to a White Mage or use Hi-Potions or Mega-Potions to heal. Leblanc tends to perform enhancement spells on her group so she should be your next focus. If the effects she has cast upon her men are a bother to you, cast dispel with a White Mage to remove them. She is susceptible to Poison and Darkness, so take advantage of this if you need to. After she has been taken down, focus on Ormi. He attacks just like before; slowly powering up to cause massive damage. Disable him with Darkness or Sleep if he becomes to difficult. Once you have taking the Syndicate down, you receive the Healing Light Garment Grid.

The girls then regroup on the Airship Celsius and head right on down to Bevelle.