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Final Fantasy X-2 has many mini-games. Many are optional and are just introduced during the story. A few are important to the story. Here is an overview of each one possible to play. Click the titles for in depth details about each one.


First introduced in Final Fantasy X, this game pits two teams of 8 against each other in the blitzball sphere. The game itself is a mixture of soccer and water polo. You again are in charge of the Besaid Aurochs. However you take more of a coach only position this time around. If you even start this mini game is completely optional.

Calm Lands Mini Games[edit]

The Calm Lands have been turned into a tourist attraction after the defeat of Sin. Two companies will be competing for your business. You are able to take part in their campaign as well as play casino/betting style games.

  • Publicity Campaign - talk to citizens throughout Spira, convincing them to visit the Calm Lands. The more you talk to, the more points you get and more prizes you will unlock.
  • Lupine Dash - Race a Lupine Dog Racing Style. Pick the winner or double up for first and second place.
  • Reptile Run - Navigate Frogger style with a reptile.
  • Sky Slots - Slot Reels with birds and wasps.
  • Feed the Monkey - Balance a monkey on a bird. The longer he stays on, the more Gil you win.
  • Gull Force - Shoot at birds for points. Beware though that some are decoys.

Cactuar Hunting[edit]

Where did those silly cactuars run off to? Help the Cactuar Nation of Bikanel Desert find their lost ones by traveling around Spira. This easy mini-game is required for %100 completion of the main story.

Chocobo Ranch[edit]

Help Clasko raise and treasure hunt with Chocobos. This mini-game is vital for obtaining 100% completion and obtaining Rikku's key items for her Machina Maw.

Digging at Bikanel[edit]

Play in dirt while racing another to the treasures. Each spot contains either a prize or fiend. This mini-game is visited several times during the main game. You will eventually have to search for parts to create a monster of a boss fight.

Mi'ihen Mystery[edit]

What happened to the Chocobos that used to abundantly roam Mi'ihen Highroad? It's your job to find out in a mini game that spans several of the main story's chapters. Discover clues and investigate to determine who done it. Figuring this one out will unlock key abilities for Paine's Full Throttle Dressphere.

Gunner's Gauntlet[edit]

First person shooter mini-games played on Besaid and in almost every temple's Cloister of Trials. You play as Yuna hunting down fiends for rewards.

Lightning Rod Towers[edit]

The Al Bhed have fixed the towers on the Thunder Plains so no more Lightning Dodge! However they still need your help calibrating the towers. Each of the 10 towers found on the Plains has its own mini-game that can be played for prizes.

Sphere Break[edit]

Mathematics and coins combine for frustrating fun in Sphere Break. You play against other players "Core Spheres" with coins either given to you or found digging at Bikanel trying to match a given multiplier. Each round is timed so you better think fast! Mastering this game will unlock the Lady Luck Dressphere in Chapter 3.

Via Infinito[edit]

100 levels or "Cloisters" of a secret dungeon found in Bevelle after Chapter 5. Each level is a random layout with traps and fiends that you must navigate through in order to find the hole that leads to next level. At every 20th level, a boss monster must be faced and defeated to save your progress in the Cloisters. Beware though, the monsters found within the Cloisters can be considered tougher than the games final boss. Cloisters 0-20 are needed for 100% completion, all other cloisters after that are optional.