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Take Back the Garment Grid![edit]

As soon as the opening full motion video ends, the first battle will begin.

???? Boss Battle 1

Begin by using Rikku to Steal from each member of the enemy party. She can take Budget Grenades from the Goons and Hi-Potions from ????. (These can be useful for this battle and the next boss battle). There different ways you can defeat them:

1) Using a Budget Grenade in this battle will nearly kill all the Goons and cause heavy damage to ????.

2) Chain attack with both Rikku and Paine by issuing commands in rapid succession

3) Have Paine use her use Power Break which can be found in the Swordplay sub-menu.

If Rikku and/or Paine's HP gets too low, use a Potion to heal them.

HP: 82 MP: 9999
EXP: 3 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 100 Pilfer Gil: 300
Steal: Normal - Hi-Potion; Rare - Hi-Potion
Drop: Normal - Phoenix Down; Rare - Phoenix Down x2

After the battle with Yuna's impersonator, you will be transported to Dock 1. Follow the impersonator. You can use the enemies in the random battles here to level up Rikku and Paine more, but don't feel like you need to defeat each one you come across; you only need to defeat very few in order to keep running towards the impersonator. On Dock 2, make sure to stop and press Cross button while standing next to the large cowering Moogle hidden next to some crates. She will heal you and unlock a later scene, which contribute to your overall percentage completion.

The Leblanc Syndicate[edit]

When you reach Dock 3, you will be confronted by again by ???? but this time she is accompanied by Logos and Ormi. The fight is rather easy, have Rikku attack and use items, Paine attack and use Power Break, and Yuna use attack or trigger happy.

The same techniques listed above can be used to take out ????. Focus on her first then steal from Logos and Ormi for a chance to gain some accessories. Logos's gun attacks quickly cause a lot of damage plus he will use potions to heal the party so focus on taking him out next. Ormi's shield attacks are heavier but slower so you will be able to get in more attacks as he prepares. Once he is alone, Chain attack to take him out quickly.

HP: 86 MP: 18
EXP: 3 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 60 Pilfer Gil: 200
Steal: Normal - Silver Glasses; Rare - Silver Glasses
Drop: Normal - Potion; Rare - Phoenix Down
HP: 86 MP: 18
EXP: 3 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 60 Pilfer Gil: 200
Steal: Normal - Iron Bangle; Rare - Iron Bangle
Drop: Normal - Potion; Rare - Phoenix Down

After Logos and Ormi have been defeated, ???? will reveal herself to be Leblanc and initiate yet another battle. This battle serves as the tutorial for dressphere changes. (these are done by pressing L1 button. Have Yuna change into her songstress dressphere and then use Darkness Dance to cast blind on Leblanc. Leblanc's accuracy is now reduced and most her attacks will miss. Rikku and Paine can also now change their dresspheres, but it is not necessary. Have Rikku steal items and use Paine's Power Break. Chain attacks to do max damage.

HP: 130 MP: 101
EXP: 8 AP: 2
Gil Dropped: 180 Pilfer Gil: 500
Steal: Normal - Silver Bracer; Rare - Silver Bracer
Drop: Normal - Hi-Potion; Rare - Phoenix Down

After the battle is over, you will find yourself on the Airship Celsius.