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Area Rewards
 · Remedy x3  · Remedy x3  · 3000 Gil  · Hi-Potion x4  · Potion x8  · Phoenix Down x4  · Chocobo Feather  · Pearl Necklace  · Glass Buckle  · 500 Gil  · Ribbon  · Ether x4  · Remedy x4  · Downtrotter Garment Grid  · Bloodlust  · Wring  · Phoenix Down x5  · Hi-Potion  · Dark Knight Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Flan Amarillo -
  • Flan Blanco -
  • Kukulcan -
  • Skink -
  • Vertigo - Evil Eye.
  • YAC-13 - Machina.
  • YAU-28 -
  • Yevon Defender -
  • Yevon Guard -
  • YSLS-Zero - Mech.
  • YSLS-99 - Mech.

Welcoming Invite or Forceful Entrance[edit]

The Leblanc Syndicate decide to team up with the Gullwings in order to question Baralai about the weapon Vegnagun. As soon as you enter Bevelle, the reception you are given when trying to enter the temple will depend on who you gave the sphere from Kilika to. If you gave it to New Yevon, you will be happily welcomed down the bridge and the NPC's will gladly talk to Yuna and her gang. If you gave the sphere to the Youth League, the group will be attacked by every set of guards they pass. Talking to the NPC will also result in them screaming for help. Which ever side you are with, the events that happen in the temple will be the same.

Enter the temple and speak to the NPC's to learn more about what has been happening in Bevelle. Now it is time to take the lift down to the lower areas of Bevelle. However first you must change the direction it travels. If you try to take it before switching it, it will just lead you to a small platform above the entrance to the temple. Follow the curving wall towards the east to a doorway at the back of the temple. Head through the door to a small room and climb up on the platform to step on a seal. A scene is show in which a doorway opens in another chamber. Jump down and head back to the first room. This time head to the west side. Climb up to the opening you saw open in the short scene and drop down into a secret chamber. Here you will find two pillars that control the direction of the lift. Examine the pillar closest to the screen with Cross button to change the direction of the central lift. Jump out of the secret chamber and head back to the main room to take the lift down to the lower areas and Bevelle's core.

Once the lift has reached its destination, the girls hop off and you find yourself in a confusing maze. If you played Final Fantasy X you may remember this area as a very frustrating puzzle with continuously moving pathways. This time you won't have to worry about moving paths and can easily navigate through. However there are many fiends along the way and before you can open each chest in this area, you will be stopped temporarily by a battle.

After the girls get off the lift, head to the left and up until you reach a longer pathway that faces west to east. Toward the eastern end you will find two paths that lead to dead ends. Each with a chest. The furthest dead end's chest contains Remedy x3. The path before it, at the end you will find a chest with Remedy x3 as well. The western part of the longer path leads in two directions. The lower path takes you to a dead end where you can collect 3000 Gil. The upper path takes you to a second path that faces west to east. Head down the western end of the second path first to collect Hi-Potion x4 at the end, then head to the east until you reach a small set of alcoves. The northern alcove has a chest containing Potion x8, while the southern alcove has a chest with Phoenix Down x4. After collecting the chests, head all the way to the eastern end of the path and on to the next area.

You should now be on a small platform with a lift to the far left end. Head up the small set of steps. Turn to the right to head to Bevelle's Security Core.

Bevelle Core[edit]

You should now be in a circular room with a Save Sphere in the middle. Barkeep is near by selling goods if you need them. Use this opportunity to Save and stock up because it will be a while before you have another chance to do either. When finished, collect the chest at the northern part of the room for a Chocobo Feather and then proceed to the Chamber of Fayth. Jump down the hole in the center of the floor. The girls now find themselves in a massive underground chamber deep under the city. Move along the platform toward the screen to find a pillar. Examine the pillar to receive a message about the security system inside this massive room. Return to the group and move to the edge of the platform. A security shutdown will begin. Continue to the top of the platform toward a large chain. Yuna will automatically jump (Press Circle button if she doesn't) to the chain and slide down it to the station below. Walk forward to initiate a battle with a set of YAC-13s.

HP: 1380 N/A
N/A AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 25 N/A
Steal: S-Bomb
Drop: S-Bomb


After killing the YAC-13s the next step is to disable the security towers. There are 6 towers in a circular pattern around a pit. Each tower alternating either blue or red(noted by the lights in front of the towers). Yuna is standing in front of the first of the 3 blue towers. Head up the steps of that tower and activate it. You will be forced to fight with a YSLS-Zero. After you take him out, a platform will appear in the central pit. When you can move again, proceed in a clockwise fashion around the pit to the next tower, activating every tower along the way. With each activation, a fight with the mech is initiated and another platform will appear. After you have activated the three blue towers, a Precepts Guard will confront the group. Activating all three red will trigger a battle with a Georapella. (Look below for tips on how to defeat both).

Behind the third tower you will find a chain. Jump on to it to travel to a higher platform. Here you must fight a YSLS-99 to clear the way to a chest containing a Pearl Necklace. You will also find a chain behind tower five that leads to another mech-type fiend and a chest with a Glass Buckle. Head up the chain behind tower six to find 500 Gil in a chest beside a broken-down YSLS-99 unit.

Precepts Guard & Georapella[edit]

Precepts Guard
HP: 3680 MP: 9999
EXP: 700 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 800 Pilfer Gil: 1600
Steal: Normal - Mana Tablet; Rare - Mana Tablet x2
Drop: Normal - Regen Bangle; Rare - Regen Bangle

The Precepts Guard inflicts Poison by casting Bio and drains HP and MP from the group. It also has attacks that inflict Slow or Death. It will also cast Demi, reducing the entire party's HP by 1/4. Have a White Mage handy to cast Pray or heal each round.

The easiest way to take him out is using high-level Black Mage spells in combination with a Warrior performing Excalibur.

HP: 4420 MP: 9999
EXP: 800 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 1000 Pilfer Gil: 1300
Steal: Normal - Water Gem; Rare - Water Gem x2
Drop: Normal - NulTide Ring; Rare - NulTide Ring

The Georapella is similar to the Precepts Guard. It is weak against Holy so a Warrior's Excalibur ability is useful in the battles with him as well. Instead of inflicting status effects however the Georapella relies on black magic spells that damage the entire party. Casting Haste on your party with a Songstress's Jitterbug ability or an item will help you but isn't necessary. Another option is to cast Reflect on everyone (easily accomplished using Yuna's special dresssphere) -- then Georapella will kill itself with its magic attacks (but this does not work against Oversouled Georapella, who will use physical attacks.) As with the Precepts Guard, keep a White Mage and Black Mage handy. Use Pray or MP Drain as needed.

Aligning the Platforms[edit]

You will notice the last three platforms that appeared in the center area are not aligned. In order to align them you are going to have to do some extra work with the watch towers.

  1. Touch the control panel of the southern most red tower, then the control panel of the blue tower directly to the right of the previously touched tower. The fourth platform from the top should rotate to a new position.
  2. A battle with a Precepts Guard or Georapella will be initiated.
  3. Touch the control panel at the tower that is to the left of the southern most red tower (the western most blue tower). Walk clockwise after doing so and activate the next red tower directly to the left of the just mentioned tower.
  4. Touch the control panel of the northwestern red tower. Then touch the control panel of the southwestern blue tower (directly to the right of the previously touched tower. The fifth platform should now move to the opposite side of the pit.
  5. Touch the control panel at the northeastern red watch tower. Then touch the control panel at the northern most tower (blue). The bottom platform should rotate to a new position.
  6. A battle with a Precepts Guard or Georapella will be initiated.
  7. Touch the control panel of the southwestern blue tower. The bottom platform should now move to the opposite side.

All the platforms should now be correctly aligned so you can jump down them to the bottom into a side chamber. Head to that chamber to open a chest with the very useful item Ribbon. After doing so head back to the platforms to the third from the top and continue to a set of hallways.

Navigating the Corridors[edit]

Proceed into the corridor and jump to the chest containing an Ether x4. Continue to the next obstacle and climb the rightmost column. Continue walking to grab a Remedy x4 from the chest at the bottom of a ramp. At the intersection, take the path to the right.

At the edge, step up on to the center of the three squares. This will cause the squares to drop down and reveal a lift. Ride the lift to a balcony for a chest with the Downtrodder Garment Grid.

Take the lift back down and return down the corridor to the intersection. This time take the left path. Climb on to both columns found at the end on each side to raise a bridge across the gap. Continue forward.

The Gaol[edit]

You now find yourself in yet another large room with a huge moving machine. This machine is called the Gaol. You will see Ormi and Logos standing nearby. Go past them to the chest to get Phoenix Down x5. Then backtrack past the two men and run along the ledge until you find a giant switch on the floor on a lower ledge. Step on this switch and the machine will stop moving. Stepping on the switch again will re-activate the machine. Watch the platforms and try to stop the machine until one of the pistons rotates and drops down so that it is directly at your level.

Jump up on to this platform and leap to the top of the device. A short scene will play making it quite obvious that you will not be able to climb this huge machine while it is moving. Rikku will then take over pressing the switch. Press Square button to call to her to either stop or start the machine. Before you call to her to begin the machine, move toward the side of the machine and descend down one of the curved arms. Jump from the piston platform to the ledge on the back wall.

Have Rikku start the machine. Watch the pistons move until they are in position so that the rear piston on the left is high and the rear piston on the right is at Yuna's level. Call to Rikku to stop the machine. Now hop onto the machine and climb across to the west to reach the ledge that has a chest with the Bloodlust accessory.

Stay on this ledge and call to Rikku again to start the machine. Wait until the pistons are high enough to reach your current level and low enough to reach the lowest level. Stop the machine and jump on to it. Cross to the bottom level and go through the doorway on the lower east side to a platform with a chest that contains the Wring accessory.

Head back to the Gaol and have Rikku start the machine. Wait until the platform comes down to your level. Then go to the platform that got you on the Goal in the first place. Even if you are at the highest level, you can still jump down and off the machine. Head towards the chest where you got the Phoenix Down x5 and turn left to find another path.

Lifts and Ledges[edit]

In the next area continue forward until you reach the columns. They will move aside automatically revealing a small area with three lifts and two switch pillars. The center lift isn't working so take either the left or right lift to a upper level platform. Here you will find a chest with a Hi-Potion. Open it and then walk toward the bottom of the screen to jump off the ledge. You will now find yourself back on the lower platform, however the lift you previously took up to the top is gone. You can now take the middle lift to a secret ledge. Head up to the secret ledge and climb onto the square platform to the middle. This activates a glyph that causes two platforms to rise near a Save Sphere. Take note of this because those steps lead to another dressphere. Return down the lift to the lower platform and take the other lift back up to the first upper level. Move directly across the upper level to yet another lift docked on the other side and ride it to the level below. The lifts should now be opposite what you had the first time you took the center lift (with one on the upper level, the other on the lower level). Take the center lift again. This takes you to another hidden ledge. Repeat what you did on the first secret ledge and climb on the raised step to activate the glyph. The last remaining two platforms rise near the Save Sphere. Take the lift back down and then take the side lift to the upper level. Climb onto the raised platform closeted to the screen. A block wall will fall away, revealing yet another lift. Jump down and step on the next raised step near the lift to extend a bridge. You can now ride the lift to the next level.

You are now in the short hallway with the Save Sphere where the platforms all that lift riding raised. Jump across those platforms to open the chest at the end. You have now obtained the Dark Knight Dressphere. Jump back to the Save Sphere. Set your characters costumes and items in preparation for two major battles (see the information below for suggestions) and save your game. Now take the solid path down to a long hallway. You will be confronted by Baralai.


HP: 3380 MP: 540
EXP: 1000 AP: 10
Gil Dropped: 1300 Pilfer Gil: 2000
Steal: Normal - Charm Bangle; Rare - Charm Bangle
Drop: Normal - Pearl Necklace; Rare - Pearl Necklace

Baralai will attack the girls very quickly with his long dual edge weapon. To counter this, use an item or ability to cast Haste on the party. If you use a Songstress, Baralai will more than likely inflict Stop on that character. When that happens, have a White Mage cast Esuna or have any party member give a Remedy to the Songstress. He will also pull out a gun that fires an explosive bullet that causes major damage. Have a White Mage handy casting Pray each turn. Either use a Warrior (or similar dressphere) or Black Mage's strong attacks to take Baralai Down.

Be sure to have a Gun Mage present during the fight! Baralai uses Drill Shot, a decent skill that might be nice to have on hand for some of the upcoming fights, and that you will have to wait a long time to get if you miss it here.


HP: 8400 MP: 9999
EXP: 1300 AP: 15
Gil Dropped: 1000 Pilfer Gil: 2200
Steal: Normal - Mute Shock; Rare - Mute Shock
Drop: Normal - Gris-Gris Bag; Rare - Gris-Gris Bag

Have one character set as a White Mage during the entire duration of the battle with Bahamut. This will help you recover from his Impulse attack and status ailments quickly. Cast Haste or use an item that will cast Haste on the party right away. Use a Black Mage to cast strong spells and a Warrior or a strong attacking dressphere.

Once a countdown appears while fighting, you will only have five turns to heal your characters as much as possible before Bahamut casts Mega Flare. This attack can KO the entire party so make sure everyone's HP is close to or over 1,000. If you don't get the chance to heal your party that high, you can use a Mega-Phoenix just before he uses the attack to try to revive your party, but your timing has to be just right.

Once Bahamut is defeated, a scene will play. After it is over, you will see that Chapter 2 has been completed.