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The Thief dressphere allows the user to steal. This can help you quickly increase the amount of items or gil in your inventory. This sphere has average to low attack abilities. It makes up for this however with high Agility and Evasion. Eventually learning Flee to help you in losing battles. It is best to use this sphere at the beginning of a battle to Steal and Pilfer Gil and then switch to another dressphere.

  • Obtained by - Rikku's default Dressphere. Received when Rikku joins the party.


Attribute Increase Attribute Increase
Strength Magic
Defense Magic Def.
Agility Accuracy
Evasion Luck


  • Attack
  • Steal
  • Flimflam
  • Flee
  • Item


Name AP MP Description Requirements
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy None
Steal 0 0 Steal items from one enemy None
Pilfer Gil 30 2 Steal Gil from one enemy None
Borrowed Time 100 16 Inflict Stop on one enemy None
Pilfer HP 60 10 Steal HP from one enemy Pilfer Gil
Pilfer MP 60 0 Steal MP from one enemy Pilfer HP
Sticky Fingers 120 20 Always steal items from one enemy Pilfer HP
Master Thief 140 20 Steal rare items from one enemy Sticky Fingers
Soul Swipe 160 12 Inflict Berserk on one enemy Pilfer HP
Steal Will 160 18 Cause one enemy to flee from battle Soul Swipe
Flee 10 0 Aid the party's escape from battle None
Item Hunter 60 0 Improves the odds of enemies dropping items None
First Strike 40 0 Act at the beginning of battle None
Initiative 60 0 Raises the party's chance of a preemptive strike First Strike
Slowproof 20 0 Guards against Slow Item Hunter
Stopproof 40 0 Guards against Stop Slowproof