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PS2 Controls[edit]


When using the pointer, Cross button functions as "left click", while Square button functions as "right click".

Neutral lstick Move Pointer
Neutral rstick Scroll Screen (when screen is enlarged)
Neutral dpad Move anchor and cursor
Cross button Confirm/Activates Software keyboard in text input areas
Circle button Cancel/Back to previous screen/Exits text input area
Triangle button Toggle display of PlayOnline Navigator top page and Friend List
Square button When Viewing Content: Display/Hide Quick Menu. When using the Friend List: Add friend to your group. When Entering Text: Display Menu, Select a character.
L1 button Switch Page (back)
R1 button Switch Page (next)
L2 button Move pointer while in text input mode
R2 button Fast-scroll a window. Move pointer while in text input mode
L3 button Confirm (when using pointer)
R3 button Enlarge screen or return screen to normal size

USB Keyboard[edit]

Enter Choose/Next/Next Line in text input/Confirm input
Esc Cancel/Back to previous screen/Exit text-input area/Delete uncomfirmed text input
 ↑   ↓  Move anchor/Move text cursor
Tab Move anchor to next field in order/Insert a tab-space into text
Backspace Delete character before cursor
Delete Delete character after cursor
Ctrl + X Cut (Cuts selected text)
Ctrl + C Copy (Copies selected text)
Ctrl + V Paste (pastes text previously cut or copied)
Ctrl + PC Mouse Left Click.png Select multiple items
Shift + PC Mouse Left Click.png Select all items between pre-set beginning and end points. Set beginning and end points.
Shift +  ↑ / ↓  Select/Deselect text
Shift + / Select/Deselect text
PageUp Back one page (in lists with scroll bars)
PageDown Next Page (in lists with scroll bars)
Space Insert a blank space in text input
Space + PC Mouse.png up/down Fast scroll
F11 Display/Hide cut-copy-paste menu during text input. Display/Hide Quick Menu when viewing content.
F12 Display/Hide PlayOnline Navigator top page and Friend List

USB Mouse[edit]

PC Mouse.png (move) Move Pointer
PC Mouse Left Click.png Confirm (with pointer)/Move selection during text input
PC Mouse Right Click.png Display menu during text input/Select all items in the current window (when available)
PC Mouse Middle Click.png up/down Move scroll bar in selected area
PC Mouse Middle Click.png (click) Display/Hide PlayOnline Navigator top page and Friend List

PC Controls[edit]