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Republic of Bastok[edit]

Bastok Markets

The main thoroughfare of The Republic of Bastok, the markets is home to a wide number of shops, including the Goldsmithing Guild and the west Auction House (accessible just off of firewater circle). This is the center of town, and provides access to all of the other sections of Bastok.

Bastok Mines

While no active mining is actually done in Bastok Mines anymore, it does still provide access to Zeruhn Mines which still has active mining areas. While the Mines district is home to a variety of stores, some of which cater to the miners, the district is also home to the Alchemists' Guild and the southern Auction House. Adventurers should also note that the Mines district is home to the Bastok Chocobo stables.


Home to the Republic of Bastok's presidential offices, including the official Allegiance Changer Mythily and Ballista Pursuivant Invincible Shield, not to mention the embassies of the other nations. The Metalworks is also home to, not surprisingly, the Blacksmith Guild and its proprietor, Cid.

Port Bastok

The Bastok Port provides a mix of living quarters, shops and restaurants, plus access to Jeuno via the airship. Warehouses hold the various products arriving and departing via the airsips to and from distant lands. Adventurers are advised to use caution in some of the darker areas of the Port, as the Tenshodo are active here and always looking for an easy mark.

The Kingdom of San d'Oria[edit]

Chateau d'Oraguille

The home to the Royal d'Oraguille family, the Chateau is complete with living quarters, an audience chamber, a garden and separate quarters for the Temple Knights and Royal Knights, who are commissioned to protect the royal family at all costs. Entry to the Chateau is strictly limited. Beneath the Chateau is the currently unused Bostaunieux Oubliette prison.

Northern San d'Oria

With access to the Royal palace, otherwise known as the Chateau d'Oraguille, and the Cathedral, much of the Northern section of the Kingdom of San d'Oria has an open, spread out feel. The Parade Grounds in the center provides a spectacular area for the Kingdom's many festivals and a beautiful backdrop for the consulates which line its paths. The western part of the district, however, is distinctly different. Laborman's way, which houses the Blacksmiths' and carpenters' Guilds, remains in a perpetual state of construction. Unaware adventures should be careful, as certain nondescript doors lead directly to dangerous mob infested areas.

Port San d'Oria

The port of the Kingdom of San d'Oria is a relatively sparse district of town, compared the other districts. The airships provide passenger access to Jeuno and also allow for steady stream of goods to come in and out of the Kingdom, as evidenced by the large cargo rooms. A single shop and single tavern also also found here, along with the North Auction House.

Southern San d'Oria

The bustling merchant district of the Kingdom of San d'Oria is home to a wide variety of shops and regional merchants. Also at home in this district is the South Auction House and the Tanners' Guild. In addition to the merchants that sell their wares here, there are a number of small alleyways with housing for the Kingdom's many residents.

The Federation of Windurst[edit]

Heavens Tower

This tower in the center of the Federation of Windurst is home to the leader of the federation, the mystic Star Sibyl who resides on the top floor. Additional governmental functions are carried out in the lower levels of the tower, including the acquisition of World Passes, allegiance changes, and ballista registration. Access to the Star Sibyl is severly limited and strictly enforced.

Port Windurst

The port of the Federation of Windurst is home to the Fisherman's Guild and Air Travel Agency, which provides access to Jeuno. Also present in port are a number of shops providing especially good services to the new adventurer. The Orastery, located in Fishmonger Landing, is the department of Magic and home to Minister Ajido-Marujido. A nosy adventurer can stumble upon the terrifying Star Onion Brigade if they are not careful!

Windurst Walls

This quiet, residential area of Federation of Windurst provides a home away from home for some of the more respected residents of the Federation. Accessible from all other areas of Windurst, the Walls district also provides access to the North Auction House. To the extreme north of the Walls district is the abandoned House of the Hero, underneath which is a hidden and guarded passageway into the Toraimarai Canal.

Windurst Waters

This massive district to the west of the Blacktea River, lies along the western edge the Federation of Windurst. Along with a variety of Shops, the Cooking Guild is located in the nothern half of the zone, next to the Tavern and Hostelry. Also contained within this district are a variety of official government departments, including the Aurastery (Magic School), the Optistery (The Library of Magic), and the Rhinostery (living organism research).

Windurst Woods

This expansive district is the heart of the Federation of Windurst and provides a large number of services to adventurers. The South Auction House can be found at the south-east edge of the district, next to the chocobo stables. To the south lies the Weavers' and Boneworkers' Guilds. The Manustery, which deals with the development of the Cardians, lies in the center of the district. And to the north is the Dhalmel Farm run by Illu Bohjaa, and Mithra Groves, home to Nanaa Mihgo.

The Grand Duchy of Jeuno[edit]

Port Jeuno

The transportation capital of Vana'diel, the port of Jeuno provides round-the-clock access to the nations of San d'Oria, Windurst and Bastok, along with providing airship service to Kazham. With access by foot to both the Qufim region (via Qufim Island) and the Mindartia Continent (via Sauromugue Champaign, not to mention chocobo stables and access to the Jeuno Auction House, the Jeuno Port provides adventures with unprecedented access to both zones and items.

Lower Jeuno

The lower level of Jeuno, otherwise known as Market Bridge, is filled with a wide variety of shops selling everything an aspiring adventurer could need. While somewhat hidden in the depths of the district, even the Goblins and Tenshodo have set up shops here. If the shops don't sell what you are looking for, the Lower Auction House will often have your desired item listed. Reflecting the fact that the lower level of Jeuno is considered by many to be the center of Vana'diel commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located here. Chocobos can also be rented here for access to Rolanberry Fields.

Upper Jeuno

The upper level of Jeuno, also known as the Artisan Bridge, is home to a few shops and merchants. The dichotomy of the district is readily apparant as the Temple of the Goddess and infirmary lie a few steps from weapon and shield shops, and a block away from the Marble Bridge Tavern. The Auction House is accessible from this district as well, and chocobos can be rented to access to Batallia Downs.

Ru'Lude Gardens

The grounds of Kam'lanaut's grand estates, the Ru'Lude Gardens were named by the archduke himself and opened to the population as a place of respite in times of peace. Unfortunately, during the Crystal War, the gardens, the estate, and the bridge on which they were built were all destroyed by boulders thrown by gigas. After the war was over, the Ru'Lude Gardens were reconstructed on the roof of the residential tower on an even grander scale for all the people of Vana'diel to enjoy.


Altar Room

Home to the most senior Yagudo. Used in the Magicite mission and the A Moral Manifest? quest.

Castle Oztroja

The birdlike Beastmen known as the Yagudo spent decades carving this stronghold out of the mountains in the Meriphataud Range. In addition to being strictly guarded, the interior of the castle is extremely complex and littered with traps and curses that only members of the Yagudo Theomilitary have been informed of.

Garlaige Citadel

During the Great War, the armies of Altana, led by the first order of the Royal Knights of San d'Oria, reconstructed this underground fortress in hopes of taking the beastmen armies in Sauromugue by surprise. Outfitted with hundreds of troops from all three nations, the forces of Altana were successful in their attacks on the beastmen--until an enemy unit discovered a secret entrance to the citadel. This miscalculation resulted in the slaughter of all within the fortress, dealing a severe blow to the allied forces.

Meriphataud Mountains

Unrelenting dust storms and a severe climate make for a harsh environment that is inhabited by few. Castle Oztroja, the Yagudo stronghold, can be found here, and its guards relentlessly patrol the surrounding hills. Also present is the colossal structure known as Drogaroga's Spine, an enormous bone-shaped structure that spans the area from west to east, severing it in the middle. Drogaroga's Spine is believed by many denizens of Vana'diel to be the spine of the great dragon Drogaroga, a mythological being that exsisted at the begining of the world.

Sauromugue Champaign

These windswept, desolate plains are situated on an arid peninsula that juts out into the Bastore Sea. Located near the Strait of Jeuno, this area is considered a gateway between the Mindartia and Quon continents. Due to this prime location, numerous kingdoms and various beastman forces have struggled for control of the terrain. The struggle continues to this day--even with the advent of the airship and its revolutionary impact on travel.



Located deep within the Pashhow Marshlands, far from the reach of Bastokan and San d'Orian forces, the Quadav began building their main stronghold after their defeat in the Great War. To continue the construction of their city, they have relentlessly stolen large quantities of the non-rusting mythril from Bastok, as well as the techniques used by the republican craftsmen.

Crawlers' Nest

This web-filled cave plays home to the pests that plague the Rolanberry Fields: the crawlers. While the extermination of these insects by adventurers is approved and rewarded, not once has the Jeunoan military led a full-force attack on the nest. Theories suggest that the lack of support from Jeuno is due to the economic benefits the duchy receives from the sale of silk, a valuable commodity that often accompanies the yellow and black pests.

Pashhow Marshlands

In direct contrast to the highlands that surround it, the Pashhow Marshlands are located near sea level, resulting in a wet, swampy landscape. The countless bogs and floating islands of vegetation make the area extremely difficult to traverse. However, the presence of the Quadav is what causes many travelers to shun this dangerous territory.

Qulun Dome

This dark chamber beneath the Beastmen stronghold of Beadeaux is the domain of the Quadav leader Za'Dha the Adamantking.

Rolanberry Fields

For centuries, this area has been used to cultivate fields of the sweet fruit known as the rolanberry. Considered a delicacy by Humes and the Elvaan, the farmers in this region have perfected their methods of agriculture and are now able to harvest the sweet berries year round. Three great bridges at the Rolanberry Fields' northeastern tip connect the region with its neighboring areas: the Lord Bolicevre Bridge leads to the Batallia Downs, the Market Bridge leads to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, and the Great Jeuno Bridge grants access to the Sauromugue Champaign.


Beaucedine Glacier

A severe ground where snow storms always rage. Deep crevasses abound in this region; falling here is likely fatal to a traveler. Around the glacier, ruins of the same type as the Horutoto ruins of Sarutabaruta were discovered. Controversy over the specific creators of these structures continue among archaeologists of Windurst and the priests of San d'Oria.

Cloister of Frost

Home of the ice protocrystal which houses the celestial avatar Shiva, God of Frost.


The city of legend where it is assumed the Ancients lived. Very few people that set foot in the city come back alive.

Qu'Bia Arena

The mysterious inner sanctum of the Ruins of Fei'Yin where the seal closing off the frozen northlands was placed after the Great War. It is the entrance to a number of different BCNM battles as well as some battles for missions and quests. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.

Ranguemont Pass

An underground pass that connects the relatively tranquil outskirts of San d'Oria with the cold and hazardous mountainous Fauregandi region. To protect its citizens from the dangers inside and beyond, access to the depths of the pass is guarded by a small cadre of elite San d'Orian guards.


Dangruf Wadi'

The Dangruf Wadi is a small gorge located near Mount Dangruf, an active volcano. Due to the extreme heat caused by the magma under the surface, numerous natural geysers can be found in this area. Long ago, the Galka often would come to bathe in the hot springs here to relieve the aches and pains caused by the long hours they worked in the mines.

North Gustaberg

Situated to the north of Bastok, this valley is surrounded by steep mountains. Separated into east and west areas by towering cliffs, this rocky region remains desolate due to various mineral run-offs which contaminate the river water. However, the spectacular Drachenfall, located to the north, is considered to be one of the wonders of Vana'diel.

Palborough Mines

These caves were once a Quadav settlement until mythril, a rare ore, was discovered in its walls. It was not long before the Republic of Bastok sent its soldiers to drive the beastmen out of these caves. After the Quadav had been vanquished, the Humes used their newly invented explosives to transform the caves into a system of mines that would become the largest producer of mythril ore in the whole of Vana'diel. However, the Quadav recently retaliated by sending their own forces to reclaim their former home. They remain in control of the mines to this day.

South Gustaberg

Spreading out to the south of Bastok is the rocky terrain of South Gustaberg. Plentiful with ore, hundreds of tunnels and mine shafts have been dug beneath the earth by Humes and Quadav alike. To the east, the Morhen Lighthouse can be found on the cliffs lining the Bastore Sea, its light guiding the way for the ferries and airships that traverse the area.

Waughroon Shrine

The sacred shrine of the Quadav located within their ancestral homelands that have become the Palborough Mines. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.

Zeruhn Mines

These mines were recently dug out of the large rock formation that lies in the Mines District of Bastok when a vein of Darksteel Ore was discovered within. Zeruhn has since become a reliable source of iron and a small supplier of zinc, silver, and darksteel, and because of its location within the walls of Bastok, Zeruhn Mines is safer for miners than the nearby Palborough Mines.


Buburimu Peninsula

This relatively small peninsula is located on the east side of the Pamtam Straits. In comparison to the dry weather that plagues much of the Kolshushu Region, Buburimu is often visited by occasional squalls that provide enough water for certain grasses to grow. Also, on the eastern tip of the peninsula, a strangely shaped rock formation can be found. At night, the ore deposits within the formation give off a fluorescent light that acts as a marker for passing ships. The Tarutaru call this place the Kibubu Lighthouse.

Labyrinth of Onzozo

This dark, maze-like labyrinth, ruled by the Lord of Onzozo, is littered with the bones of both fallen adventurers and prey alike. The labyrinth is filled with a huge variety of different types of animals, including large numbers of Sea Monks, Coeurls, Cockatrice and Scorpions.

Maze of Shakhrami

This natural labyrinth was formed long ago, when water from the rivers above seeped through the crust and ate away at the rocks below. The fossils of great ancient beasts can often be found deep within this natural wonder.


Carved out of the cliff that faces the Strait of Pamtam, Mhaura is a peaceful port town that is part of the Federation of Windurst. Mhaura was originally a Tarutaru town, but thanks to the tolerant stance of the governor, many craftspeople of all races and nationalities have gathered here.

Tahrongi Canyon

The twisting canyons of the Tahrongi were carved out of the surrounding mountains thousands of years ago when powerful rivers ran through the region. While this spectacle of nature awes all who pass through, the danger that lurks within its walls should not be underestimated.


Batallia Downs

During the Great War, the Batallia Downs were the location of the infamous Battle of Jeuno. The scars left from this epic confrontation still litter the region. The looming Achaque Mountains situated in the northern part of the area prevent possible intruders while hampering the travel of adventurers. Finally, the Artisan Bridge connecting the Norvallen Region and the Grand Duchy of Jeuno is located on the downs' far eastern shore.


During the Great War nearly twenty years ago, an attack was made by the Orcish troops on this peaceful Elvaan monastery left the tiny sanctuary in ruins and under the control of the beastmen. The Orcs transformed the area into their main stronghold, delighted by the layout of the surrounding area, as well as the protection that the monastic caverns provided. While there have been many attempts by the San d'Orian Royal Knights to reclaim this area, the ever-weakening forces of the kingdom remain powerless in this fight and often rely on hired adventurers to assist them in their campaigns.

The Eldieme Necropolis

The ancient Elvaan built these burial mounds, also known as the Coveffe Barrows, in an attempt to bring themselves closer to the Goddess Altana in death. Within the San d'Orian Church, to spend one's final days on Vana'diel within these tombs was often considered the greatest blessing before departing to the afterlife. This resulted in a wave of followers traveling to the barrows and constructing the underground necropolis that remains there to this day. However, during the Great War, these catacombs were also the sites of fierce battles that left thousands dead or injured. The spirits of these lost souls still roam the tombs below.

Jugner Forest

Located to the east of the Kingdom of San d'Oria, this vast, dense woodland is often shrouded in darkness--even during the day. Before the construction of a main road that connected the adjoining areas, travelers and merchants often shunned the Jugner Forest; all would fear the ferocious beasts that lurked in the shadows of the mighty trees. Even today, only a large caravan protected by hired mercenaries could survive an attack from the Orcs and Goblin raiders that prey on passersby.

Monastic Cavern

Deep within the recesses of the Orcish stronghold of Davoi is the Monastic Cavern, home to the leaders of the Orcs. The old peaceful Elvaan monastery, which used to welcome travelers from far and wide, is now dangerous for any and all adventurers to even step foot in.


Behemoth's Dominion

Home to the Behemoths of Vana'diel, this cavernous subterranean dwelling is buried deep inside Qufim Island. In addition to the Behemoths, scores of undead also roam around seeking to surprise unsuspecting adventurers.

Lower Delkfutt's Tower / Middle Delkfutt's Tower / Upper Delkfutt's Tower

This tower in the North of Qufim Island is overrun by a wide range of Gigas who were trapped there at the end of the Great War. Isolated in their gloomy tower, the Gigas are constantly searching for a way to get back to their homeland. The tower is split into three sections, Lower Delkfutt's Tower (Basement and Floors 1-3), Middle Delkfutt's Tower (Floors 4-9) and Upper Delkfutt's Tower (Floors 10-12).

Qufim Island

An island to the north of Jeuno, Qufim Island is home to those Gigas who are unable to survive the depths of Delkfutt's Tower. Often crowded with adventurers during the day due to its proximity to Jeuno, at night a large number of undead roam around forcing many less experienced adventurers to seek safe cover.

Stellar Fulcrum

At the highest point of Delkfutt's tower lies the battle arena for Zilart Mission 8 and a promotional event used in official Square Enix events.


Bostaunieux Oubliette

This prison, accessed from the basement of the Chateau d'Oraguille, is not currently in use by the Kingdom of San d'Oria, although a few guards are still kept to patrol the halls. The deeper recesses of the oubliette (a dungeon with an opening only on top) is accessible only through a guarded trap door. The prison is dangerous to even the most worthy of adventurers.

East Ronfaure

This lush evergreen forest, set aside by the d'Oraguille family for hunting festivals, lies to the east of the Kingdom of San d'Oria. Blessed by the abundant waters of the Cheval River, the wildlife in these woodlands has flourished for centuries. However, extensive logging by Orcish troops--and an astounding increase in the number of wild sheep--have resulted in a significant reduction in the area's wildlife. San d'Orian officials are currently pondering over a solution to this new dilemma.

Fort Ghelsba

This massive fort, reinforced with towering logs cut down from the surrounding forests, is home to the frontline troops of the Orcish Empire. Here, the Orcs continue their preparations for battle with San d'Oria by constructing various siege weapons, such as long-range catapults and battering rams.

Ghelsba Outpost

This vanguard outpost for the Orcish Empire is home to the Vilebloods, who are led by the merciless Warchief Vatgit. Only the most fearless, vicious, bloodthirsty Orcs are selected to be a part of the Warchief's ranks. Many knights travel to this area to engage the enemy, but never return home.

Horlais Peak

The highest mountain top above Fort Ghelsba, containing the famous Horlais hot springs as well as a Burning Circle. This area is the entrance to a number of different BCNM battles, as well as being used in some missions and quests. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.

King Ranperre's Tomb

Somewhere deep within this enormous expanse of catacombs lie the remains of the 24th heir to the throne of San d'Oria: Ranperre, the Dragon King. It is said that the king--who was a dragonslayer--had entrusted the protection of the tomb to a black dragon that had been spared in exchange for its services.

West Ronfaure

This wooded area lies to the west of San d'Oria's gates. Many years ago, the Orc forces captured the area surrounding Mount Ghelsba, then proceeded to relentlessly dispatch troops into the surrounding region from their newly constructed fort. Not a day goes by without the Royal Knights exchanging blows with the beastmen hordes.

Yughott Grotto

The Orcs once used Elvaan slaves to dig this tunnel, which was originally intended to lead all the way under the walls of the San d'Orian citadel. However, the short-tempered Orcs soon found that their plan would be far more difficult to carry out than they previously thought, so they simply gave up their pursuit of the project.


Balga's Dais

The innermost crevice within the Yagudo realm of Giddeus containing a Burning Circle. This area is the entrance to a number of different BCNM battles, as well as being used in some missions and quests. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.

East Sarutabaruta

As its name implies, East Sarutabaruta is comprised of the savanna situated to the east of the capital of Windurst. While the Zanbibi and Nompipi rivers that run through this area provide a bounty of water for the surrounding wildlife, aftereffects of the Great War have left their mark on the environment and the weather. A land that was once praised by the Mithra as a hunter's paradise now remains home to only a few scattered prey.

Full Moon Fountain

This area is used in several missions and quests, often involving Fenrir as it is where he lies. You must use the Moon Bauble to do battle.


Centered around the Yagudo's temple, this area also serves as a theological haven for the race known as the Yagudo. Using their claws and sharp beaks, the beastmen carved caves out of the surrounding cliffs to serve as their homes. Though they may appear to be randomly placed, the locations of the caves have been carefully planned out and follow the teachings of the Yagudo religion. On a daily basis, the residents of Giddeus perform short pilgrimages around the area, stopping at every one of the numerous altars.

Inner Horutoto Ruins / Outer Horutoto Ruins

The term "Horutoto Ruins" refers to the set of ancient towers that are spread across the plains of Sarutabaruta. While no one is certain why these massive structures were built, the powerful magical energy that emanates from them has been the center of Tarutaru scientific investigation for decades.

Toraimarai Canal

This series of canals underneath Windurst is home to a wide variety of creatures. With multiple levels and a number of dead-ends, venturing in this frightful labyrinth often leads to certain death.

West Sarutabaruta

These grass-covered plains lie on the western side of the capital of Windurst. Ruins of an ancient civilization dot the area, indicating that Sarutabaruta was inhabited long before the Tarutaru arrived. Also, a mysterious place known as Starfall Hillock can be found in the north of this region. It is said that in this mystical spot, stars fall from the heavens on cold nights...


The frozen northern island of Valdeaunia is often considered to be completely uninhabitable. Old evils cast long, dark shadows across the icy land, making Valdeaunia the home of the world's darkest powers. Most predominantly, the Xarcabard region could be considered the capital of the beastmen's war efforts, being the home of Castle Zvahl, which is in turn the stronghold of the enigmatic and malevolent Shadow Lord.


Most feared and oppressive of all the land of Valdeaunia is the Xarcabard region. Rumored to be so cold that even good and evil alike freeze instantly in its fiercest winds, it was also a natural place for the displaced beastraces and other monstrous creatures to make into their base of operations. From here, the Shadow Lord and his lieutenant demons plotted and still plot the destruction of the Enlightened Races, bearing a grudge that defies the ages. There are no indigenous peoples of Xarcabard, and if there was ever any settlement other than Castle Zvahl to speak of, it would be so ancient and timeless as to have been forgotten by the history of any race or nation on Vana'diel.

Castle Zvahl Baileys/Castle Zvahl Keep

A virtual city unto itself, Castle Zvahl is a massive structure that has origins far older than recorded history could accurately relate. While it is possible that it has always been the dwelling of the Shadow Lord and his hordes of beastmen lieutenants, the architecture is so unusual that it seems to hint at an even earlier purpose.

During the Crystal War, the great heroes of each nation stormed Castle Zvahl with their armies in tow, bringing a great deal of the interior into ruin. After slaying the Shadow Lord, they entombed his remains in the deepest recesses of the castle keep, hoping to place his dark legacy behind Vana'diel forever. This has only seemed to enhance the mystery behind the most recent uprisings lead by one who claims to be the very same being entombed within the castle.

Although not recognized by any of the Great Nations or the Grand Duchy as a national capital, the castle is home to legions of beastmen and their kin. During the Crystal War, many beings were reported within that defied conventional description or classification. These were labeled as "demons," and were among the most deadly of the Shadow Lord's army. Such affiliations have lead to the speculation that Castle Zvahl was intended as a home or worshiping site for the dark god Promathia.

Throne Room

The "Burning Circle" area for the Shadow Lord fight and the final Bastok mission. Located in Castle Zvahl Keep.


Gusgen Mines

Large amounts of mythril were extracted from these twisting caverns long before the discovery of the Palborough Mines. Complete with a railway system for mine carts, Gusgen was heavily mined for many years. However, as the veins of ore were depleted, the miners packed up and moved away. Now the mines remain abandoned.

Konschtat Highlands

These vast grasslands are situated just to the north of the Republic of Bastok. In contrast to the surrounding Bastok Mountains, the Konschtat Highlands are abundant with an array of alpine wildlife. Also, in order to harness the powerful winds called "Odin's Wrath" that constantly blow through the area, Bastok has constructed numerous windmills throughout the highlands. According to a treaty, San d'Oria provides a portion of their grain crops in exchange for the use of Bastok's windmills to produce flour.

La Theine Plateau

The grasslands that make up the La Theine Plateau are located high above the surrounding areas. Once known for the flocks of wild chocobos that dotted the meadows, the plateau is now overrun with giant sheep that are herded by the local Elvaan. The area is also characterized by deep crevices that seem to tear apart the land; torrential rainfall is also common. As a result of the heavy precipitation, rainbows can frequently be spotted while traveling through the plateau.

Ordelle's Caves

This is a beautiful set of limestone caves discovered by Lord Ordelle, the famed Elvaan explorer. When the map of the area was completed, the shape of the tunnels closely resembled a person's body; this resulted in the alias "the Body Caves," which is still used by the local Elvaan.


Selbina was once a prosperous town that acted as a strategic port for the navy of Mindartia and a waypoint for travelers. But with the resurgence in the popularity of air travel, the town is slowly returning its focus to the local industry of fishing and stock farming.

Valkurm Dunes

This enormous expanse of dunes can be found along the Bhefhel Gulf. While a majority of the surrounding coastline is too shallow for larger sea vessels, one natural harbor does exist. Near this harbor lies the independent port town of Selbina.

Arrapago Islands[edit]

Arrapago Reef

This highly treacherous area is legendary for stranding many a ship. It is for this reason that the Arrapago Reef became the final bastion for a kingdom that was destroyed by an attack from Aht Urhgan. It is said that the kingdom's immense treasures still rest in the coastal caverns. However, the Lamiae are currently using the reef as their stronghold, guarded by the sleepless undead. Infiltrating the Arrapago Reef would be no easy task.

Caedarva Mire

This vast stretch of swampland covers two main islands (Azouph Isle, Dvucca Isle) and 2 small islands (Sharug Isle, Hediva Isle). "Caedarva" means "illusion" in the language of Ephramad. The mire is a dreary place covered in dense fog nearly all year round, yet it is also home to a multitude of animals and aquatic plants such as wild rice, lotuses, and thickets of shrubs. Caedarva Mire is well known as the ancient site of a great battle between the Empire of Aht Urhgan and the Kingdom of Ephramad. Now the area is enveloped in a struggle for supremacy between the Lamiae and their Undead Swarm, the Qiqirn of Nashmau, and the Near Eastern Fomors.

Hazhalm Testing Grounds

An area where alchemists fused the parts of various organisms to create new creatures known as chimeras. Lamiae, Merrows, puks, Mandragora, hydras, and khimairas were created here among many others, with khimairas being the originals. It is also supposedly where the earliest blue mages were created and thus likely the home of many flan and soulflayers. The Troll mercenary leader Megomak currently has an interest with the testing grounds' contents.

Ilrusi Atoll

Situated on the northern most point of the Arrapago Islands just beyond the Arrapago Reef, Ilrusi Atoll is a maze of small islands connected by shallow water and the wrecks of numerous ships and is the den of ferocious sea life as well as the Lamiae and their undead legions.

This area is an Assault area. A cage of Reef Fireflies is given to all participating mercenaries who enter. They can be used to return to the Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point.

Leujaoam Sanctum

The Leujaoam Sanctum is a mysterious network of caves undrneath the Caedarva Mire on the south-western side of the Arrapago Islands. The Leujaoam Sanctum is guarded by the Aht Urhgan forces at the Azouph Isle Staging Point and is home to several types of unique flaura and fauna.


After striking north from the Imperial capital, a perilous voyage across the roiling seas of the Cyan Deep will bring travelers to Azouph Isle. This mist-shrouded island is home to the solitary settlement of Nashmau. Once a supply base for the Imperial navy, it was abandoned after a plague descended upon its population; the Qiqirn have since taken the town as their own. The diminutive beastmen have reopened a section of the port in order to trade with fishermen and other visitors to the Arrapago Islands. To the east of Nashmau lies a stretch of mudlands known as the "Deadmist Marsh."


Located along the western expanse of the Arrapago Islands this network of caverns and niches is littered with hiding places of those who wish to keep their operations quiet. Surely among the crates and barrels hidden from prying eyes scattered throughout there must be something of value...

This area an Assault area. A cage of Dvucca Fireflies is given to all participating mercenaries who enter. They can be used to return to the Dvucca Isle Staging Point.

Talacca Cove

This cove near the centre of the Arrapago Islands was once a port favoured by the ehpramadian corsairs who waged war against the Empire of Aht Urhgan. Now this ancient anchorage would seem abandoned by all but relics of an age gone past that lay among the debris and stones that border the shallows...

The Ashu Talif

The Ashu Talif is a famous pirate ship, originally believed by The Empire of Aht Urhgan to have been long destroyed. It is also a battlefield for a couple of Assault missions linked to quests. You cannot obtain mission orders from the commissions agency for The Ashu Talif. A cage of Cutter Fireflies is given to all participating mercenaries who enter. They can be used to return to the cutter found in the Arrapago Reef.

Halvung Territory[edit]


Surrounding the base of Mount Zhayolm, the city of Halvung is a military fortification built by the Troll Mercenaries. While defensive foundations and mercenary barracks constructed from heat-resistant materials can be found above the surface, the bulk of Halvung is concentrated underground. The subterranean complex is favored by the mercenaries' employers--a faction of Moblins that splintered from Movalpolos in the distant past. The design of Halvung was based on the mobile homeland of the Moblins, with several modifications to allow for the towering frames of the Trolls. The location of Halvung also brings other benefits--cast metal and jewelry crafted using the abundant geothermal energy of the volcano provide a valuable source of black market income.

Lebros Cavern

An expansive cavern on the eastern side of the Halvung Territory. Filled with lava and other dangers common to the volcanic region the cavern has the been the site of many battle between the Imperial Army and the Troll Mercenaries.

Mount Zhayolm

Found across the ocean from Cape Mazklah, beyond the Sicklemoon Straits, Mount Zhayolm is an active twin volcano that rises from the islands of Vozold and Zazalda. Home to the Troll Mercenaries, the Halvung Territory was once recognized by Aht Urhgan as an independent state of the Empire. The constant rain of volcanic ash combined with occasional emissions of sulfuric gas have created a wasteland almost completely devoid of plant and animal life--an inhospitable land that saw very few travelers before the emergence of the Astral Candescence and the ensuing struggle.

Much of the map is blocked off by the Gates of Halvung in (H-8) and (J-7). To open these, you need a Cast Metal Plate (Key Item). This is found at a ??? point that moves around the zone. It seems to pop on the mounds with dead trees and Eruca on them; there are four of these on the map, one in each open area.

Navukgo Execution Chamber

A deep cavern found within the depths of Halvung is the core of the fiery volcano. It is the battleground for various quests, missions, and ISNMs.

Mamool Ja Savagelands[edit]

Aydeewa Subterrane

This extensive network of tunnels lying beneath the Wajaom Woodlands is covered in subterranean plants, ranging from vines to ferns, fungi, and moss, giving the caverns a unique vibrancy unseen on the surface. The Aydeewa Subterrane was once a site of the ancient Olduum civilization until sinking almost completely into the ocean. However, traces of the past can still be seen in the stone pillars and altars scattered about the area. The Empire of Aht Urhgan maintained the caverns until recently, when the increasing beastman threat forced them to withdraw. Now the Aydeewa Subterrane is plagued with Qiqirn and Mamool Ja thieves looking for treasure among the ruins.

Jade Sepulcher

An area located deep inside Mamook, accessible to mercenaries via the Bhaflau Thickets (near the Mamool Ja Staging Point). You must use the Ebony Door to do battle.


The capital of Mamool Ja, Mamook was built deep in a forest on a peninsula west of the Aht Urhgan Empire. In order to control parasite infestations, the wooden structures that cover the capital are burned down and rebuilt every few years. Therefore, much of the construction in Mamook appears rather crude. Like the Mamool Ja's equipment, the few intricate decorative metals in the area were created by prisoners taken by Mamook. Furthermore, sacred stones situated in each area of the capital are believed to harbor the spirits of fallen Mamool Ja heroes and protect Mamook from evil.

Mamool Ja Training Grounds

Situated on the southern tip of the Mamool Ja Savagelands the training grounds are used by the Mamool Ja to train their warriors in new techniques as well as prepare for battle.

This area an Assault area. A cage of Bhaflau Fireflies is given to all participating mercenaries who enter. They can be used to return to the Mamool Ja Staging Point.

Wajaom Woodlands

The Wajaom woodlands cover a vast stretch of land to the west of the Imperial capital. The name "Wajaom," meaning "abundance" in the language of Aht Urhgan, is a fitting term to describe the rainforest tract that also encompasses the Bhaflau thickets to the north. The areas are home to a rich variety of fauna, from birds that hover in the air with their rapid wingbeats to bees that build hives of enormous size. Once the Imperial Army's watchtowers and patrolled routes allowed children to safely enjoy berry gathering in the forest, but due to the Empire's weakened defenses, the woodland paths are now used by the Mamool Ja for raids on the Imperial capital.

Ruins of Alzadaal[edit]

Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

These mysterious undersea ruins unilke any others in all of Vana'diel were until recently the subject of an investigation by the Aht Urhgan Archaeological Research Institute, but have been opened to the public since the survey's completion. A number of Qiqirn have come to inhabit the ruins and remain hostile to intruders.

Nyzul Isle

This area is the core of the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. Assault missions inside of here are considered unofficial by the Empire and thus do not reward mercenaries with Assault Points.

Silver Sea Remnants / Arrapago Remnants / Bhaflau Remnants / Zhayolm Remnants

These four areas house several Salvage offers several new exploratory missions designed for alliances. While similar to Limbus battles in that up to 18 adventurers can participate, Salvage battles are more than a relentless assault on a seemingly never-ending wave of enemies—they will require precise teamwork and impeccable strategy to complete.

The main objective of Salvage missions is the exploration of the archaeological remains of four newly opened areas (Zhayolm Remnants, Arrapago Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants, Silver Sea Remnants) and the eradication the demonic beasts that rule their deepest depths. However, this will not be as easy as it sounds. A powerful force known only as the Pathos of Alzadaal limits the abilities of all who enter, making them easy prey for the hordes of fiends waiting in the shadows. To complete these missions, alliances must work as one, or the treasure that slumbers in the remnants' bowels will remain lost for eternity.

West Aht Urhgan[edit]

Aht Urhgan Whitegate

Protected by tall ramparts, the impregnable fortress city of Al Zahbi serves as the capital of the western half of the vast Empire of Aht Urhgan. The city resembles a labyrinth, with the roofs of stone buildings joining to form paths around structures built on a higher level. The serpentine designs seen throughout the city represent the two-headed snake king Zahak, a symbol of the Empire. Aht Urhgan Whitegate is known as the Merchant’s Ward. This diverse ward is home to merchants and craftsmen who provide their services to the area’s throngs of traders, mercenaries, and adventurers from foreign lands. The district also features two ports, one facing the inland sea to the north and another facing the open sea to the south. The Merchant’s Ward also serves as a western gate to the Empire.

Al Zahbi

This fairly new ward houses residents who have either not been granted or have been stripped of citizenship. Beastman attacks are a constant threat due to the district's location on the outskirts of town.

Bhaflau Thickets

The Bhaflau Thickets is a lush wooded area caught between the waters of the Cyan Deep and Sicklemoon Straits. Lying just outside the teeming city of Al Zahbi, adventurers are often spotted sneaking through the thickets on their way to the beastmen strongholds of Mamook and Halvung. Those not cautious enough will face a wide array of unfriendly beasts, from the gigantic Marids to tiny Chigoes, from the slow Treants to darting Puks. Be prepared, the thickets can claim even the most well-seasoned adventurer.

The Colosseum - (Unreleased)

An area that will be added in the future. It was promised to be added in 2006 but little information was given. It was revealed to have a form of monster versus monster Conflict.


The Shrouded Land of Dynamis is a parallel dimension that is separated from Vana'diel, and cannot be entered by normal means. It is a dreamworld created by the terrestrial avatar Diabolos, ruler of dreams, to escape from Vana'diel's fate. The Shadow Lord (known as the Dynamis Lord here), the Dark Kindred, the Forlorn Vanguards, Hydra Corps, and several others were all transported to or entered the realm at some point.

There are 4 "starter" city dynamis areas:
Dynamis - Bastok / Dynamis - Jeuno / Dynamis - San d'Oria / Dynamis - Windurst

Northlands dynamis areas requires completion of the above to access:
Dynamis - Beaucedine

and thusly requiring aforementioned to access:
Dynamis - Xarcabard

Home of the Dynamis Lord, this is the final area for completion of Rise of the Zilart Dynamis. You do battle with Dynamis Lord himself at the end of the zone.

Miscellaneous Zones[edit]

Diorama - Ghelsba Outpost

A perfect minature reconstruction of Ghelsba Outpost created by the great mage Abdhaljs hidden on an island somewhere in the Tavnazian Archipelago. The Diorama was created by Abdhaljs for Conflict so that players could enjoy private matches of Ballista. Anyone wishing to use the Diorama is shrunk down to a fraction of their normal size by the forbidden magic "Mini" and transported there.

Diorama - Purgonorgo Isle

A perfect minature reconstruction of Purgonorgo Isle created by the great mage Abdhaljs hidden on an island somewhere in the Tavnazian Archipelago. This new Diorama was created by Abdhaljs specificaily for Brenner. Anyone wishing to use the Diorama is shrunk down to a fraction of their normal size by the forbidden magic "Mini" and transported there.

Mordion Gaol

A secret fortress where anyone who violates the rules of the world of Vana'diel is imprisoned.

Mordion Gaol is an area used by GM staff as a "jail" of sorts, to "hold" or "imprison" characters of players who have demonstratively violated the PlayOnline Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct—thus becoming a possible danger to other players.

When a character has arrived in Mordion Gaol, the GM will explain the violation committed and mete further punishment if necessary. Severe or repeated violations will result in suspension; when a player is suspended, their character will remain held in this area for a period of Earth time that the GM staff determines appropriate. Multiple instances of misconduct leading to suspension here will result in the player's complete removal from the current World, or even Final Fantasy XI itself.

To the player, the area appears as a single large, square room, with an arch on the north wall leading into a shallow alcove. The zone itself, however, consists of 32 of these cells spread out so that they are just out of shouting distance. Its level elements are identical to the main sections of Horutoto Ruins.

Chocobo Circuit

This is an area that links with Al Zahbi and other cities and it is required to have the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack to access the area. The circuit can be enjoyed by spectators wishing to make some fast gil with the introduction of chocobets. Registered Chocobos that have been raised by their owners can also be pitted against those of other players for gil or chocobucks. Chocobucks can be used to purchase special Chocobo Raising related items.


Airship, Jeuno - Bastok

Providing access from The Republic of Bastok to The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, the airships provide a fast, reliable mode of transport for both travelers and cargo. This route was the first regular route established, in 875 CE.

Airship, Jeuno - San d'Oria

Providing access from The Kingdom of San d'Oria to The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, the airships provide a fast, reliable mode of transport for both travelers and cargo. This route was established shortly after the Bastok route.

Airship, Jeuno - Windurst

Providing access from The Federation of Windurst to The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, the airships provide a fast, reliable mode of transport for both travelers and cargo. This route was established shortly after the Bastok route.


Ferry - Mhaura/Selbina

This ferry is actually a cargo ship that carries adventurers across the Bastore Sea from Selbina (on the continent of Quon) to Mhaura (on the continent of Mindartia). The ferry runs three times a day. Though these ferry ships once relied on the ever changing winds to power their sails, the three-vessel fleet now moves with the speed of internal combustion engines, thanks to the technology of Bastok. The Selbina-Mhaura Ferry's main purpose is to transport goods, so the boats are not exactly equipped for moving passengers. However, the ferry features a small shop to provide the bare bones essentials for those who are making the journey.

Ferry - Mhaura/Al Zahbi

Set sail for the Far East aboard this ocean-going vessel. The trip across the ocean is long and can be dangerous, but fishermen who thrive on the big catch welcome the new seas and all that comes with it.

Ferry - Nashmau/Al Zahbi

North of Al Zahbi lies the trecherous Arrapago Islands. Needing to wind its way around the various islands and outcroppings, the ferry ride is long, but Nashmau provides a resting place for those adventurers looking for fame and fortune in the Arrapago Islands.