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This quest is available after returning to Rabanastre from Barnheim Passage but you cannot complete it before incidents in Draklor Laboratory.

Talk to the Chief Steward in the Airship (travel by Leisure Craft). She will be in convesation with Rande. Ask about him when you will have a possibility. The Rande's challenge will begin. Ann (the Chief Steward) and her sisters have to collect flowers for mother's name day or they will be forced to marry Rande and his brothers. Only one problem is with communication. Every sister is a Chief Steward on a different airship. Vaan will receive "Ann's Letter" and he has to show it to every sister. All you have to do is to travel by airship on every possible path at least once. There are seven paths:

  • Rabanastre - Bhujerba
  • Rabanastre - Archades
  • Rabanastre - Nalbina
  • Bhujerba - Balfonheim
  • Archades - Balfonheim
  • Archades - Nalbina
  • Nalbina - Balfonheim

If you deliver the message to every sister you will receive the "Ring of Renewal".