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Pretty much all Arcane Magicks are of the Dark element. Holy Enemies beware! However, there are a few non-dark element spells here, and they're useful for pretty much all of the game.

Spell MP Price Effect Obtained
Beserk 10 1000 Dramatically increases the target's speed and strength for a period, however controlling the character is not possible Rabanastre, after Leviathan
Dark 10 500 Deal moderate dark damage to all targets in range Rabanastre, after Barheim
Gravity 30 2800 Reduce HP of the target by 1/4 of target's max HP Rabanastre, after Belias
Confuse 10 1400 Cause one foe to confuse friend with foe Raithwall, Dyce, Demon Wall
Drain 40 3200 Transfer HP from the target to the user Eruyt
Decoy 10 2500 Inflicts the status effect Lure on the target Eruyt
Syphon 2 4000 Transfer MP from the target to the user flight Rabanastre - Bhujerba
Vanish 24 4900 Render one ally invisible Rabanastre, after Judge B.
Darkra 20 5800 Deal dark damage to all targets in range Hunters' Camp, Phon
Death 30 5200 Reduces one target's HP to 0, doesn't work on the undead Rabanastre, after Judge B.
Bubble 32 3300 Doubles max HP of one ally Muthru Bazaar, defeat 12 marks
Reverse 50 7600 Causes healing and damage to have opposite effect on target Muthru Bazaar, defeat 10 marks
Vanishga 60 8700 Render all allies in range invisible Rabanastre, after Judge B.
Graviga 36 6800 Reduce HP of one target by 1/2 of target's max HP Archades
Darkga 30 9400 Deal heavy dark damage to all foes in range. Balfonheim, get Treaty-Blade