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Playable characters[edit]

There are 6 fully playable characters in Final Fantasy XII from all walks of life, ranging from the street urchin Vaan to the Princess of Dalmasca, Ashe. All get an (more or less) equal billing throughout the game. This section covers the characters you'll spend most of the game playing as.



An energetic 17 year old living on the streets of Rabanastre. Orphaned five years previously and his brother killed soon after, he dreams of someday becoming a sky pirate and owning his own airship. He was taken in by Penelo's family until they died during the war between Dalmasca and Archadia.



Like Vaan, Penelo is 17 years of age and is also an orphan. She earns her keep by running errands for Migelo's sundires, but also makes time to watch over her reckless friend Vaan.



A 22 year old sky pirate, captain of the Strahl. He and his partner Fran tend to avoid involving themselves in the political struggles of Ivalice, but find themselves having to become involved. He claims to be the 'leading man' in this particular tale, even first introducing himself as such, which tends to prove true - especially when he is nearly killed.



A Viera of undetermined age, possibly being decades older than other members of the cast. She is Balthier's 'business' partner and as befitting a sky pirates partner (in crime), is a good navigator, pilot, engineer and is skilled with multiple weapons.



Sentenced to death for his alleged role in the murder of Dalmasca's king, Basch is loathed by the people of Dalmasca but still swears to protect them. Freed by Balthier, Vaan and Fran, he swears to assist the Resistance, depsite his past failures. Great with close weapons, like swords, axes, etc.



The Princess of Dalmasca, Ashe was widowed soon after getting married to Lord Rasler. Soon after she went into hiding, with an official declaration that she committed suicide she took on the alias Amalia and is the leader of the Resistance.

Non-playable characters[edit]

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  • Vayne Carrudas Solidor
  • Doctor Cid
  • Judge Gabranth
  • Judge Ghis
  • Judge Bergan
  • Judge Drace
  • Judge Zargabaath