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Mark Hunts[edit]

To start a mark hunt you must check an information board located in Rabanastre restaurant, Bhujerba Inn, Phon Coast etc. Next you must speak with a person who posted the notice. The persons location is marked with ! sign on the terrain map. After completing the hunt you need to talk with your client once more to receive a reward. Some Hunts are available only if you join Clan Centurio. Through Mark Hunts you can gain the best equipment and will fight the strongest monsters in the Final Fantasy XII.

Rank Name Level HP Location Client Reward Conditions
Rank I Rogue Tomato 2 134 Dalmasca Eastersand, first map Tomaj - The Sandsea in Rabanastre 300 gil, 2 Potions, Teleport Stone
Rank I Thextera 6 380 Dalmasca Westersand, South Galtea Gatsly - The Sandsea in Rabanastre 500 gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone
Rank I Flowering Cactoid 4 755 Dalmasca Eastersand, near the center of Yardang Labyrinth Dantro - Easter Outpost in Dalmasca Eastersand 500 gil, 10 Potion
Rank I Wraith 9 5,146 Garamsythe Waterway, first area from Downtown Milha - Downtown in Rabanastre 500 gil, Ether, Gauntlets
Rank I Nidhogg 10 6,079 Lhusu Mines Aekom - Lhusu Square in Bhujerba 600 gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava, Great Serpentskin [can be used in sidequest to obtain Barnham Key]
Rank I Cluckatrice 15 7,509 Giza Plains [drought], area near save point Dania - Nomad Village in Giza Plains [drought] 1000 gil, Jackboots, Rainbow Egg
  • You must kill every monster in the area, after that leave and re-enter.
Rank I Rocktoise 16 17,548 North-east part of Lhusu Mines Pilika - Khus Skygrounds in Bhujerba 1200 gil, 2 Hi-Potions, Heavy Coat
Rank II Wyvern Lord 18 18,669 North part of Simmon Bluff in Nam-Yensa Sandsea Sherral - Rabanastre Weapon Shop 1000 gil, Longbow, Shell Shield
Rank II Enkelados 22 18,709 South-east part of The Shred in Ozmone Plains Low-Chief Sugumu - Jahara, Land of the Garif 1100 gil, Ether, Golden Amulet
  • You must kill all the monsters in the area, after that leave and re-enter.
Rank II Croakadile 24 19,449 Giza Plains (the wet season) Sadeen - Nomad Village (the wet season) 1200 gil, Serpent Rod, Teleport Stone
Rank II Ixtab 24 22,562 South-east part of Phase 1 Shaft in Henne Mines High-Chief Zayalu - Jahara, Land of the Garif 1300 gil, Ether, Soul Powder
Rank III Ring Wyrm 32 128,648 Dalmasca Westersand, area east from Savepoint Balzac - west from Downtown in Rabanastre 200 gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand
  • It can be found only during the sandstorm.
Rank III Feral Retriever 28 22,559 Spine of the Icewyrm in Paramina Rift Hymms - near Gate Crystal in Bur Omisace 1500 gil, Recurve Crossbow, 2 Teleport Stones
Rank III Vorpal Bunny 31 20,010 The Rustling Chapel in Golmore Jungle Nera - Eruyt Village 2000 gil, Lightning Arrows, Gilly Boots
Rank III Atomos 33 40,020 North-west part of Northern Skirts in Mosphoran Highwaste Burrogh - Jajim Bazaar in Nalbina 1800 gil, Gaia Rod, Diamond Shield
Rank III Gil Snapper 37 86,956 Tracks of the Beast in Giza Plains (the wet seazon) Nanau - Crystal Glade in Giza Plains 3000 gil, Phobos Glaze
  • Cut down all trees:
    • Near south Savepoint
    • In the center of Giza Plains
    • In south-west
    • In north
    • In south-east
    • In area between 2 Save Crystals
  • Look for a bridge made of trees in south-east area
  • Gil Snapper can be found only when rains really hard
  • Report hunt at Nomad Village in Giza Plains [drought]
Rank IV Mindflayer 35 31,161 South-west part of Henne Mines Guromu - Jahara, Land of the Garif 2200 gil, Carmagnole
  • It can be found only if every member of our party has full MP
Rank IV Braegh 35 43,283 West part of Corridor of Ages in Salikawood (before getting to Necrohol of Nabudis) Va'Kansa - area with Gate Crystal in Mosphoran Highwaste 1700 gil, Obelisk, Hi-Ether
Rank IV Darksteel 38 111,331 North part of Sochen Cave Palace Homesick Man - weapon shop in Archades 3000 gil, Lead Bolts, Adamantite
Rank V White Mousse 34 69,469 West Sluice in Garamsythe Waterway Sorbet - near Teleport Crystal in Rabanastre Westgate 2800 gil, Yoichi Bow, Sluice Gate Key
Rank V Marilith 38 54,921 North-east part of Zertinan Cavern Tavernmaster - The Sandsea in Rabanastre 2200 gil, Serpent Eye, 3 Teleport Stones
  • Enter Zertinan Cavern from Dalmasca Westersand
  • Go South until you will see the sunlight
  • Kill every monster nearby
  • Stand near a corner where you see the sunlight and turn off all gambits
  • Stay like that about 2-3 minutes
  • After the time walk into the corner
Rank V Bloodwing 37 41,171 Barheim Passage, east from Save Crystal No. 381 - Dalmasca Eastersand, near strand 2400 gil, Stun Bombs, Vampyr Fang
  • You need to have Barheim Key to get back here
Rank V Orthros 34 87,141 South sluice in Garamsythe Waterway Contrite Thief - Downtown in Rabanastre 3800 gil, Horakhty's Flame, Unpurified Ether, Stolen Articles, Blackened Fragment
  • There must be only women in your party when you enter the area
Rank V Trickster 44 61,321 Frozen Brook in Paramina Rift Gurdy - Bur Omisace entrance 4800 gil, Deimos Clay
Rank V Antlion 37 106,499 South-west part of Site 9 in Lhusu Mines Niray - The Staras Residence in Bhujerba 4300 gil, Bubble Belt, Sickle Blade
Rank V Vyraal 41 106,616 North-east part of The Northsward in Cerobi Steppe Viera Wayfarer - a port in Balfonheim 3500 gil, Halberd, Crystal Shield
Rank V Piscodaemon 46 49,660 Gate of Fire in Ancient City of Giruvegan Ivaness - Bur Omisace - temple region 3800 gil, Dark Shots, Scathe Mote
Rank V Lind Wyrm 39 228,468 Garden of Life's Circle in Tchita Uplands Fermon - Old Archades 4200 gil, Barrel Coat, Hi-Ether
  • It can be found only during cloudy weather
Rank V Belito 49 115,659 Withering Shores in Nam-Yensa Sandsea Montblanc - Rabanastre Clan HQ 5100 gil, Megalixir
  • You can only get there through Zertinan Cavern (enter from Ogir-Yensa)
Rank VI Roblon 43 177,365 North-west of Nabreus Deadlands Morgen - West Ward in Nalbina 3100 gil, Giant Helmet, Mythril
Rank VI Overlord 43 64,325 Doubt Abandoned in Sochen Cave Palace Insecure Seeq - Archades Technick Shop 3500 gil, 2 Hi-Ethers, Teleport Stone
Rank VI Goliath 48 224,294 North part of Necrohol of Nabudis Barrong - Hall of Slumbering in Nalbina 3600 gil, Save The Queen, Einherjarium
Rank VI Deathscythe 44 125,601 Cloister of the Highborn in Necrohol of Nabudis Popol - Jajim Bazaar in Nalbina 2800 gil, 2 Hi-Ethers, Soul of Thamasa
  • Can be found only if two of party members have low HP
Rank VI Catoblepas 46 187,991 North-East from Save Crystal in Zertinan Cavern War-Chief Supinelu - Jahara, Land of the Garif 3200 gil, Volcano, Arctic Wind
  • You need to go through a secret path near Save Crystal
Rank VI Wild Malboro 50 110,842 Redolent Glade in Feywood Rena - The Spiritwood 4600 gil, Euclid's Sextant
Rank VI Ixion 70 306,559/166,559 Subterra - Origin in Darkness in Pharos at Ridorana Whitecap Wench - Inn at Balfonheim 3000 gil, Sapping Bolts, Ragnarok
Rank VI The Seer 67 278,078 The Lowest level of Subterra in Pharos at Ridorana Montblanc - Rabanastre Clan HQ 20000 gil, 2 Megalixirs
  • To reach lower floors you need activate Pedestals of Night on each floor. To do so you will need Black Orbes obtained by killing monsters. Numbers of needed orbs are:
    • Penumbra: N-E 18; N-W 9; S-E 3; S-W 6
    • Umbra: N-E 15; N-W 9; S-E 15; S-W 18
    • Abyssal: N-E 15; N-W 21; S-E 27; S-W 12
  • The boss is immune to any attacks until you kill the monsters he summons (Pandemonium, Slyt, Fenrir and Phoenix)
Rank VII Carrot 49 110,842 Sun-dappled Path in Salikawood Zammadria - Airship Terminal in Nalbina Aerodrome 5200 gil, Stink Bombs, Putrid Liquid
  • Do not kill anything except Carrot or it will escape.
Rank VII Diabolos 46 93,551 East end of Site 11 in Lhusu Mines Miclio - Miners' End in Bhujerba 2600 gil, Demon Shield, Zeus Mace
  • Antlion must be killed
  • Find Site 11 Key in Phon Coast
Rank VII Mysterious Man / Gilgamesh 45 123,103 Site 7 in Lhusu Mines Montblanc - Rabanastre Clan HQ 10000 gil, Masamune
  • Antlion must be killed
  • Find Site 11 Key in Phon Coast
  • Gilgamesh will escape after 1st fight
  • In 2nd fight he will change his technicks, after every change try to steal from him (only from him you can obtain pieces of Genji Armor)
  • First of all get rid of Enkidou
  • When Gilgamesh has less than 20% HP he will cast a barrier (you cannot do damage to him). If he uses Sword of King Technick again - kill him with a chain of Quickenings
Rank VII Deathgaze 50 184,000 Airship Traveler (a kid) - Airship Terminal 3400 gil, 2 Elixirs
  • Talk with your client any time you have a possibility.
  • If your client tells you that he saw the Mark for sure, enter the Airship and do your job.
Rank VII Fafnir 68 1,390,378 Silverflow's End in Paramina Rift Relj - Bur Omisace 7000 gil, Assassin's Arrow, Teleport Stone
  • Can be found only during snowstorm
Rank VII Pyleraster 63 493,513 Area where you fought Hydro in Pharos at Ridorana Rikken - Port in Balfonheim 8000 gil, Grand Mace, Scathe Mote
Rank VII King Behemoth 70 1,668,491 The Edge of Reason in Feywood Koqmihn - Dalan house in Downtown 250 gil, 2 Bacchas's Wine
  • Kill every monster in Ice Field of Clearsight and in The Edge of Reason.
Rank VIII Yiazmat 73 50,112,254 in the circus at Ridorana Cataract Montblanc - Rabanstre Clan HQ 30000 gil, Godslayer's Badge
  • You must kill Hell Wyrm and every Mark Hunt.